Intervention in the actions of the Hulkan Foundation: “They imprisoned people in the mosque and dragged the injured.”

sauce, TWITTER @ furkanvakfi

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Al Paslan Quitur, the head of the Hulkan Foundation, is said to have been stored in market warehouses for hours.

Police severely intervened in the procession and press release that the Farcan Foundation wanted to organize in Adana yesterday. Members of the Fulkan Foundation, speaking in BBC Turkish, said hundreds of people were abused and 50 were seriously injured.

The Fercan Foundation marched to release eight members who had been imprisoned for some time and had not yet been charged, but police intervened because it was “unauthorized.”

Images shared by the Furkan Foundation on social media show that police used tear gas and rubber bullets at close range against demonstrators, and many activists were abused.

Non-governmental organizations and lawyers issuing statements on social media have stated that police are beyond their authority in their intervention.