In Ankara, the defendant’s DNA was detected in the victim’s underwear in a sexual assault case

The DNA of the accused Birgiri, who claimed he never touched Ç.B. ​​in a veterinary sexual assault against Ç.B., was found in women’s underwear.

Veterinary professor. Dr. Hasan Bilgili was detained in April 2019 on suspicion of sexual assault by a veterinarian Ç.B. ​​(23) who worked at his veterinary clinic when he was a faculty member at the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine, Ankara University. I was arrested. Prosecutor’s Office.

“Qualified sexual assault”, “deprivation of freedom by power and threat”, “threatening” and “insult”. An obstetrician and gynecologist who was taken by Ç.B. ​​after the incident. A proceeding was filed against Hüsey in Şenyurt for “destroying the evidence.”

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The defendant, who defended at the first trial in Ankara 31st High Criminal Court, did not accept the accusation.

In Ankara’s sexual assault case, the accused’s DNA was detected in the victim’s ViDEO underwear.

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“I learned he didn’t have a legacy.”

Defendant Hasan Bilgili used the following statement in his defense:

“I have never been sexually assaulted. I found out she had no virginity. I think he did something like this to hide it from me. I was the victim of the incident. was.”

“They drank drinks, slept on serum, and destroyed the evidence.”

Ç.B. stated that Birgili had sexually assaulted him after giving him alcohol. He claimed to have been forcibly taken and cleared evidence of sexual assault.

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A report obtained from Ankara City Hospital at the stage of the incident stated that the findings were of high quality in support of sexual assault.

However, the results of these findings were not included in the report received by the Ankara Institute for Forensic Medicine. At the hearing held in February 2020, Ç.B. The lawyer argued that the reason for the inconsistency between the reports was due to a blackout of evidence, and demanded that some of the evidence he said was not complete. After examining it before, send it to the Istanbul Forensic Institute for a report.

The court decided in this direction and the file was sent to the Istanbul Forensic Institute.

DNA sample returned to the victor’s underwear

The Department of Biology, Institute of Forensic Medicine, Istanbul has sent to the court a report prepared after reviewing the evidence.

Most of the reports were given to previously determined findings, but there was information that DNA samples belonging to the accused Birgiri were first detected in the victim’s underwear.

Ankara, Defendant's DNA Detected in Underwear for Victims of Sexual Assault # 3

In the report, “Mixed DNA profiles were obtained from the” D “and” H “encoded samples taken from the panties. It can belong to multiple individuals, at least one of whom is male. It was determined that the resulting mixed DNA profile contained the Ç.B. ​​and Hasan Bilgili DNA profiles. ” The statement was included.

“He said my spit was spit out.”

Ç.B. said the report was evidence that Hasan Birgili had committed sexual assault and stated that:

“Birgiri claimed he had never been repeatedly sexually assaulted. For a DNA sample previously detected in my jersey, he said,” My saliva splattered. ” I’m very curious about what you say about the DNA that comes out of my underwear. “

“I can’t do my profession for three years”

Ç.B. filed a proceeding after complaining to the police for not collecting evidence at the clinic after the incident continued, and against doctors and forensic experts who complained because they prepared. Report without thoroughly examining the evidence stating that the proceedings were filed. “Because of these, I couldn’t continue my normal life for three years. Only if this man was arrested and imprisoned, he would be relieved for me. This case has been going on for three years because it’s darkened. I couldn’t work for three years. Instead of working in the clinic, I dare not pass by. That’s why I took the civil service screening exam. I want to work in a public institution, but I think it’s safer to appoint. ” Said.

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“Our hands are too long, they said you can’t prove anything.”

Ç.B. also claimed that the defendant kept quiet after the incident and threatened not to tell anyone about the incident. “They don’t worry about it to me, our hands are too long, you told me you can’t prove anything. The case has been going on for three years because they did what they said. Two more proceedings were filed after our complaint because police, doctors and forensic experts blacked out the evidence. “

I locked the door from the inside

Meanwhile, that night, the image of the accused on the camera at work appeared for the first time. In the footage, the accusated Hasan Birgili came to the clinic in the evening and was seen locking the door from the inside.

He threw a Ç.B. ​​cell phone into the hallway.

Birgiri entered and exited the kitchen area, where the victim said the incident had occurred, and about an hour later, he found his shadow reflected on the front door. The video also reflected that a cell phone belonging to Ç.B. ​​was thrown into the hallway and Birgiri left the room and picked up the phone.

Ankara, Defendant's DNA Detected in Victim's Underwear in Sexual Assault # 5

Displayed with mop and serum on hands

It is also worth noting that Birgili staggered to open the door to the accused Selkan Dharmaz, who came to the clinic about an hour later. Later, Dermaz, who appeared many times in the video, was seen entering the room where Ç.B. ​​was, with a mop and later serum.