Izmir runs for those who can never run again

The start will be at 14.00 at Izmir Kultur Park and in races without a finish line, runners will try not to get caught in the catch vehicle. The catch vehicle will depart at a speed of 15km after 30 minutes. The start of the race. Athletes with disabilities compete with the help of people who push and pull. Tunç Soyer, Mayor of Izmir Metropolitan, and Semura Çetinkaya, President of the Turkish Spinal Cord Paralysis Association, attended a press conference of the organization at a historic coal gas plant. Khazar Nehil, Dario and Costa also participated.

Soyer: Choosing Izmir is no coincidence

Mayor Tunch Soyer of Izmir Metropolitan Municipality is pleased to be able to hold the world’s largest charity run again, “Izmir Metropolitan Municipality is a very international sports organization to enhance our sporting habits and bring Izmir to the world. May 8th, when sporting events and international tournaments are held. “

ÇETðNKAYA: We nurture hope

“More than 3 million people in Turkey and around the world continue to live in wheelchairs for spinal cord paralysis, so all studies on the treatment of spinal cord paralysis keep these people alive,” said Semra Çetinkaya, President of the Turkish Spinal Cord Paralysis Association. It is very important to do. There is no cure yet. “As TOFD, we are pleased to be able to support the mission of the Wings For Life Foundation for this disease. We look forward to treating spinal cord paralysis with the Wings For Life World Run. doing.”

BAHATT ו NHK0054 MOĞLU: We want to raise awareness

World and European Champion Bahtin Hekimoul, Olympic 3rd Paralympic Archer, said, “I’m also a spinal cord paraplegic. It’s a comfortable and beautiful run without a finish line. I’ll do everything I can with my driving force. This is my second participation. “I am happy to be able to participate. I would like to raise awareness here. I hope that it will grow as a butterfly effect and help in spinal cord treatment.”

CANER ERDENIZ: We are excited and happy

Basketball player Canner Eldenis will race with his wife, Muguet Boz. “We are proud to be part of such an organization,” said Erdenis. We are happy It is very important to raise awareness. It started at the same time all over the world and has many participants. This is my first time. I will participate this year. I am happy to be able to run with a large number of people. “

Muguet Boz: This run impresses me

Actress Müge Boz said she was very happy and emotional, saying, “We are part of a very nice organization. Looking at the first starting point of her story, the father started after the child got sick. It’s a project. To give hope and support to people who have experienced the same thing as him. This makes me very happy. Our goal is to create a fund for research on the treatment of spinal cord palsy. A permanent cure for this disease will be found. To date, nearly one million people have voluntarily marched. Thousands of people from seven countries gather for one purpose. We also I will raise my voice. I can announce it. “

Anil Altan: Very Meaningful Execution

Actor Anil Altin said he had the opportunity to run before the pandemic, “This is a very meaningful run. I used to run with my wife. Running in seven different countries on two continents at the same time. Is very important. The unity of the sport, and the large number of people gathering to support people with interest. It’s beautiful. It’s increasing exponentially every year. We actually It’s a small part of it. I’m happy to be alone. It’s been very seriously funded and the results have been obtained. I’ve heard that the treatment of this disease has been successful. I hope there will be more. “

ONURBÜYÜKTOPÇU: It’s very valuable to play a role

Meanwhile, actor Onur Büyüktopçu said it was good to hold the race in his hometown of Izmir, saying, “We are attending a beautiful and meaningful event with our dear artist friends. This is a very valuable project. To contribute to the treatment of spinal cord paralysis. We run together on Sunday. The last is 9 o’clock in 2019. “Thousands of people ran. People form everywhere in Izmir. We are trying to fill in. Events that support and participate in these funds are very important and valuable to artists. Social responsibility is always in our lives. We I’m a spokesperson and I hope this run will give good results, “he said.