Ismail Kartal: We had a good fight-TRT Spor

Cartal, who made a statement at a press conference after the match at Ulker Stadium, thanked the dark blue fans for their support.

Cartal emphasized that the players have a very good personality on the field, “There are 10 people left today, but we fought directly to win. We couldn’t evaluate a clear position. Fenerbahce’s coat of arms. I fought a good fight and showed my strength. I really wanted to win. Match 11 “On the 11th, I got a red card. Two players slipped and my player had the ball. Still, We didn’t lean. We were 10 people, but we fought to win. “We used the phrase.

Kartal has stated that he has a clearer position than his opponent, despite his inadequate play, saying:

“Since the day I came, I’ve been saying,’If you have fans, you’ll exist.’ I say,’They are all of us.’ “I said. Don’t leave them alone, let them trust us.”

Cartal explained that he continued the tactical plan he had made before the match even after 10 players remained, saying, “It seemed that up to 10 goals would come. There was a plan and the plan was executed. With our high energy, ambition, and fan support, we took a breathtaking step. Characters. They did, I thank them. ” ..

Kartal said of the referee’s decision:

“I don’t usually talk about referees, but in such an environment and atmosphere, I think I can play so red in other games. For example, Ahmet has a hand position, and the last man Some positions have been skipped .. The ball disappears and shows the corner immediately. I don’t want to think about anything else because I think it’s one of my favorites now. The referee can make mistakes, but that It’s possible in an environment like that-it’s always on top of each other and provokes opposition to us. “

Cartal stated that he had proved that the team was developing today, saying, “Today, Turkey as a whole saw my team’s confidence and fought bravely and fearlessly. How much they fought. It was clear. Every week we think we can deal with, we can see the strength and tactical improvement of our team. There was support from great fans to the team. It stepped us into another gear. I made it up, “he said.

Kartal explained that he gave players the message that they could win in half-time and said they believed they would win the match if they played 11 pairs.

Cartal concludes his words by saying that Ilfan Jean Kavech did not accept the red card.

“Every week, the team is at the top. Everything is going well now. The team is accelerating upwards from the day we came. Today, no matter who we are, we will fight in front of our fans. Was. The opponent was. Now our team has crossed the threshold, it has already signaled that. That’s true. If I have to say, past teachers Also contributed. I don’t think it’s correct to compare. After I came here, I decided how I could do as much as I could. Now my hands are touching something Obvious. It’s going well. I’m doing my best. I’m doing my best. I’m doing my best. I didn’t lose at least today. I haven’t lost four games. I think I still have a chance to finish second. There are too many opponents even if there are few. Finish the league at the highest level. “