It’s snowing! Last-minute weather: Meteorology gave a clock to warn! It has begun to snow in Istanbul-March 9, 10, 11 and 12 How is the weather in Istanbul? –News

It’s starting to snow!Beware of these states

According to the latest assessment by the Directorate General of Meteorology, it is expected to be very cloudy and intermittent rains nationwide in all areas except the coastal areas of Canakkale, Izmir and Aidin. Precipitation is generally expected to occur within the western Black Sea in the form of rain and rain, tomorrow inside the western Mediterranean, inside the Black Sea, and inside the Aegean Sea in central Anatolia. North and east of eastern Anatolia, in the form of sleet and snow. Precipitation is estimated to be high on the eastern Mediterranean coast, inside the central and eastern Black Sea, eastern Anatolia, north and east of southeastern Anatolia, and east of Antalya and Konya. There is a risk of avalanches inside the Black Sea and in the highlands, as well as in the snowy slopes of Eastern Anatolia. Ice and frost are expected on the inside and east.

Temperatures are estimated to drop by 2-5 degrees with inland and western precipitation, below the seasonal normal. Winds are estimated to be light, sometimes moderate, and strong (40-60 km / h) in southeastern Eastern Anatolia, south, northwest, and tomorrow, north and west. From noon.

Heavy rain warning: Precipitation; transport disruptions, floods, floods in highlands, as expected to be strong on the eastern coast of the Mediterranean, inside the Central and Eastern Black Sea, north and east of Eastern Anatolia, north and east of Southeast Anatolia, east of Antalya, and around Konya in Tunceli. , Freezing and frost may occur. You need to be careful and careful about the negatives.

Strong wind warning: It is expected that strong winds (40-60 km / h) will blow from noon to the southeastern part of Eastern Anatolia, so it is necessary to be careful about negative situations.

Avalanche danger warning: You need to be aware of the negatives that can occur due to the risk of avalanches on inland areas of the eastern Black Sea and on slopes with heavy snowfall in eastern Anatolia.

It started to snow at BEYLIK DUZU and ARNA VUTKOY

Snowfall has begun at Arnavutköy. After a meteorological warning, it began to snow in Istanbul. It snowed on the Arnavutköy Northern Marmara Highway and the Yassıören Neighborhood.

Snowfall began to be seen in Beylik düzü around 12.30 in the big city.

March 10 Warning from Meteorology

As of Thursday, the Directorate General of Meteorology announced that heavy snowfall, northeastern storms, and strong cold weather would be effective in Istanbul. The assessment stated that 10 to 20 centimeters of snow would form throughout the state, and that heavy snowfall with sea influences would form 20 centimeters of snow in the northern part of the city and in the Bosphorus. ..

The following statement was made by the Analysis and Prediction Center of the Directorate General of Meteorology.

“As of Thursday, March 10, 2022, heavy snowfall, northeastern storms, and strong cold (6-10 degrees below the seasonal normal) are estimated to be effective throughout Istanbul.

Heavy snowfall (10-20 cm snowfall) is expected throughout the state, with strong winds and storms blowing from the northeast in the northern part of the city and Bosphorus, and heavy snowfall (snow cover). 20cm or more) It has the effect of the sea.

According to the latest assessments, Istanbul’s cold, snowfall and strong winds are expected to continue until early next week.

You need to be aware of negatives such as transport interruptions, icing and frost, types, poor visibility during precipitation, trees, falling poles, and flying roofs.

It is important for citizens and authorities to follow current weather forecasts and warning reports issued by the Directorate General of Meteorology.

Expansion of Metro and Murray services

The Ministry of Transport and Infrastructure has announced that Marmaray’s flights will continue from March 9th to 13th at 02:00 due to heavy snowfall in Istanbul.

“Because of heavy snowfall in Istanbul, the Marmalade expedition will serve civilians from March 9th to 13th at 2:00 pm,” the ministry’s Twitter account said.

Due to expected snowfall in Istanbul, some subway, cable car and tram services have been extended until 02:00 on Sunday, March 13th.

In a post posted on the Metro Istanbul Twitter account, “Due to the expected snowfall in Istanbul, from Wednesday, March 9th to Sunday, March 13th, M1, M2, M3, M4, M5, M6, M7, M9. Service on the Metro, F1 funicular and T1, T4 T5 tram lines was extended until 02:00. A statement was included.

Istanbul ° C, 5 ° C
Mostly cloudy, light rain, sleet, snowfall in the highlands

Ankara ° C, 5 ° C
Mostly cloudy, sleet, snowfall

Izmir ° C, 10 ° C
Very cloudy

Antalya ° C, 14 ° C
It is estimated that it is very cloudy and has intermittent showers, with sleet and snowfall in the high parts of the interior. Heavy rainfall is expected in the inland and eastern parts.

Zonguldak ° C, 5 ° C
Very cloudy and intermittent rain, sleet over time, snowfall in the highlands

Trabzon ° C, 7 ° C
It is estimated to be very cloudy, rainy, sleet and snowy inside and at high altitude. Precipitation is strong internally and is expected to be in the form of heavy snow in places.

Erzurum ° C, 2 ° C
Very cloudy and intermittent snowfall is expected. It is expected that there will be a lot of rainfall in some places.

Diyarbakir ° C, 10 ° C
It is expected to be very cloudy due to intermittent rain. Locally strong precipitation is expected at noon in the north.