Italy is crying!Defeat the champion headline

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Italy was excluded from the World Cup for the second time in a row, winning the last four World Cup titles in 2006 and holding the title of the last European champion on that belt. Italy, which lost to Sweden in the pre-2018 playoffs, lost again at this stage, but this time a country like North Macedonia, which has less say in world football, was a bigger aftermath. “Azuri” was shocked to lose 1-0 to Palermo’s opponent in a semi-final match in a single-match elimination system.

Italy is experiencing “hell”

With 30 shots that put a lot of pressure on his opponent in most of the match, Alexander Trikovsky’s 90 + 2 long-distance goal said goodbye to Qatar’s dream. This major defeat was widely reported in the European press. Marca found “Italy outside the World Cup”, Tuttosport “Noah”, Collieredero Sport “Hell”, “Outside the World Cup” La Gazzetta dello Sport, “I lost Italy in the desert”. This defeat began to question the future of Mancini, who made the team a European champion in 2020.

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Cannavaro and Ancelotti may come

While waiting for the final against Portugal and now preparing for a friendly match against Turkey, Mancini was happy to say “the disappointment we experienced” before Konya’s trip. However, according to the Italian media, the 57-year-old coach lost only two games from the beginning of 2019 in 2026. His expired contract will expire sooner. In fact, the names Fabio Cannavaro and Carlo Ancelotti have already been mentioned as coaching chairs. Team captain Giorgio Chiellini emphasized that Roberto Mancini is essential for the Italian national team after the match.

What has changed since 2022?

After Roberto Mancini took office, he introduced a system that freed players and pushed their skills to the fore. With this new system and new face, Italy has become a European champion. However, after Leonardo Spinazzola injured his Achilles tendon in the World Cup qualification, Mancini returned to the old, strict disciplined Italian system.

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・ ・ Mancini claimed the player who won the Euro 2020 despite a recent stumbling block in qualifying. He was criticized for claiming poor club performance players, especially Lorenzo Incine and Nicolo Barella.

・ ・ Ciro Immobile, who created a wonder in Lazio, was a haircut for fans of the national team.

If Giorginho can take it …

Italy had to play in the playoffs after Switzerland with 4 wins and 4 draws in qualifying … Sky Bruce played against Switzerland in both games, but penalty master Giorginho took a penalty in both games. I missed it. These two penalties changed the fate of the team.

Other settings for Italian football

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・ ・ North Korea-Italy (19.07.1966): Semi-professional North Korea eliminated Italy in the 1966 World Cup.

・ ・ Northern Ireland-Italy (15.01.1958): In the World Cup qualifying, Italy lost a ticket to Sweden, losing 2-1 in a match where a draw was enough.

・ ・ New Zealand-Italy (June 20, 2010): Going to South Africa for the final World Champion title, Italy drew 1-1 in weak New Zealand and lost to Slovakia 3-2.

・ ・ Norway-Italy (5.6.119): In the Euro 92 qualifying, Italy lost 2-1 to Norway, which was not read at the time, and pulled 1-1 in the field to miss the summit.