“Ismail Kartal deserves to stay in Fenerbahce”-TRT Spor

Ottoman Zeki Cork Pine has announced the championship story of the Yellow-Black team and their goals in the Super League.

Recalling that he took command of Istanbul Spor in the third week of last season, the 40-year-old coach said, “After taking office, we have achieved the perfect harmony as a soccer player, management team and technical staff. The game we created. Has given great joy to soccer players, spectators, and us. It is customary in TFF First League. After securing the playoff, we have rehearsed every moment of the match in the last three weeks.

We were very mentally, physically and tactically ready for the playoffs. We won a spectacular victory in the first match. It was a harbinger of something. In the finals, I played to reflect my spirit on the field. We have a game culture. True happiness is to achieve something without sacrificing it. It was the action of the championship that we came from behind and won the Eyüpspor match. “We started believing that we would be the playoff champions of the day,” he said.

“Nothing is more proud of Istanbul Spor than racing the only team named after this beautiful city at the highest level,” Korkmaz continued:

“Our main driving force in the Super League is to train players. Achieving this at the Super League level will start another dimension. The club’s income will increase, but the cost of the players will be It’s clear that it doesn’t increase exponentially .. It doesn’t disturb the balance in the team too much. There is a scale decided for foreign players. There will be a balance in the team: “Other teams are much more Have a big budget, how do you compete with them? “” This was done in the lower leagues. Many teams have become champions with a budget equivalent to a couple of players. We will continue to do so by further strengthening our Super League player portfolio. At Istanbul Spor, we plan the game and carry it out with great discipline. That will certainly be said. “

-“We will produce players”

Emphasizing that Istanbul Spor is always made up of young soccer players and is called a team that plays good football, Ottoman Zekikorkumatsu used the following expression:

“Istanbulspor was managed by another identity in the 1990s. This did a great deal of harm to the club. The late Ömer Sarıalioğlu made the club out of this crisis and easier to manage. He felt this. We believe that Istanbul Spor is made up of young and talented players and has historically been known as an excellent football team. Today, we take that historic feel. Istanbul Spor is the second team of everyone. A team of people who say “hometown first” without thinking about returning home. With the football we play and the role models we create, we will be the winner of many football fans. We believe in being a team. “

-“Following the path of cropping”

Korkmatsu, who began his coaching career in Fenerbahce’s infrastructure in 2006, has been an assistant to Ismail Kartal for many years. Ottoman Zeki Korkmatsu, who promoted Amashaspor to the Regional Amateur League in his first coaching experience in 2014, enjoyed the joy of being promoted to the Super League with Istanbul Spor in his second experience at this level.

The 40-year-old coach said he was very much influenced by German football and has been studying German football for many years, citing the world-famous coach Jurgen Klopp as an example. ..

“In recent years, I have been fascinated by German football. I spent nearly 20 days in Borussia Mönchengladbach in 2018. This was the final point of my research on German football. I followed the lead of Jürgenkrop. I went all the way to Valerie Robanovsky .. Linus Michels with the ball. If he taught the whole world what to do, Robanovsky changed what to do when the ball was in the opposite direction. They are the father of modern football. Then Sacki played football on the legendary Milan counterpress that brought the total. Ralph Langnick took this whole story a little further and Klopp took it to the world. Made one of the best in Germany. He is one of the engineers who apply the net.

I saw and analyzed Dynamo Kyiv in the 1980s. How Dynamo Kyiv pushed and closed the field is in our archive. How Sacchi, Michelle, and Cruyff created different options while holding the ball, and how they used their positions flexibly … I had the opportunity to follow this policy and create my own model. You can’t take just one school and put it elsewhere because your culture may want something else. We actually tried to adapt the spirit there to ourselves. We try to adapt the spirit of the game to the Super League. “

-Role model Sir Alex Ferguson

Ottoman Zeki Korkmaz said his role model was Manchester United’s legendary coach Sir Alex Ferguson.

A Scottish coach explained that he had trained many young soccer players on behalf of the UK and had great success, and Korkmaz said, “I brought Ferguson’s biography to the UK for the first time. I’m following a biography about him. The money Ferguson spent in creating the legend of Manchester United, the last six games in Manchester City This is the same as spending a year. That’s what Ferguson spends on me. That’s why it’s a role model.

I am an engineer who has practiced as a role model in producing and teaching. Here, we achieved this in 10 months. They insisted on a defender transfer in half-time, but I said I would continue with the young players. We will continue to produce it in the future. “

Keeping in mind that his long-term goal is to work for an overseas team, Korkmatsu said:

“I can speak English and Spanish. I studied Spanish. It’s my favorite language. I love listening to Spanish songs. So I speak this language. I learned. I wanted to understand and listen to Julio Iglesias. Learning a language is a social skill I like to develop it. “I want to increase in a short period of time. Our players are abroad. We represent us well with our high-level team. Turkish football needs to not only train individual players, but also prove to the world. Engineers with a systematic perspective and a vision of football. I will produce it. “

-Professional license issues

Ottoman Zeki Korkumaz emphasized that the Turkish Football Federation should prioritize coaches working in the UEFA Pro License Program.

Pointing out that many engineers in Turkey are having a hard time getting a pro license, Korkmatsu said, “I attended the A course in 2013. After working for three years with the A license, I asked for a pro license. As an assistant coach, I have 100 Super Leagues and TFF 1 respectively in 9 years. I am playing league games and have the TFF 1st League Championship.

As a coach, I have 38 games and a championship. Elections must be held effectively. You need to meet workers and priority technicians. I think the elections should be more transparent. “

-“Ismail Kartal deserves to stay in Fenerbahce”

Ottoman Zeki Korkmatz said he deserves to remain the leader of Fenerbahce in the performance of Ismail Kartal, who he worked with for many years.

A 40-year-old technician who talked about the process of separation of karuta said, “Ismail karuta deserves to stay in Fenerbahce. We worked together for many years. Formed a fateful union. He is very disciplined. Yes, I’m always thinking about football. This year he’s had the success he deserves. Ismail Karuta will find the value he deserves. “