Istanbul Agricultural Chamber President Demir reveals a dirty game: food coup

Even Turkey recognizes that the wheat I import is processed and sold to my neighbors as a processed product.

Turkey consumes 3 million tons of sunflower oil annually, 70% of which is produced in Turkey, and Ömer Demir, chairman of the Istanbul Agricultural Council, said 30% of sunflower oil was purchased from Ukraine and Russia. Said that.
If Turkey buys 5.5 million tonnes of wheat from Russia and 1.5 million tonnes from Ukraine, this wheat will be processed in Turkey and sold to other countries as flour and bakery products. They bring it and say we don’t have the product, we are out of product, we buy it from abroad. There is no such thing. Also, there is a 30% shortage of oil. Turkey procures products from one neighboring country and sells them to another neighboring country. ” Said.

Years of big-money food coup

Demir said in a statement about how many of the chain markets have removed oil from the shelves and how to prevent excessive rises in oil prices.They play games on all platforms. Now they have oil in front of them, they do it with sunflowers. Today, three out of six markets do not have one. This was in the past. They are playing this again. Currently, there is enough sunflower oil in the country for three months, even if you are not importing sunflower oil. But by saying no, they make you a nightmare, while they raise the price. They are making a game, and they want to confuse the country with this game. We saw them pulling goods together into the warehouse. They have made a lot of money from this turmoil and turmoil over the years. They are still in a food coup today. “ Said.

When our president was prime minister, the minister was on the scene with all their teams, these jobs can’t be done

He mentioned the question of how to take precautions against price increases and said he has been chairman of the Istanbul Agricultural Chamber for about eight years and is on the scene every day. Our prestigious President, who was the Prime Minister, attended regional meetings with the Minister, relevant bosses and officials, listened to our problems and took prompt solutions. The president of the 800 Agricultural Chamber knows this. “” Said.

Those who are accustomed to selling what they bought for 32 lira for 2 lira do not agree to make a little profit as before. They are trying to eliminate those who are blocking their path.

Ömer Demir states that the steps to be taken are: “The president is known, it’s very busy, there will be provincial agencies and organizations on the scene. Today, provincial officials and commerce officials will be with villagers and farmers. Oil prices will continue to rise unless strict sanctions are imposed on price increasers. Don’t be afraid. “They should be banned from trading. Otherwise, they would have them at 32 lira and 2 lira. I’m used to selling what I buy and making 500% and 800% money. They disagree with small profits. They have eliminated institutions and organizations that don’t behave the way they want. They again. I’m going to do it. They’re going to do it. “”

They store barley and wheat and buy them from farmers for 2 lira and now sell for 6 lira.

Demir said the peasants had suffered a lot in this work, “They store the barley and wheat they bought from us in a warehouse for 2 lira, 2.25 lira and now sell for 6 lira. In the history of the Republic, we don’t make such money. To prevent it. We need to take fundamental steps in this. Some of them should be banned from trade so that they can maintain order. “ Said.

“When the state turns wheat imported at 6 lira into flour and gives it to an oven at 3 lira so that citizens can eat cheaply, those who are affordable to block obstacles, feel it.”

Ömer Demir said the state gave 6 lira of imported barley and wheat as flour to 3 lira bakeries so that consumers could eat bread cheaply. “Before Ramadan, such precautions were taken to prevent them from recognizing and raising prices. They have always eliminated people with disabilities in the past, but now I’m hurt because I can’t do this. “

sauce: NEWS7