“It would be a miracle if we could finish the season in the top 10”-TRTSpor

“I want to finish the season in the top ten. It’s a miracle to finish Formula 2 in the top ten in the first season,” said Gembolukbash, who participates in the Charlows Racing System, one of the two Formula Two teams. Looking at it, Mick Schumer, who was in 12th place on his favorite team at the time, said, “It was a great success. It would be a miracle if I could be in the top 10, but of course I would be happy if I could.” I ended up in 12th or 13th place. “

Gem Volukbash, who finished five seasons at the 11th place Monaco Grand Prix in the Formula Two World Championship and had a very important success, issued a statement to Demi Loren News Agency (DHA).

Asked about the difference between what he had imagined in the preseason and his current experience, Cem said, “I could predict that the level would be very high and the atmosphere would be great. How crazy it was and how great it was. I expected. A circuit like Monaco would be. But it’s very good. Of course, I couldn’t expect it to be this beautiful. Everything far exceeded our expectations in every way. “.

“I missed 2 races and 3 training days”

Regarding the accident at the Saudi Arabian Grand Prix, which is the second race of the Formula 2 season, Berlucbash said, “There are too many precautions.’Nothing is fine. I want to race.’ There are sports, accidents. Everyone is alive. Our best chance is not to miss only 2 races. If it was a more intense period, we probably intended to miss 3 “4 races. 2 I missed only the race. I missed a little. I’m recovering a little. The last race was the best race. Of course, it was the third race. Of course, I spent only three times on the weekend. We are improving all the races. “

“I am confident that measures will be taken at the Jeddah circuit.”

Regarding the Jeddah street truck in the accident, a young pilot said, “It’s a really high-level truck. Of course, because it’s a street truck, the barrier is made of metal. It may need improvement next year. So something will be improved. “The car was shaking quite a bit, whether it was the apex or the rimstone used in that corner. Maybe measures will be taken to reduce those shakes. Precautionary measures I’m sure there is. It will be taken. “

“I am very happy with my development and the development of the car.”

Bölükbaşı said each race was better than the previous race, “I had only three weekends. I hope to reach the point threshold as soon as possible. This time I missed in one order. I waited for a long time. If someone got a penalty and got points, it didn’t happen. It was my first time in Baku. “” I want to get points. I’m very happy with my development and car development. I Our car is in a good place. I think we will be in a position to fight in every respect in the near future. I hope we can be in the top 5 and top 3. “

“I am very happy with my development and the development of the car.”

Gem Volukbash finally talked about the current status and goals of his team, the Charlows Racing System: “As a team, we ranked 6th or 7th in the Constructors’Championship. Enzo (Fitipardi) got very good points. If you start collecting points right away, you’re the Constructors’ Champion. You can be in the top 5 and top 6 on the ship. This is a very important success for the Charlows. The goal was the top 8. I thought it was great. If you are in the top 8-9, get ahead of it. At this point, my goal was to finish the race, because I’m on a completely different path than anyone else. Of course, the experience is for me. I’m starting to score points. I want to. Apart from that, I want to finish in the top 10. I’m in Formula 2 in the top 10 in the first season. Top 10. Looking at, Mick Schumer is my favorite team at the time. I finished my first season in 12th place. It was a great success. It would be a miracle if I could finish in the top 10. But of course I am happy that he also finishes in 12th and 13th place.