Incredible claims fell like a bomb on the agenda: Russian units crushed their commanders with tanks!

Conflicts continue to intensify during the month left by the war between Russia and Ukraine. Rumors spread that Russia was unable to achieve the desired success, which created anxiety within the military. The incredible claims made by the Western nations on this subject almost shocked the audience and occupied the first place on the agenda.

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It was predicted that Ukraine would not be able to withstand the situation of the Russian occupation and war that began on February 24th. But after a month of war, Ukraine has made progress to prove that it is not. Despite Russia’s statement that “we will continue the operation as we wish”, it is clear that it is unpleasant to the situation.

The incredible claims made by the Western media were once again based on Western authorities and surprised those who heard them. The news that the rioting Russian troops smashed the commander in tanks fell like a bomb on the agenda.

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The incident is believed to be related to anxiety and morale collapse within the Russian military.

The commander of the 37th Free Regiment was crushed by tanks by soldiers under his command, according to the first allegations made by Ukrainian journalists. According to several reports from the area, the commander who was seriously injured in the incident died.

He was seriously injured and was about to lose the battle he entered while his coalition was in conflict with the Ukrainian army. It was reported that a rebellion within the union broke out in connection with this.

On the other hand, although there is evidence that the Russian commander was crushed by a tank, the news of his death could not be confirmed. In cases reflected on social media and validated by other sources, there are reports of riots and tank overtaking, but it is not known at this time whether the commander has died.

Incredible claims fell on the agenda like a bomb: Russian units shattered their commanders in tanks

The destruction caused by the Russian attack on the Ukrainian city is amazing.

A Ukrainian journalist named Roman Tsymbaliuk first shared a riot allegation on his Facebook account last Wednesday. Tsymbaliuk said the union had lost 50 percent of its workforce. He later wrote that the rebellion had begun.

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A Ukrainian journalist said: After the incident, the commander was transferred to a hospital in Belarus. I shared the line.

The video released by Chechen leader Ramzan Kadyrov also included footage of a high-ranking official named Yuri Medvejev being carried on a stretcher. The video revealed that the commander was alive.

Incredible claims fell on the agenda like a bomb: Russian units shattered their commanders in tanks

Ukrainian troops meet with senior officers on the front line

In a video shared by Kadyrov, a Chechen soldier speaks to an officer carried on a stretcher and asks, “Are you okay?” Talk to us. ” The injured man said to the Chechen soldier, “I’m fine. Where are you?” He responds by saying.

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The claims of Western sources were brought to the agenda by the Daily Mail of the British press. The Daily Mail headlines this news as follows: “After many deaths in the army, the rebellious soldiers overcame the commander in tanks. The commander died.”

Western nations, especially Britain, believe that Russian troops have suffered great losses and morale has collapsed. According to the United States, 7,000 soldiers from Russia’s 150,000 powerful occupying forces have died.

Incredible claims fell on the agenda like a bomb: Russian units shattered their commanders in tanks

Russian tank destroyed by Ukrainian army

One-fifth of the first army Russia had when the aggression was damaged. At least 20 tactical battalions are also believed to have been destroyed. This looks small on paper, but it’s enough to cause problems on the front.

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Seven high-ranking Russian officials have died since the occupation began. In addition, the Ukrainian army also mentions a large number of casualties. In addition, the number of Ukrainian citizens killed in the war is increasing.