“It is our duty to train athletes”-TRTSpor

The Ümit National Football Team will face Kazakhstan and Denmark in the U21 European Under-21 Championship Qualifying Group I. The public continued to prepare for these matches during training at the Rivaha Sandan National Team Camp Training Facility.

Prior to the training, coach Tolunay Kafkas of the Ümit national team made a statement to the media. Tolunay Kafkas states that he will play two important matches, saying: I want to win both games. I was very busy this week. There are two reasons for this. We both want to win the match and make sure the players are ready to join the camp. Now we give you two days of vacation. And next week, we’ll be in Match Week. We will continue to plan the match. “

“I don’t say it’s anti-foreign, but it should be our duty to train players with the quality of foreign players.”

Mr. Caucasus is not against foreign players, but said that it is necessary to develop high-quality foreign players, and “always emphasizes that the view of young players should be changed. The physical and social situation is now that young players need to spend more time. I’ve said it over and over again, but it’s always underlined. Two That is very important to us. Coach training and training of youth players. The more you play and produce, the more successful you will be. Don’t call it alien exclusion, but the quality of foreign players It should be our duty to train players in. “

“It is unreasonable to do the wrong thing and expect the right result.”

Tolunay Kafkas points out that young players have great potential, saying: The continuity is not so high. Some data prove that our league is old. An old and heavy league with no speed. It doesn’t make sense to do the wrong thing in this league and expect the right result. There is a possibility for young players. I strongly believe in these possibilities. With the right training in the hands of the right people, the national team will be in a very good place. “

“Kuntz is one of the teachers who knows what’s happening here and what’s not.”

Caucasus expressed his constant discussions with the national team coach Stefan Kuntz about the players and continued to say:

“Ümit was the coach of the national team. He was also quite successful there. He is one of the professors who are familiar with the situation here. We have a good dialogue. Especially we are sitting players. Talking about which players will go up, which won’t go up, or which players will appreciate. Our exchange of views continues. Anyway, that’s our job, in the current situation, Ümit National. The main goal of the team is to give more players to the top. I’m trying to explain. This isn’t a problem for me or anyone else here. I’m in the U-17 European Championship and back from there. U19, U21 … The U21 team is very interesting and once participated in the European Championships in its history. The stronger the Hope National Team, the stronger the National Team. The foundation of this building is That’s what we need to pay attention to. The truth is. There are huge tactical and physical differences between France, Denmark, Sweden, Germany, Portugal, Spain, and our players. . You have to close them. “

“I believe a few players will build a team in a short period of time.”

Pointing out that many soccer players on the Ümit national team will be promoted to the national team in a short period of time, the Caucasus said: People are happy in two ways. Material and spiritual. Spiritually, the fact that the kids go upstairs and play there shows that we are doing our job well. Anyway, I’m a hard-working man. I take these things very seriously. Hopefully you will find a new one. Two players have arrived. We believe that Ahmet Khan, Aral, and a few players will join Team A in a very short time. “