Izmir Bar Association | We sought information from relevant agencies about the alleged fire at the removal center, the retention of people in the gymnasium, and the impediment to the performance of lawyers’ duties.


17:09. July 29, 2022

The Izmir Bar Association has sent a letter to the Izmir Removal Center and the Izmir State Immigration Service, requesting information on the alleged fire and subsequent events at the removal center on June 23, 2022.

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At the removal center reflected on social media on June 23, 2022, after suspicion of a fire, our bar association lawyers have not reported the fire incident to your agency to determine the situation. .. Our bar association lawyers, who were private lawyers and wanted to meet their clients, were not allowed to meet their clients. In such a situation, a telephone conversation between the chairman of the Izmir Bar Association and the director of the organization contacted us that a bar association would be held at 8:30 am, and in response to this information, our lawyers set up the facility. gone.

On the morning of June 24, 2022, a lawyer who was a client in charge of both private lawyers and litigation assistance came to the facility to meet with the client, but could not be admitted to the facility without official explanation. did. I don’t meet their clients. Many buses carrying foreigners began to leave the center at noon while lawyers were waiting to meet customers in front of your facility. The lawyer who asked if there were any guests on the bus could not answer, and the bus proceeded as if the lawyer had not withdrawn.

Lawyers are not permitted for military police personnel whose duties are limited to facilities, despite a statement from the Governor’s Office that the removal center is subject to routine procedures and that there is no anomalous activity. I was informed that I would not be allowed. The institution, and the lawyer, were not admitted to the institution.


Foreigners expelled from the facility by bus later contacted a lawyer, stating that despite the decision to release, one bus took them to the Greek Edirne border, where they were released. Another bus man reported that he had been deported, despite no voluntary declaration of return and no final deportation decision.

With all this information; institutional authorities act in contravention of the explicit provisions of law and court decisions and act in accordance with the verbal instructions that lawyers will not be admitted to the institution and will not meet with clients to prevent these transactions. It was concluded that it was done. It is disclosed. Lawyers were unable to perform their duties by direct action, and foreigners’ right to access lawyers was violated.

In this regard, I had to ask the following questions regarding general detention conditions and ongoing practices at your facility: The appendix of our article presents our questions on the subject for information and need.

Our question about keeping people in the gym;

  • How many foreigners were detained in the gym area of ​​the Harmandal Removal Center during or before or after the event on June 23, 2022?
  • How are you feeling in this area? When it comes to being held in this area, how many people were held here?
  • How many square meters does the gym have?
  • How many toilets / bathrooms does the gym have?
  • How is the gym ventilated?
  • Is it okay for people who are locked up in the gymnasium to go out for ventilation?
  • How is the privacy of those detained in the gym ensured?
  • How and under what conditions are people’s daily food and water needs at the gym provided?
  • How long do people stay in this area?
  • Are children in this area with adults?
  • Our bar lawyer was informed that people who originally lived in the facility’s settled room were moved to the gym near the date of the incident, according to information from their clients. What is the pursuit of this practice conducted by your institution?
  • As mentioned at the beginning of this application, what is the reason for the fire claim reflected in social media and subsequent events?

Our question regarding the prevention of lawyers from their duties on June 24, 2022.

  • The governor’s statement stated that routine procedures would continue, but why would your agency not allow lawyers to be out of the box?
  • On the morning of June 24, 2022, under what legal norms, who instructed lawyers who came to your institution not to meet customers?
  • How many people were transferred to where, how many were released, and how many were deported during the mass entry, administrative detention, and mass deportation of your facility between June 23 and 24, 2022?
  • What happened to those who were dismissed from the facility on June 23, 2022? How many of these people have lawyers?
  • How many people detained in your facility’s gymnasium around June 23-24, 2022 were deported under a voluntary declaration of deportation as a result of the final decision on deportation? How many of the deportated people had lawyers, and how many lawyers were informed about this?
  • Which officer participated during the operation of the voluntary return procedure in which an independent NGO participated in the receipt of the declaration in accordance with the Protocol in which your institution is also a party? Under what conditions were these individual statements taken?
  • Why was a foreigner who decided to be released deported to the border between Edirne and Greece by bus without consent?
  • Who ordered the deportation of a deported alien, despite the fact that the deportation revocation suit against him continues and there is no voluntary declaration of return? Why did you decide to apply this procedure?

Questions about general conditions of storage at the return center.

  • What is the maximum number of people that can be detained in your facility?
  • How are you feeling in your facility room? (How many square meters? How many beds? How do you use the ventilation rights?)
  • What procedures apply to detention of parents with family / children?
  • How are the food and water needs of foreigners housed in the facility met? How long is the list of Needs / Personal Information sent to companies that provide these needs?
  • What plans are implemented during busy times when these physical areas are inadequate?