Interesting Statistics of Kayserispor-Kayserispor News

Kayserispor, who scored 38 points in the Super League, has lost three games in the last three games. Kayserispor, who took the lead in these three games, lost all three games with goals he saw at the castle later in the game. In the 27th week of the league, in an away game with Trabzonspor, Kayserispor lost 3-2 in the first half and led 2-0. Kayserispor, who was leading 1-0 in the first half of Alanyaspor’s match at Kadir Hass in the 28th week of the league, lost 2-1 from the field. Finally, Kayserispor, who played on the field with Konyaspor, led 2-0 in the 40th minute, lost the match 3-2 and passed the 29th week without a goal.

Kayserispor scored 38 goals with 11 losses and 10 wins and 8 draws in this season’s league match.

Hikumet Karaman’s decision is over

Due to the suspension of the red card, the penalty for Hikumet Karaman, who was unable to lead the team in the Konyaspor match, has ended.

Coach Hikumet Karaman, who received a one-game penalty from PFDK with a red card during the match between Kayserispor and Alanyaspor, has ended. Hikmet Karaman, who was unable to enter the changing room on the bench after watching the match between Kayserispor and Konyaspor from the stand, was suspended for one match. Hikumet Karaman will be at the top of the team at the Karagümryuk match in Istanbul this week.

Gustavo Campagnaro, who was unable to play in the Konyaspor match due to the suspension of his yellow card, was also sentenced to imprisonment.

Gustavo pauses, Carol pauses

Gustavo Campanhar’s suspension at Kayserispor has ended, but this time Lionel Carole has been suspended.

Brazilian soccer player Gustavo Campanhar’s yellow card penalty has expired at Kayserispor. Kayserispor played against Karagümryuk in the 30th week of the Super League, and Lionel Carole was suspended. Lionel Carole, who received yellow cards at Goztepe, Besiktas and Giresunspor and played in the Konyaspor match at the end of the season, has been suspended. Carol will not be able to replace her in an away game with Karagümryuk on Friday.

Kayserispor suffered 11th defeat in the league

Kayserispor lost the 11th of 29 games this season.

Kayserispor, who participated in the Super League, played against Konyaspor on the field and lost 3-2. Kayserispor, who lost 2-0 to their opponent in a match in Konya in the first half of the league, suffered their 11th defeat this season. Kayserispor 3-0 for Altay in the first week of the league, 2-1 for Hatayspor in the fifth week, 2-1 for Trabzonspor in the eighth week, 6-3 for Alanyaspor in the ninth week, and Konyaspor in the tenth week. Won 2 in. -0, 1-0 against Rize Spor in Week 14, 4-2 against Besiktas in Week 16, 3-1 against Kashin Pasha in Week 23, 3-2 against Trabzon Spor in Week 27 , 28th week-1, lost to Konyaspor 3-2 in the 29th week.

Onul Brut assisted for the 8th time

Kayserispor’s right wing, Onur Bulut, assisted for the eighth time this season.

Right-back Onur Bulut, who moved from Kayserispor at the beginning of the season, was successful in the Konyaspor match yesterday. Onul Brut, who has been attracting attention for his effective offensive performance and defensive struggle, contributed directly to the eight goals scored this season. Onul Brut, who played 28 games at the end of the 29th week of the league, provided an eight-assist and one-goal performance. Onur Bulut, who assisted Mario Gavlanovich in a 3-2 defeat in the Konyaspor match in the 29th week of the league, is the most assisted player on the team.

Onur Bulut supported the league games of Trabzonspor (3), Karagümük, Besiktas, Yeni Malatyaspor, Altay and Konyaspor.

Abdulkadir Finger scored first goal

Kayserispor lost to Konyaspor 3-2, and Abdul Kadir Finger scored the first goal of the yellow-red team.

In the 29th week of the Spor Toto Super League, Kayserispor hosted Konyaspor, scoring 1-0 in the 6th minute of the match, and net-ventilated Abdul Kadirfinger scored his first goal of the season in yellow and red. I got it. Jersey. The midfielder, who transferred from Trabzonspor in half-time, scored a goal and enjoyed great joy.

Abdulkadir Finger, who came to the field in the first 11 and stayed in the field for 69 minutes, was replaced by Ilhan Parrak.

Mario Gavlanovich scores 10th goal

Kayserispor’s Swiss soccer player Mario Gavlanovich, who participates in the Super League, scored 10 goals in the league.

Mario Gavlanovich also scored in the Konyaspor match, where Kayserispor played on the field and lost 3-2. Mario Gavlanovich, who turned Onul Brut’s pass into a goal 14 minutes into the match, scored 10 goals in the league. Swiss strikers scored goals in this season’s Konyaspor match after the matches of Alanyaspor, Karagümük, Fenerbahce, Yeni Maratiaspor, Sivaspor (2), Kasimpasha, Giresunspor and Trabzonspor.

Mario Gabranoavich evened the number of goals with Senegal’s Mame Thiam Tiam after playing against Konyaspor. Mario Gavlanovich has made history as the name that scored the 1000th goal of the yellow and red clubs in the Trabzonspor match.