Is the “Dombus Crisis” the only reason why “peace” could not be achieved between Russia and Ukraine?

The Ukrainian-Russian War, which continues to be of interest to the entire world, continues on the 28th day. Diplomats from both countries are looking for a way out at the table while Russia’s advance to Kyiv continues. No steps have been taken for peace yet, but partial decisions on humanitarian conditions, continued negotiations, and the stubborn continuation of President Erdogan’s shuttle diplomacy with leaders for peace are hopes for peace. To increase. Continuing mediation efforts between Russia and Ukraine in this context, Ankara finally held a high-level meeting. Russian Presidents Putin and Erdogan spoke on the phone. Erdogan’s adviser Ibrahim Karin, one of the few officials who heard the meeting, told the BBC that Putin had sent a request to Erdogan to stop the war. Karin shared the details of the meeting and said Russia’s demands were split in two. Karin said: “Russia’s first four demands are those that Ukraine can easily meet, in bold, among them. The biggest is the protection of Ukraine’s neutral nation, The BBC reminded Ukrainian President Zelensky that he had already accepted this, saying he should not participate in NATO. Other demands in the first category included the Ukrainian disarmament process and showing that there was no threat to Russia, the preservation of the Russian language in Ukraine, and the cleanup of the region from the Nazis.

On the other hand, it was pointed out that Putin’s request in the second category may be accepted after the face-to-face meeting between Putin and Zelensky. It was pointed out that Karin did not elaborate on the demands of Russian leaders in this regard, but was asked if the situation in “Dombus” was an obstacle to reaching a peace agreement between Russia and Ukraine. Karin replied “yes” to this, stating Russia’s annexation of the two countries of Crimean and the region, and demanding the approval of the so-called independence of the Republic.

Karin said these are two of the most difficult subjects compared to the other four. “This is unacceptable to Ukrainians and the international community in terms of Ukrainian territorial integrity and sovereignty. It violates these principles. Therefore, they need to come up with other ideas. “ I made that evaluation.

According to Euronews; Karin said Zelensky was ready to meet, but Putin believes that discussions between the two sides for a leader-level meeting have not yet reached the desired point. Karin said: That is the real question. Must be at some point. There is no final written agreement at this time, but the negotiating team is getting closer and closer. As they continue to work and get closer to each other, I think the two leaders are more likely to meet. Due to a permanent peace agreement, a permanent ceasefire can only be achieved by this strategic level meeting. “

Putin, Zelensk Did the pro-Russian government give up instead of claiming madness?

Karin, presidential spokesperson, said Putin had abandoned the idea of ​​replacing Zelensky with pro-Moscow and accepted the fact that Zelensky was the leader of the Ukrainian people, whether he liked it or not. Another important reason Putin extended the permanent ceasefire and peace talks is that he does not want to be in a strong position during the peace talks and looks like Russia weakened by military losses and economic sanctions. .. According to historians and experts on this subject, “Putin advocates the claim that Russia’s minority rights in Ukraine are not respected and are systematically abused. He makes this attitude a minority. Identified with the Nazis’ attitude towards the faction. In a sense, he blames Ukraine’s racial discrimination and extreme nationalism regimes. In this way, he manages his own initiative and operations. Trying to justify. Putin is trying to take advantage of his hatred for the Nazis to justify his actions in the eyes of the Russian people. He also sends a message to the Ukrainian people. Is a kind of “psychological manipulation” method. Otherwise, the Ukrainian government has nothing to do with Nazism. Of course, there are also far-right groups like the Nazis. “Azov Battalion” is one of them. There was such a group at the 2014 Maidan event. Of course, they are not representative of Ukraine.

Erdogan nominated Putin and Zelensky for Istanbul and Ankara

Volodymyr Zelensky said he was ready for such a meeting. It was reported that Prime Minister Erdogan told President Putin that “leader-level discussions may be needed to reach an agreement on some issues.” Putin also states that he has this view, according to information obtained by the BBC from the meeting. President Erdogan is conducting a fierce shuttle diplomacy to invade Russia and end the war. His peace talks with dozens of leaders last month are highly regarded around the world. Establish a sincere and credible relationship with the Presidents of Ukraine and Russia in close relations. The fair implementation of the Montreux Convention puts Erdogan in an exceptional place in the eyes of the world. The United States, NATO, and their tail Britain want peace as President Erdogan opposes the war-changing move between Russia and Ukraine and the United States is pressing Turkey to give Ukraine an S400 air defense system. Isn’t it clear that it isn’t? Peacefully?