Investigations have begun on doctors allegedly abused by a specialist sergeant.

Wall – He claims to have been attacked by an AA sergeant at the Mula Training and Research Hospital on March 14, Medical Day. A criminal accusation was filed against Tahir Talima because an administrative investigation was initiated and it was determined that Tahir Talima had tracked AA and pushed it into the camera footage.

In about 40 seconds of images shared on social media, Dr. Talimar chases AA Sergeant, who wanted to remove his document from the staff at the table, and finds that a brawl has occurred in the meantime. It is unknown if there were any beatings before or after the footage.

After the image, Dr. Hospital Manager. He started an administrative investigation into the farmers. Meanwhile, Specialist Sergeant AA, Ph.D. He filed a criminal complaint with the public prosecutor’s office for deceiving himself about Talmer.

Ali Tirukichi, chairman of the Federation of Experts, issued a statement about the incident: “Especially the doctors abused the sergeant, despite watching a video of our sergeant’s brother beating. He reported to the media that he had been done. Doctor. He also closed the back door of the hospital and applauded. “

“The video shows that it was the doctor, not the sergeant, who abused him. Also, the sergeant was persecuted during the surgery. His exposure,” said Tirukichi, who claims that the doctor abused the sergeant. There was a problem because of the lack of eyes. We blame them. We do not want such emergency personnel to work in health institutions. These people come from the health community. We will follow him until he is kicked out, “he said.

What happened?

Sergeant AA, who was in charge of the Yatagan Military Police Command, became ill at around 23:00 on March 14, and was taken to Yatagan State Hospital by ambulance. AA was transferred to Muğla Training and Research Hospital after intervention at Muğla Training and Research Hospital.

AA, Ph.D. in the emergency room who wants to find out about himself. He argued with Tahir Tarımer. Hospital guards intervened in the case. Talimar claimed to have been abused by AA during the discussion. Talimar complained to AA after receiving reports of assault, stating that he had a rash on his body and his glasses were broken. AA also received reports of the assault. AA diagnosed with appendicitis underwent surgery.

“ITIP straightens my throat”

Dr. Talima was transferred from Yatagan State Hospital on suspicion of appendicitis. He said he wanted to have an ultrasound. He said it wouldn’t be possible without a blood test. He wanted to leave the emergency room with the paperwork. He wanted to chase him out. I didn’t forgive him. He got angry and pushed me to suffocate. “

AA specialist, who was discharged from the general surgery ward after appendicitis surgery at Mula Training and Research Hospital, said, “You were violent, abused and insulted. We treated you, we were discharged.” I received applause inside. AA in a team vehicle was taken to Hamdibay Police Chief for his remarks.

“Don’t hit me, I’m complaining from the doctor.”

AA got sick again at the police station. The AA, unable to make a statement, was taken to Menteshe District State Hospital by a police team complaining of severe pain in the area that had been operated on for appendicitis. AA, who was discharged again after treatment at the hospital, was taken to the Chief of Police, Hamdibay, by a police team.

In his statement, AA stated that he was the main victim, “I did not insult or physically intervene in the medical staff. I was unfairly lynched and public. I was lynched on the spot, so I’m complaining about the doctor. ” AA, who was transferred to court after police action, was released on condition of judicial control. (WALL-DHA)