Istanbul snowstorm warning! “Will it be like March 1987?

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Many experts interpreting meteorological data say that Marmara, especially Istanbul, will meet again in the next few days due to cold weather and heavy snowfall. According to experts, snowfall and frigidity will be effective from Thursday and will be felt regularly until Monday.

1987 Reminder

Weather forecasts on social media stated that Istanbul could cause the largest snowstorm since March 1987. The same prediction stated that the “Aybar” storm would be effective in the city.

What happened that day?

On the night of March 3-4, 1987, the cold air masses that struck the Balkans first affected Thrace and then the whole country. The cold and snowfall paralyzed my life.

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It was a three-day headline in my head!

Sub-freezing temperatures in Istanbul were also published in the Hurriyet newspaper headings on March 5, 1987, March 6, and March 7, 1987 for the third consecutive day. The winter of 1987, which began in February and continued until March, turned Istanbul into ice. It snowed for 18 hours in Istanbul in March, reaching a thickness of 1 meter.

The anecdote about March 1987 is as follows:

* A storm that no one had foreseen came to Istanbul overnight. The temperature dropped from 9 degrees to -4 degrees.

* People woke up to white Istanbul in the morning. Urban traffic was completely paralyzed.

* The school was closed for 2 weeks. All work was delayed when people couldn’t go to work.

* The thaw started within a month, and floods and overflows were seen.

* People had a hard time because of the stalactites in the city.

The headline of the newspaper, dated March 13, 1987, stated that even wolves had landed in the hungry center of Eastern Anatolia.

Istanbul snowstorm warning!  Will it be like March 1987?

The headline of the newspaper, dated March 13, 1987, stated that even wolves had landed in the hungry center of Eastern Anatolia.

We ask an expert

So what about the severity of the cold and snowfall that is expected to take effect this week?

Answer questions on Lecturer, Faculty of Meteorological Engineering, ITU Dr. Dennis Demilhan I made some notable discoveries.

Demilhan recalled that there was considerable snowfall this year in almost all of the country, especially in Istanbul. “If you evaluate this situation in general from the perspective of snowfall, it’s not an unusual situation, but it can be said that extreme weather is increasing.” Said and added:

“2021 was the year of the most extreme events in 1024 extreme events. Over the last 20 years, the trend for extreme events has increased. Most of the extreme events recorded in 2021 were storms / tornadoes (40%), heavy rains / floods (28%), hail (13%), and heavy snowfalls (7%). In summary, precipitation generally decreases, but extreme events increase. Looking at 2022 so far, there has been a considerable amount of snowfall. But it is not correct to say, “This rain is enough for us,” he said.

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“Listen to AYBAR for the first time”

Regarding the definition of “Iver Blizzard” pronounced by some experts, Demilhan said, “I have worked in the field of meteorology for many years. “I didn’t learn that from my teacher. But there will be snowstorms and heavy snowfalls. Wind speeds can exceed 30km / h. 30km is already the threshold for storms. Wind speeds are 40-. May reach. 45 km / h including Wednesday, Thursday and Friday. “But it is unlikely that the wind will rise to 60-70 km. It is important to stay at home … go uphill or downhill. Is very dangerous. “ He said.

* Actually, there is no definition of “Iver” in the weather information. Aybar is the name people gave to Anatolia on a cold winter day. In the dictionary, it means glamorous, majestic and majestic.

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Attention to Wednesday

Dr. Deniz Demirhan continued:

-Cold waves first travel across Siberia towards Europe, then land in Italy and then arrive in our country. We will enter our country first from Edirne and Kırklareli. On Wednesday, heavy snowfall is likely to occur upstream of these two cities. The snowstorm then affects the Marmara region, North Aegean, and the western Black Sea over Tekirdağ.

-The temperature in Istanbul on Wednesday will also drop. There are sleet and sleet in the city. However, there is a considerable amount of snow in the highlands such as Chamluca and Eidos. We expect heavy snow to begin on Thursday night.

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Is the 1987 comparison correct?

“The 1987 storm also caused heavy snowfall and the roads were closed. I don’t think there is any possibility of such snowfall this time.” Said Deniz Demirhan, who shared the following information:

Generally, on Thursdays and Fridays, we see 15-20 cm of snowfall. However, being in the city is very difficult and it is mainly done in high places. The temperature will also drop significantly. The effects of snow can also be seen on Saturdays and Sundays. Precipitation can continue on the Anatolian side of Istanbul, especially on Saturdays, and the low temperatures leave snow and ice on the roads. Therefore, it may not return to normal for 2 days.

DR. GÜVENÖZDE M0054R warned the area

Dr. Güven Özdemir, Meteorology Specialist, also reminded us that during the winter season we are in, precipitation in this region is below normal levels in the Southeastern Anatolia, Marmara and Aegean regions.

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Attention to Thursday morning time

Talking about the expected snowstorm this week and nicknamed “Aybar,” Özdemir said:

I think it will start to snow early in the morning on Thursday, March 10th. It will be effective by becoming stronger during the day on March 11th (Friday). Snowfall continues to affect Saturdays, Sundays and Mondays.

-In the Aegean Sea and the Mediterranean Sea, it is expected to be seen in sleet form for a very short period of time. Snowfall and storms are expected to affect the country. Heavy snowfall is seen in the Black Sea region and Eastern Anatolia on Sundays and Mondays.