Is there a second increase in the minimum wage? Economic message from President Erdogan …

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President Recep Tayyip Erdogan made important remarks on the economic agenda during his return from the NATO summit. In response to the journalist’s question, President Erdogan said:

“We take all sorts of measures regarding food safety.”

Question: There is a lot of talk about food safety in the world. The danger in this regard has been pointed out. What do you think about Turkey’s oil and food security?

Of course, we take all sorts of precautions regarding food safety. Is there any country in the world today that has no food security problems? Every country has more or less problems. At this point, some of these issues have occurred, but we have taken all precautions. Let’s say you have a problem with lean meat. Take action accordingly and start the mechanism immediately.

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On the other side, let’s say they say they don’t have sugar. We also found that inventories and warehouses were full in many places. As soon as they got on top of them in control, the candy appeared immediately. They said sunflower oil. Then again, five ships arrived in the Sea of ​​Azov, and the problem was quickly resolved. A similar situation occurred with grains.

Our ships, loaded with large amounts of grain and legumes, have arrived in Russia and Ukraine, they are coming. With the permission of Allah, Turkey will not have any problems in these areas. Turkey is a powerful country that can overcome them. But the political morals of the Turkish opposition are bankrupt. The problem is here. The bankruptcy of the opposition’s political morals only reveals such rumors, such operations, and my citizens inevitably feel uncomfortable with these operations.

We have enough ability and strength to overcome all of this quickly, so no one needs to worry about it. For now, we have Ramadan in front of us. Together with Ramadan, I would like to experience a peaceful Ramadan with the people without causing any worries or worries to the citizens.

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“We believe that tourist attractions will not experience very serious difficulties.”

Question: Another question is how Turkey will enter the next period from a tourism perspective. Do you expect the numbers to be different?

At such times, the explosion or serious increase in tourists will be a very assertive statement. However, my Minister of Tourism continues to negotiate with countries very enthusiastically on this issue. Similarly, we continue to negotiate with Russia, Ukraine and Poland in all regions. They, especially Putin, said that we do not interfere with the tourism sector, encourage it, and do not prevent our citizens from going to Turkey.

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They also say: Maybe there is a way about money. Then we can do this in the ruble, the currency of our own country. We had already provided this to Russia at normal times. We said we would do these in our national currency, our local currency, and in the rubles and the Turkish lira. Now our correctness is fully revealed and they say they can do this in the currencies of the Ruble-TL and other countries. Here’s how we take this step. In addition, Polish President Doda said, “We encourage citizens to go to Turkey for tourism.”

More than 2 million tourists from Ukraine and more than 5 million tourists from Russia. Since Turkey is a reliable country, there are no major problems in attracting tourists, and I think there will be an opportunity to increase the number of tourists from the United Kingdom in the future. Also from Germany. We are working, we will try. We have a good meeting with German Prime Minister Olaf Scholz and look forward to the next process from the dialogue between Germany and Turkey.

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About the minimum wage: You cannot withdraw such things from the citizens as needed.

Question: After deciding on a minimum wage and a civil servant salary increase at the beginning of the year, he said, “If necessary, we can reassess towards the middle of the year by assessing inflation and current conditions.” rice field. Türk-President Ish Ergun Atalei, who has been negotiating on behalf of the workers at the table for the past few days, will be happy to sit at the table when invited. Is there an agenda, or are there any new developments or increases in the minimum wage in the middle of the year? Also, holiday bonuses are paid to retirees, they also expect salary increases, do you have any good news for retirees?

It’s been 3 months now. In the middle of the year, my Minister of Labor and Social Security will tell you about the current situation. In fact, Vedat Bey has so far exchanged sincere views with the union. If, as a result of negotiations, such an assessment is required in the middle of the year, the public, especially the workers, will never withhold such an assessment. The giving hand is better than the taking hand.