Is Putin’s new target Moldova? The country has begun preparations …

As the thirteenth day of the war between Russia and Ukraine is alive, the whole world continues to question what Russian leader Putin intends to initiate this invasion and what the ultimate goal is. Moldova, considered Putin’s target, is already preparing for imminent risk.

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Russian President Vladimir Putin has revealed his intentions regarding the invasion of Ukraine and brought to the negotiating table what he wants to achieve in this country. However, according to many experts, this war initiated by Putin is not limited to Ukraine. The goal of the political analyst, Russian leader, is to drive NATO and the EU not only from his own borders, but also from around his neighbors, and his ultimate goal in this regard is Ukraine. Is to attack other Eastern European countries after.

Moldova is one of these countries. Belarusian leader Lukashenko, who is said to have clarified this goal while speaking in front of the map last week, was shown as evidence of this, and Moldova was placed in the middle of the goal board because it is close to the EU and NATO. I am.

Putin’s directing of his troops to the south of Ukraine indicates that the next stop on the roadmap could be Moldova, but the country has already begun preparing for the threat of this aggression. increase.

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Key point: Separatist Transnistria

Transnistria, the pro-Russian region of eastern Moldova, is one of the only factors that caused these fears. Intelligence forces are afraid that the troops here will join the Russian army and support the possibility of invasion of the country.

Moldova, located between Ukraine and Romania, is not a member of NATO and the EU, but has been the setting for many years in the struggle between two pro-Russian and pro-European powers in the country.

Western sources say Russia could organize a false flag operation in Moldova, similar to eastern Ukraine, a military operation aimed at using a flag other than its own during the war to bring another country into the war. I think there is sex.

Is Moldova a new target for Putin? The country has begun preparations ...

Transnistria uses its own currency and the banknotes have pictures of Russian soldiers’ monuments

A few days ago, Moldova’s President Maia Sandu urgently signed an application for her country’s European Union, as did Ukraine and Georgia. The country hopes that the application will be approved at an informal meeting in France next week.

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Putin takes pro-Russian government

Moldova has a large Russian-speaking population. The possibility of these people’s incitement to protests against the Kremlin by the Kremlin and attempts by Moscow to overthrow Moldova’s pro-European government seems to be a prominent path Russia can follow.

Is Moldova a new target for Putin? The country has begun preparations ...

A Moldova diplomat said in a statement to the world media that Putin would do his best to establish a pro-Russian government in Moldova.

Moldova’s Foreign Minister Nicu Popescu admits that his country has begun preparations in the face of these threats. And none of the above possibilities are ignored.

Is Moldova a new target for Putin? The country has begun preparations ...

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Moreover, it is true that Moldova cannot resist Ukraine. The country’s army is only 3,500 and its defense budget is very limited. Since the beginning of the Ukrainian invasion, Moldova’s main goal has been to strengthen border guards.

Politicians in the capital Kishinau said that one of the main goals of Russia’s invasion operation in Ukraine is to provide a road bridge to the separatists and pro-Russia Transnistria who declared independence in the collapse of the Soviet Union. I think it is.

Looks like Luhansk or Donetsk

Transnistria has 1,500 powerful Russian troops. In general opinion, the Russians, whose new route in Ukraine is Odessa, participated in the attack on Odessa with soldiers in Moldova. The distance between Moldova and Odessa is only 40 kilometers.

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Known for its long-standing support from Moscow, the region is expected to respond positively to requests for assistance from Russia, as well as Luhansk and Donetsk.

In addition, Moldova is the most vulnerable country in the western neighbors of Ukraine. Moldova, which has accepted 163,000 people fleeing Ukraine, expects this number to increase during the attack on Odessa.

Is Moldova a new target for Putin? The country has begun preparations ...

The banner says: “Putin is killing Ukrainians. Who’s next?’Write: Moldova is afraid of Russia’s invasion …

Moldova’s Foreign Minister Nicu Popescu said the population has already increased by more than 2%, and if this is adapted to the UK, this figure can be considered a million and their system is already difficult. He adds that he is starting.

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Declared emergency

Declaring a state of emergency on February 24, the country has already restricted food imports, closed airspace and strengthened its power on the border between Ukraine and Transnistria.

In Moldova, one of the poorest countries in Europe, Ukrainian refugees are said to be non-permanent. About 100,000 Ukrainians who have arrived have already traveled to Romania and approached the EU.

Ukrainian refugees found on the streets of the capital Chişinău have begun to openly state that Putin’s next target is Moldova. Moldovans, who have many relatives in Ukraine, continue to provide refugees with food and accommodation.

Is Moldova a new target for Putin? The country has begun preparations ...

Lenin Memorial in Transnistria

On the other hand, it is true that countries with a gradual decline in their ability to handle this trend need more foreign aid as refugees grow. Authorities say the country has already begun to consume basic necessities such as fuel and medicine, and Moldova 2 can no longer withstand it without support.

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