Individuals exercising in the fitness room


One of the personal favorite areas for special needs is the fitness room, where you can spend a fulfilling time training at many branches of the Mersin Metropolitan Municipal Consumer Affairs Center for the Disabled. People who play sports on certain days of the week in this hall have a social space and are also engaged in activities that are good for their physical and mental health.
One of the favorite activities of individuals with special needs, benefiting from the Mercin Metropolitan Municipal Consumer Affairs Center in Trossler Halkent, is to play sports in the fitness room. Individuals with special needs who benefit from the many social and educational opportunities of the Center for Disabled Life, are healthy, have fun, and are motivated by playing sports in the fitness center. Individuals who come on a particular day and time will do the physical activity that suits them, depending on the group of people with disabilities. All facilities are accompanied by PE teacher and fitness trainer Emilhan Uka and are available to individuals with special needs for physical activity and exercise in the free fitness center. All sporting goods such as elliptical bikes, dumbbells, weight benches, weight bars, treadmills and horizontal bikes are available at the fitness center’s comprehensive gym, which is free to register for individuals with special needs over the age of 18. I can do it. Apply to the Handicap Living Center.

“Fitness has a positive effect on the sports they play outside.”
Emphasizing the importance of sports for individuals with special needs, fitness trainer Emilhan Uka, who works at an accessible life center within the Ministry of Health’s organization, said: Generally in groups over 18 years old. “We are training to strengthen the system. Children generally do intense fitness to be more successful, more productive and more adaptable to their social life at outdoor sports branches. “He said.
Uga said he would guide individuals with special needs to sports equipment in response to disabilities. “Currently, there are nearly 40 students and the number of registrants is constantly increasing. We are here. We serve multiple groups of people with disabilities, including orthopedic disabilities, hearing disabilities, mentally handicapped people with neurodevelopmental disabilities, and people with Down’s disability.
He emphasized positive feedback from his family, saying, “It is said that there was no such service before, and I am very pleased that such a service is available now. Also, good feedback from children. Some of our disadvantaged groups have stated that they have never been to a gym. They now benefit from such salons for free. I am very happy to be able to. Here we do not have a teacher-student relationship with them, but rather close to them and are in the stage of preparing them for social life. Children are other They come here for activities, but they like the gym more. They are very comfortable here. They are very fun and very happy. “
21-year-old Yaren Saraçer is one of the individuals who benefits from the fitness center. Yaren, who was not good at walking and wheelchair support, was able to get rid of the weight needed for daily life thanks to the fitness center. Yaren explains what he did at the gym and said: Next, train his arm. Then he plays sports with other tools. We are using a new tool. It has been 3 months since I used it. Previously, I was overweight and had a hard time walking. I had a bone pain. After I started exercising, my bone pain was completely gone. I walk a lot. Our teacher is also very kind. When I come to the gym, I feel very relaxed. The movement helps me a lot. I feel better, “he said.
Adding that the process of physiotherapy is ongoing, Yaren said: We didn’t move much there. After that, I heard that the metropolitan area opened a gymnasium, so I started from here. “It’s better here, they’re helping, and there’s more movement here,” he said.

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