Inflation and Exchange Rate Message from President Erdogan-Last Turkey News

President and AK Party Chairman Recep Tayyip ErdoganHe spoke at the AK Party Extended State Presidential Conference.

“The 2023 election will represent the diversity of our country’s destiny.”

President Erdogan, who gave an important message about the 2023 election, said:

“We are on the eve of a new test, the 2023 election. We will reappear in front of our country, explain the past, reveal what we will do in the future, and then Seeking a license from voters for five years. No doubt, all elections are important, all elections are essential, all elections are decisive, but the 2023 elections are the future of the AK Party. Not only does it mean a true crossroads in terms of our country and the fate of our country. People’s Alliance. In this election, mainly Turkey can achieve the big goals due to the 100th anniversary of the founding of the Republic. By supporting them, we aim to maintain the interests of our country’s democracy and development.

President Erdogan said that all attacks, from terrorism to coups, economic traps to political trips, especially in the last decade, have once again made Turkey unstable, unstable and chaotic.

“They failed, they wouldn’t succeed,” Erdogan said, and the country appreciated what they had, saw the game being played, and accepted the purpose of their struggle. , Said to approve.

“Our RIZE-ARTVIN airport is closed, we will open the next month”

President Erdogan continued his speech as follows:

“Here we built the Yavs Selim Bridge, they stuck to it, built Osmangaji, they stuck to it, connected the Nissibi Bridge, which is Adıyaman in Sanliurfa, and they stick to it. I don’t know. In addition to this, I reduced it to 3 hours 15 minutes between Istanbul-Izmir 7-7.5 hours, but I couldn’t get a basin. Now I’m calling from here. Ordu. You built an airport at sea in Gillesun. Now, Rize Altvin, our airport is complete there. We hope to open next month. “

“Cost of migration process”

By increasing the number of airports in Turkey from 25 to 56, Erdogan said that citizens can now fly to their favorite places in Turkey in a short amount of time. This day. Fluctuations in exchange rates, interest rates and inflation We are working, not stopping. “Sir, here are the prices, these are the prices …”

Mr. Erdogan pointed out that while making these investments, he sometimes took “build-operate-transfer” measures, “but they don’t understand this either. He said,” it’s What do you mean? ” .. These contractors make all this investment from abroad or by their own means. Then, in a bid we made, 10 years later, 15 years later, 20 years later, “Here, the contractor is doing this for a fixed fee, but the citizens who cross the bridge but pass the highway. Will pay for it. Is there a deficit? The state will pay this deficit to the contractor. “

President Erdogan said that by making these investments, Turkey was quickly launched and instead of doing this only on the highways and highways, there were 19 municipal hospitals and they built these hospitals with the same understanding. I did.

“Municipal hospitals have started installing handles.”

Prime Minister Erdogan emphasized that he is proud of the city hospital, “Now they have begun to come across them and have begun to handle our city hospital. Don’t worry, look there too. You’ll bring your limbs .. You see, without these municipal hospitals, this coronavirus training and research hospital, we wouldn’t have gone through this process. We could easily get over it. We couldn’t, but at these hospitals we got over it. This process was successful. “

Election bill to parliament

Prime Minister Erdogan reminded the People’s Union of recently submitting work at the discretion of Parliament on the amendments to the election law that they had long prepared.

This proposal, which includes a number of arrangements, from the placement of electoral rolls to harmonization provisions for the new administrative system, from lowering the election threshold to 7% and recalculating the removal of agents from the alliance, We hope it will be beneficial to Erdogan, Turkey. I made the following statement:

“Our friends have already shared a detailed explanation of this proposal with the general public. I would like to emphasize one point here. These amendments to the Election Law most relieve CHP agents. I think I was in a group before the election, my eyes were weeping and my neck was low, so I served another party with a golden platter.

“In a table where CHPMEP circulates like salt in a policy table, it will never be used again.”

With the new regulations, it is no longer enough to set up a group in Congress to participate in elections, so there is no longer a need for such a transfer, which is the product of political engineering efforts. Thus, in the name of the will of the country, I hope that CHP’s agents will never come across an embarrassing and embarrassing table that circulates around the political table like a salt shaker. Again, this regulation is changing the system that allows allies to gain power and agents that far exceed the potential for voting. Therefore, we aim to both ensure justice in the expression of the will of the people and prevent sign parties from manipulating politics.

This arrangement is also most beneficial to CHP’s agents. Because, in order to show the CHP alliance broadly, its members had handed over some of the places that had to be elected to candidates for other parties. Proposals submitted to Congress prevent this strangeness and give CHP members the opportunity to own their own list. When asked, the AK party is accused of thinking only of their own interests, not the Democratic Party, but as you can see, it took into account the issue of CHP lawmakers while working on election changes. The law, and we made their thoughts in a way that also eased their concerns. “

“This KILIÇDAROĞLU has succeeded in stopping for years without winning the election.”

Prime Minister Erdogan expressed his belief that CHP members “heartily support” the proposals presented at the Commission and General Assembly for this purpose, saying, “In fact, we are most reassured in politics is the CHP. In the last few years he has tried to stand up without winning any job or election. “It is Kurti Darul that can succeed. Gathering around the roundtable, Afratorbel has no politics,” he said. Said.

“KILIÇD AROĞLU explains what the AK Party is doing.”

Kılıçdaroğlu first saw what the AK party did and did, then criticized some of them with false information equivalent to swearing, and they as if he had inferred and said it himself. Explained some of the, said Erdoğan:

“One day, look at the cross-border operations we’re doing to fight terrorism … he’s probably a bullshit excuse not to offend their deep attachment to the PKK. And another day he says he proposed these operations One day we find that our country has become one of the most important brands in the world. Knock down our defense industry products, especially the unmanned aerial vehicles that arrive, and another day he states that these projects belong to him. He sees the factory before me. “One day you see Turkey’s prestigious diplomatic policy stance in the strictest and most vicious terms, and another day you are confidently eager to patent this stance. Is ours. One day you see Turkey’s investment in the energy sector from gangs. “It’s a lot of bullshit, from wasting resources to indifference to environmental protection. I have declared. r. Then, another day, he describes the same work as the project in an immeasurable way. “

“People who can’t decide how to sit at the table can’t convince the country.”

Despite Kurti Darul’s “heartfelt” opposition to the presidential system, Erdogan emphasized that they did not forget that he could not submit any proposals other than the report produced abroad and handed over to him. Said:

“Of course, for those who can’t even decide how to sit at the table or walk down the aisle, it’s impossible to think, prepare, persuade, and do it. God is forbidden, ours. Catastrophes such as security crisis areas, epidemics, political and economic fault lines. Think about the fact that our country holds the fate of our country in their hands.

Is it possible to make decisions for the benefit of the country and the country from such turmoil and implement them in a swift and sound way? The mere idea of ​​this painting is a nightmare. This is the system provided to Japan. But we are now accustomed to Kılıçdaroğlu’s contradictions, his delusions, and his constant turn in response to the breeze like a weathercock. You may have to get used to it, but I think our country is fed up with him. Hopefully the 2023 election will not only be an opportunity to save our country’s politics from this type of cartoon, but also many other lucky consequences. “