In Eskisehir, the former mayor works in a coffee shop

Ümit Güven, 62, who was chairman of the city of Miharchik from 2009 to 2014, began working in the tea room opposite the city hall after his term ended.

Ümit Güven was elected mayor with a record number of votes in the March 29, 2009 election after working as a worker in the city of Miharchik in Eskisehir. After he served for five years, he was nominated again by the party in the next election.

Güven gave up his seat when he couldn’t get enough votes. Mr. Guven said that the bag law enacted in 2008 prevented him from receiving the pensions and compensations he deserved, and that he engaged in various jobs after he left the municipality. rice field.

Ümit Güven explained that he had retired from SSK but had to work as a tea maker at the age of 62 in his district because the salary he received was not enough to make a living.

“I did both loading coal and using trucks.”

Ümit Güven described his experience in the following expression:

“I was the mayor of the district from 2009 to 2014. I was nominated, won, and served as mayor for five years. I continued to live in the same district after my duties, but I retired from SSK. So I didn’t have enough salary. So, after finishing my job, I loaded coal and drove a truck next to a coal seller for two years.

At Eskisehir, the former mayor works at coffee shop # 1.

“My pension was 2,900 TL, but I can’t survive it.”

After that, I started working at a coffee shop of 60 lira a day. After the last hike, my pension was 2,900 lira, but it still doesn’t work. You can hardly make a living by working in a coffee shop. It’s not because I look down on working in a coffee shop or coffee shop, but because I need it. “

In Eskisehir, the former mayor works in a coffee shop.

“I served this municipality 24 hours a day, 5 years and 7 days.”

Expressing inequality among the mayors due to regulated law, Güven said many former mayors, such as himself, are at a disadvantage.

At Eskisehir, the former mayor works at coffee shop # 2.

Güven used the following statement, stating that he had worked in the municipality for years but could not be rewarded for his efforts:

“The” duties, obligations and representations “rewards received by those who served as mayors in the bag of law in 2008 were removed from the Constitution overnight. Those who served as mayors before 2008 are now receiving at least 7,000 lira salaries. But we are not taking advantage of that right. At Eskisehir, at least 7-8 mayors like me are victims. In Turkey, over 1,500 mayors are in great distress. I am 62 years old and distribute tea from store to store. I have been serving this municipality 24 hours a day, 7 days a week for 5 years, and I have no objection.

At Eskisehir, the former mayor works at coffee shop # 3.

“I want to benefit from rights like those who retired before 2008”

When I was the mayor of a municipality, once I made a mistake, I was tried by the judiciary and I could go inside. We take all responsibility for signing. We want to take advantage of our rights like those who retired before 2008. In the district of Kırıkkale, the former mayor works as a pump at a gas station. One of the mayor’s friends works in the car wash industry. The former mayor of Narihan is a bus driver. In other words, there are thousands of victims who have served as mayors like me. “

At Eskisehir, the former mayor works at coffee shop # 4.

“I had a normal reaction for the first time.”

When he started working at the teahouse, he said he had received strange reactions from people, and Guven said he tried to speak out to alleviate his dissatisfaction. trust, “We want to get rid of their complaints as soon as possible. There was a reaction at first. When I was working, most people said,” My president is no. ” They don’t know the situation. They expect us to get a salary of 8,000 lira after becoming mayor. And I said, “That’s not enough.” “ Said.

At Eskisehir, the former mayor works at coffee shop # 5.