“It’s going to be a tough league race”-TRTSpor


As part of preparations for the new season, the Burgundy Blue Team coach, who camped in Abdullah Avc, Slovenia, met and chatted with the press at dinner.

Avcı said he had achieved the desired championship last season, but he believes there will be more competition in the new season.

Avcı has stated that he has an established team and system, “Opposites are great teams. They are looking for players. They have strength. Friendly matches, Europa League, The league will start once and become more decisive. ”The score difference will not be as large as last year. It’s always the case. “It’s not possible, it has to be realistic. It’s going to be a tough league match, but I think it’s our aggressive and beautiful game. Continue.” He said.

Noting that the transfer work is ongoing, Avcı said he mainly wants to strengthen the position of the right defender.

“Trezeguet helps defend the team.”


Avcı appreciated the addition of Egyptian player Trezeguet to the team and continued:

“Once upon a time, Trezeguet would be of great help in defending the team. Second, and perhaps most importantly, his fast run is behind his opponent. Today, in the world, by helping the run, It’s important that an empty run breaks such a mechanic. It’s very important to destroy the mechanic. Trezeguet He’s a player who can do that. He’s a one-on-one reduction and his opponent’s Has both quick runs in the back. He plays both ways. He plays on the left and on the right .. Edin (Višza), (Jean) Koushi, (Jorge) Janini There are all sorts of “Trezeguet is the right player for us. He has a very high work ethic. He has a decent personality.”

The Burgundy Blue coach spoke to Trezeguet before the transfer, saying, “Players say,’Teacher, you want me. How do you use me? What is a formation, what is a system? What? ”He asks. This is a very good thing. Players don’t go dark. I talked to many players. Also, with players how to prepare for the match. Must be shared. European players work in a planned and organized way. They have a weekly plan. If there is a weekday match, there is a corresponding plan. We also ” We talk to them one by one. If we don’t talk about it, the players won’t come. ” I used a phrase.

Arguing that Trabzonspor’s team has important players, Avcı continued:

“Marek Hamsík is from Naples, Trezege is from Aston Villa, Edin Višza is from Bosnia and Herzegovina, Vitol Ugo is from Fiorentina, Denswill is from Club Brugge, Italian League, Bacasetas and Greece. , Plans, order needs to be shared with players. Sometimes players want to do what they want, but sometimes they can’t. I said, “Isn’t that better?” He said. .. I applied it, he got better. That’s perfectly normal. “

“I’ll bring you a crown coach.”

Avcı emphasized that they generally meet players in common, “This includes analysis, field practice, solutions, set balls, crowns … for example, this year there is a crown coach. He will come to an Austrian camp, that is, part-time. He works. He worked in an English club. Analysis is done and research is done. This 11 when I said. A year ago, when I was on the A National Team, I said, “What is that?” They said. But when a team like Liverpool brought it in, it became valuable. I made a statement.

Technology-Emphasis on the importance of tactics, nutrition, analysis and technology to players, Avcı said: It will be strengthened systematically from August 1st. Otherwise, the diagonal will break in the future. Determine the training tempo and work against these data. ” He said.

Abdullah Avcu said in many post-championship interviews, “There was a very fun program. I’m tired, but the Trabzonspor championship keeps the energy high. I realized the championship during the boat celebration. I enjoyed the celebration and the night very much. Good. I slept normally in the evening, but at the celebration on board, I said, “What did you do?” At that time I realized it. He concludes his speech.