International Westermanisa Marathon to be held for the first time-Sports News

Mayor Senzis Ergun of the Manisa metropolitan area said: As the Manisa Metropolitan Municipality, we continue to build a more livable and prosperous city with the services and investments we have brought to this ancient city. We have become producers and supporters of projects that lead children and young people to education, science and sports. ” Said.

Doğan Çelik, a member of the Audit & Supervisory Board of the Manisa Organizational Industrial Zone, said: The International Wester Manisa Half Marathon will pass through our city and will undoubtedly contribute significantly to the promotion of Manisa on an international platform. ” Said.

Vestel, a leading sporting figure in Turkey, hosted the International Vestel Half Marathon on Sunday, May 15th, in collaboration with the Manisa Metropolitan Municipality and the Manisa Organizational Industrial Zone.

“We generate social benefits by supporting sports.”

At a press conference before the half marathon, Vestel CEO Turan Erdogan said: “Manisa has played a key role in the success of Vestel, a global brand born in Turkey. We have taken the relationship between the brand and the city identified today one step further. We are in our city. Contributes not only to economic life but also to its social life. As one of the most important supporters of our sport, the President Cycling Tour we previously sponsored is our factory and our city. Having passed both, it has made a great contribution to the promotion of Manisa. Currently, with the cooperation of the Manisa metropolitan area and the Manisa Organization Industrial Complex, we are carrying out important projects and holding the 1st Vestel Manisa International Half Marathon. We believe; this half-marathon, including Vestel City, one of Europe’s largest production facilities built on a single site, gives sports enthusiasts all the historic texture of Manisa. And show beauty. ”

CEO Erdogan said: “As Vestel, we focus on creating social benefits under the umbrella of sustainability. We have many to promote a healthy and active life in our society. I work. As you know, we have important sponsorships in many sports departments such as volleyball, gymnastics, handball, sailing, soccer, etc. Now, in this half marathon we host, with Manisa We encourage all people in the surrounding cities to play sports and invite them to an active life. On behalf of Vestel, everyone who has contributed to the organization and participated in the marathon, especially the Manisa Metropolitan municipality. , Manisa OIZ, thanks to the Athletics Federation. “

Mayor of Manisa Metropolitan Cengiz Ergün: “While carrying out our services and investments, we pay attention to cooperation, mutual dialogue and action between institutions. We provide important employment in Manisa. With Vestel, we signed an important project with this understanding. Together with Vestel, we brought a 27km bike path to Manisa. This is one of my very important projects. Next, we carried out the “Walker Project for Stray Animals with Disabilities”. This is very meaningful and is awarding international awards to dear friends. Today we are participating in the International Westermanisa Half Marathon. I strongly believe that this will greatly contribute to the promotion of our Manisa. I care about this organization in terms of encouraging the masses to exercise and encouraging children and young people to participate in sports. I am very pleased to be able to host this organization. On behalf of myself and the people of Manisa, I would like to thank Vestel, Manisa OSB, the Athletics Federation, and all stakeholder agencies for their significant contributions to the realization of this beautiful organization. ”

Doğan Çelik, who attended on behalf of the Board of Directors of the Manisa Organized Industrial Zone, said: Realized or supported. Tomorrow’s International Vestel Manisa Half Marathon will pass through both our region and our city and will undoubtedly contribute significantly to the promotion of Manisa on an international platform. And, as a Manisa Organization Industrial Complex, I am very pleased to be able to participate in such a high value-added organization.

He hopes this marathon will become a tradition. We would like to thank all the Westel families and everyone who participated in the organization. ” He said.

Fati Sintimar, President of the Athletics Federation, said: “We are confident that the first International Wester Half Marathon this year will accelerate the development of the athletics sector, the mother of all sports. Our federation will continue to grow with all stakeholders. Thirty-five of the 100 athletes who won the Olympic quarters on the Turkish national team are athletes. All stakeholders who have contributed to us, Vestal Group of Companies, Manisa Metropolitan Municipality, Manisa Organized. Thanks to the Industrial Zone and everyone who has contributed. “

Steps turn into donations

Runners participating in the half marathon take a good step. The orchid registration fee will be a donation of the WeWALK smart walking stick made in Vestel, Manisa, which will make a difference in the lives of the visually impaired. Donations collected in a campaign launched through the Turkish White Crescent Association will give smart sticks to visually impaired young people.

WeWALK co-founder Kürşat Ceylan said: Used in 59 countries around the world, our main goal is to deliver smart sticks to thousands of visually impaired students in our country. To achieve this goal, WeWALK’s decision and today’s support as a major social responsibility project for the Westermanisa International Half Marathon was very meaningful. Thanks to all the Vestel, Manisa Metropolitan Municipality, and Beyazay teams for this. “

At the end of the competition, Vestel Gift Certificates will be given to the first three male and three female athletes who have successfully completed the general ranking and age categories.