Income Generation Strategy in the Sport Industry-TRTSpor

In the sports industry, where the income gap between the best clubs and other clubs widens and the popularity of branches makes wealthier clubs richer, it may seem unlikely that low-income clubs will make money. Maybe. I think the sports customer data platform is an important factor for clubs to focus on higher incomes. This factor promises to put smaller clubs in a better position and generate income in parallel with financially large and strong clubs.

For a very long time, a business model focused on sports match days and product profits has been sufficient in the industry and TV rights must not be forgotten. Generations consuming sports in this traditional way were very pleased with this trend, but now the need for change has naturally hit the sports industry. Working in a data-driven way has become essential. This seems to be the case for 99% of all clubs, especially Manchester City and Barcelona.

How can you start making more money with today’s sports customer data platform? To be successful, rightsholders must acknowledge some well-known facts. Therefore, the phrase “knowledge is power” exists. What you don’t know can have a big impact on your ability to generate income. I think another keyword is to know your fan base.

So how does this process generate higher income?

Understanding your backers can help you grow your product sales and increase your bottom line. For example, at the bottom of the economics pie, the Gothenburg club could see through the sports customer data platform not only that product sales increased 13-fold, but also which fans didn’t buy the product. rice field. Allows you to retarget your campaign.
As mentioned above, understanding your supporters means understanding their affinity. This makes it easier to find the right sponsorship partner and adds even more value. As a result, sponsorship packages can be expensive. With a single solution, the Sports Customer Data Platform, you can improve your sponsorship strategy as well as your product strategy.

Diversification of revenue generation strategies

So far, we’ve talked about understanding supporters, improving fan engagement, increasing the value of sponsorship, and increasing product sales. But that’s not the only benefit of the sports customer data platform. For example, the TV rights issue I mentioned earlier. Television rights issues, which are the main reason for football’s economic growth, are one of the biggest drivers of deepening inequality between clubs. How much income you earn from your TV rights is important. Unfortunately, women’s clubs seem less in this area so far, as the general lack of visibility in the media affects the value of television rights, but the level of visibility is day by day. Will increase to.

For example, use an athlete / player as a club ambassador. This is an effective and proven strategy. The biggest difference this time is that there is data to back up. So you are no longer guessing, you are following the numbers.

The sports customer data platform saves organizations time, effort, and money by helping to remove guesswork from decision making. Basically, you save money while making money. Therefore, using the sports customer data platform to generate higher revenue seems like the right process.
Some clubs may be on the verge of being demoted or may have already been demoted. Other clubs may have had the best years ever on and off the pitch. In any case, the reality is that the pressure to bring money to the club and do it continues. That’s why it’s important for big and small sports organizations to make money in the least stressful way possible and in the long run. And a scalable way. That’s why it’s important to choose your data to generate more revenue.

Summary summary: The more data you have, the greater the success of sustainable sports management.