In this project, all students in the district will play sports.

The “Sports Friendly Inebolu Project” conducted in Inebolu was introduced in an organized program. It was stated that the purpose of the project was to guide all students in the district to sports.
The “Sports-friendly Inebolu Project” created by the Governor of Inebolu, the National Education District Bureau, and the District Youth Sports Bureau was introduced. Kastamonu Governor Avni Chakul, Kastamonu Governor Nekathi Denich, Kastamonu Governor Commander Mukahito Avkran, District Governor Ahmet Bezil Baker, Mayor Mustafa Huna Ozai, Chief Public Processor Alperen Elturk The indoor sports hall on August 25th. , Director of National Education Telat Aktaş, representatives of public institutions and organizations, teams of sports clubs in Inebolu, students and parents. The promotion program, which began with silent prayer and singing the national anthem, provided an introductory presentation explaining the purpose and purpose of the “Sports Friendly Inebol” project and the process of implementing the project. After a speech stating the meaning and importance of the day, students presented a music concert and a folklore show. The program then ended with the members of the Protocol presenting sporting goods to schools and facilities and taking pictures of souvenirs.
At the project introduction, Governor Kastamonu Avni Chakul said: “I started working in Kastamonu about two years ago. After I got a job, I met young people who play more sports, developed more sports facilities, and became healthier in all areas of the most important activities. He said he would like to make every effort to contribute to the development of young people. The sports-friendly slogan of Inebolu fits very well with Inebolu. Congratulations to the Governor and Mayor. Sportswear is perfect for teens, students and adults. I argue, Dear Inebolu, we are in Kastamonu, with the efforts of both the municipality, the governor’s office and the public sector, we are very active in sports. We work with the delegation, and by allowing our young people to meet more sports at our facility, we are successful at all levels in our national connections. Our aim is to connect you with our youth in more sports, and very successful athletes will emerge. Your young people are disciplined and very much in sports. I believe it will be successful, and we feel the value of this in Inebolu. To make the biggest investment to cut off addiction to social media, coffee corners, and wandering on the Internet. We strongly assure tomorrow and this is the way to find peace in our homes. At Sportpoint, Inebolu was already a charismatic district and an independent way of national struggle was the capital. , It’s one of the most charismatic districts of Kastamonu. The activities done here are worth tens of kilometers of roads. Let’s shorten them by 10 kilometers, but get younger people together with the sport. Let’s, as governors, district governors, and mayors, we are determined to bring young people into more sports. Hopefully the support we have given here will come back. Thanks to the governor, the mayor, the director of the National Education District, and all the philanthropists who supported this campaign. They have contributed to such an organization. “
In his speech, Governor Ahmet Bezier Baker said: We offer courses at all sports branches of interest and talent to give students the opportunity to play their dream sport. We want to reveal the talents and talents of young people, and we strongly believe in discovering many treasures. In this project, our main goal is to ensure that young people and students can socialize and grow as young people with complete confidence. Dear young people, believe in yourself and your abilities. There are many students in you who have state, regional, national and even international degrees and are successful in this hall. We are always with you and will support you on this beautiful journey. I would like to briefly explain the specific goals and contents of the sports-friendly Inebol project. In this project, first and foremost, each student enrolled in national education will meet and specialize in at least one sport. Double the number of sports courses offered at public education centers related to national education and the number of courses offered by our trainers and trainers within the Youth Sports Bureau within two years. In addition, as a result of the project, we aim to increase the number of licensed athletes in our district by at least 100 percent. Apart from these, within the framework of the project, inter-school and inter-institutional tournaments and various events will be held in different sports departments. Finally, training, courses and activities take place in many sports departments for adults, especially women, who are relatively deprived of social activities and opportunities in our district. Sporting goods necessary for the sound execution of our project under the coordination of the Governor of Inebolu. We provided it with the support of the City of Inebolu, our institutions and organizations, charities and non-governmental organizations. In this way, we have provided students, sports facilities and schools with a variety of sporting goods worth 120,000 TL. The materials and equipment needed during the process will continue to be procured. We would like to thank and respect the valuable support and leadership you have given us, especially your personality, whenever you need it, regarding this project and everything we have told you so far. think. “
The National Institute for Educational Policy Director Telat Aktaş, who said that 150,000 TL of sporting goods will be distributed first within the framework of the project, said: At school sports competitions in the youth, junior and star categories. Of the 868 licensed athletes in our four sports clubs, 202 are actively participating in competitions in our district. The SportsFriendly וnebolu project began at school in 20222023 to increase the number of active licensed athletes and students participating in school sports by 50% in 20222023 and 100% in 20232024. .. , Directorate General of Public Education Center and Directorate General of Youth Sports District. One of our goals is to increase the number of courses opened and the number of beneficiaries of these courses by 50% each year. The activity is a festival in the form of performance and non-competitive, multifaceted play activities by planning physical activity and prioritizing participation in order to provide a training program that is the basis of the athletics and gymnastics department of the kindergarten. Organized in the environment. primary school. The activity will be collaborative with the team and will issue an athlete card to determine the number of schools and children participating in the project. To increase the level of physical activity and mobility of all Inebolu and contribute to the level of social and personal health. To contribute to increasing the number of licensed active athletes. Increase the number of people who will benefit from sporting opportunities and increase local and national sporting events. The aim is to develop sports volunteers and increase the number of volunteers. To increase interest in sports in all segments. Make both team and individual sports available to everyone. Training more successful athletes will be our goal. ”

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