In Antalya, the court canceled the mask penalty given to persons with disabilities


Last year, the court ruled that 96% of people with disabilities, Mustafa Kether, were not wearing masks while going to the pharmacy to put prescription drugs on their bikes.

Mustafa Kezah, the father of two children living in Kepes, Antalya, was paralyzed after a work-related accident at a construction site where he worked six years ago.

When the treatment was unsuccessful, Keser received 96% of the disability reports and started living at 743 lira a month and was assisted.

Kether was reportedly sentenced to eight months in prison for “intimidation and insult” in a case filed against him for the arguments he had.

The decision was not processed by the system

However, the Istanbul Forensic Institute reported that Kether was unable to stay in prison due to his health condition.


Keser’s decision to submit the report to the court was postponed. However, the deferral decision was not entered into the system.

Mustafa Keser set out with his wife on a three-wheeled disabled bike to get the prescribed medication last May, when the curfew was still in effect. The couple were stopped by police on Vatan Boulevard.

Police told him to get off the bike because he wanted it after confirming the identity of Kezah, who was exempt from the restrictions.

In Antalya, the court revoked the mask sentence given to the disabled ViDEO

The court revoked the mask sentence given to the disabled in Antalya # 1.

Fixed to the handlebar of the motorcycle

Showing the disability ID, Kezah said he couldn’t get up or down. Police then handcuffed Keeser to the handlebars of the bike and took the key from there.

Penalty for unmasking

Kether’s phone, which arrived at the courthouse by mobile phone, was removed from the system. Nevertheless, Mr. Kether, who had been handcuffed for some time, said police would fine him if he did not wear a mask.

Kezah’s wife, who said she had a mask on her face, took a picture of her husband, who was handcuffed and masked, on her cell phone.

The court revoked the mask sentence given to the disabled in Antalya # 2.

Complaints from the police

Keser was allowed to pass the checkpoint after being fined for a traffic violation of 26,98 lira to drive without a license. Kether and his wife went to the public prosecutor’s office and filed a complaint with the police.

Present photos as proof

The prosecution has launched an investigation into the two police officers.

Approximately six months after the incident, Kezer was notified that he had been fined 3,150 lira for not wearing a mask. Keser opposed the mask penalty, which allegedly was cut unfairly, by presenting the photo as evidence.

The court revoked the mask sentence given to the disabled in Antalya # 3.

Court removes penalties

Antalya 6th Magistrate’s Office, who examined the file, said that “not wearing a mask” is not one of the measures, prohibitions, and obligations that can be applied if you see or suspect one of the epidemic and infectious diseases. I am saying. General Hygiene Law No. 1593. It was decided that an administrative sanction could be made for “violence” and the fine of 3,150 lira would be lifted because the fine was not in compliance with the law.

“I can’t escape to the place already”

Mustafa Keser said police handcuffed him on his motorcycle, despite his lack of mobility. “I went to the pharmacy with my wife to buy the medicine I used last May. I have a severe disability and can’t walk. Because of this, we travel with a disabled vehicle. They asked for our ID and said I wasn’t wanted. So they used their power to handcuff me. I couldn’t run anywhere anyway. That day I was wearing a mask, but after 6-7 months I was fined for not wearing the mask. “ Said.

“Envelopes arrive every two months, but this situation makes me wrong.”

Keser said he was not in a position to pay the fine. “I objected to this in a photo taken at the scene that day. It was answered last week. The fine was revoked as a violation of the law. The Governor’s Office is also investigating the police. End this investigation as soon as possible. I want to receive an envelope every two months, which hurt me. ” He said.

The court revoked the mask sentence given to the disabled in Antalya # 4.

The court revoked the mask sentence given to the disabled in Antalya # 5.