Is Valencia’s red card the right decision? MHK announced…


Central Arbitration Commission (MHK) Vice-President and Referee Murat Irgaz and UEFA Vice-President and Referee Training Advisor to the Turkish Football Federation (TFF) Hugh Dallas shared the week’s key referee decisions with the broadcaster. was evaluated.

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Aranyaspor vs Istanbulspor 85 minute position evaluation

Hugh Dallas: It’s okay to get a yellow card

Hugh Dallas: As you can see, Defender #7 has clearly put his foot up too high and is hitting an opposing player. Players fall to the ground. The referee is close to that position, and since this is a dangerous move, it is correct to issue a yellow card.

Alanyaspor red card position


Murat Ilgaz: the right application

Murat Ilgaz: Correct application. We told the referee not to allow it. A second yellow card must be shown if required.

Kayserispor – VAR Rating at Giresunspor 45+2

Hugh Dallas: I don’t understand why the referee used VAR

Hugh Dallas: It was obvious on TV when you saw this event. I don’t understand why the referee used VAR. We are committed to training referees. You want to predict where the ball will land when it’s in motion and have it stop at the correct angle.VAR quickly stepped into this position. The referee saw it and showed a yellow card and gave a penalty.

Aranyaspor vs. Istanbulspor 66 minute position evaluation

Murat Irgaz: Referee should give penalty here

Murat Ilgaz: If a player receives the ball after playing it deliberately, there is no violation here. Anyway, even if it bounces, it is a violation here. In this position, he bounces off the ground and stands up. Here the referee has to give a penalty. The referee insisted on his original decision and continued the game. Now all he has to do is give a penalty. Even if you can’t see it in VAR, it should have been a penalty.

Hugh Dallas: I don’t want VAR in the game all the time in Turkey

Hugh Dallas: The surprise here is that Turkey doesn’t want VAR to be in the game all the time. Normally, if the VAR were to call the referee, there would have been a clear error here. VAR was right, but it was the referee who carried out his own decision. Here the player’s arm is in a very unnatural position. It was clearly a penalty. The final decision belongs to the referee, who did not change the decision.

3rd minute positions for Trabzonspor vs. Galatasaray:

Murat Ilgaz: The decision made is right

Murat Ilgaz: The decisions made are correct. He makes sure there are no penalties in his VAR and implements the referee’s decision.

Hugue Dallas: If there was a penalty here it would have been very heavy

Hugh Dallas: The umpire’s position is the right place. The ball is sent by the Galatasaray number 5 player and hits the Trabzonspor player. If a penalty was given here it would have been very, very heavy. The referee made the right decision.

Positions in the 87th minute of Trabzonspor vs. Galatasaray:

Huhg Dallas: This judgment is penalty given

Huhg Dallas: In such a position, when the ball hits the hand, the player’s objection is correct, but the ball bounces off the defender and hits his hand. Sacha Boey’s hand is up, no intentional movement. Players have no idea where the ball will go. This judgment is correct. No penalty is given.

Valencia red card correct?

Hugue Dallas: Red card correct

Huhg Dallas: Valencia kicks their opponents hard. Red card correct. The referee took his place. If he hadn’t caught it, VAR would have warned the referee. A red card is presented. Players are advised not to act this way.

Is Adil Demilder’s card correct?

Murat Ilgaz: The right decision between two cards

Murat Ilgaz: Correct decisions on both cards acknowledged by Adil Demirba─č.

Hugh Dallas: Warn referee

Huhg Dallas: These decisions are easy for the referee. A referee’s job is to keep players on the field, but players cannot do that in the context of the game. Referees also struggle to keep players down. Adil’s Yellow His card is the right decision. Warn the referee. Don’t give cheap yellow cards. However, there is a dramatic move in this decision.

SeyfullahKAYGUSUZ – Editor