Important statement from NATO Secretary-General Stoltenberg

Important statement from NATO Secretary-General Stoltenberg

Before tomorrow’s summit, Stoltenberg said, “We will support Ukraine against all threats. President Putin’s invasion of Ukraine is cruel. We will make new decisions at the summit. We are determined to do our best. But there is no conflict between NATO and Russia because of another goal, “it will cause far more slaughter and death,” he said.

“Authoritarians do not hesitate to carry out their wishes. Beijing has begun to support Russia on the issue of an independent state. In this regard, it provided serious disinformation. The alliance also began, he said, “India’s invasion should not be supported” by Putin’s equipment support to Russia, which is concerned about what China is offering.

In the question and answer section, “How does NATO react if there is a threat to a country like Estonia?” “We have doubled NATO’s presence in the Baltic countries, including Estonia. Increased both in scale. 40,000 soldiers are under NATO command. The US presence here has also increased. Ready. Allies to counter attacks as needed. Strengthening these Will be done tomorrow. “” We will be able to add new things to these decisions. We had to restructure our deterrence and defense plans. First of all, it will completely change the content. Chemistry. The dispute here on weapons. This would be a violation of international law and would have serious consequences. It is unacceptable in any way. ” I gave the answer.

“The use of Biden’s chemical weapons is a threat, he said. There are no signs that Putin is taking diplomacy seriously, while Zelensky is calling for NATO. If chemical weapons are used, Zelensky is NATO’s. How can we accept ignoring the call? “Stortemberg said,” What we have witnessed in Ukraine is a truly painful event. We are providing unprecedented support. This has been for many years. In addition to the support we have provided to Ukraine. We have been supporting Ukraine since 2014. Of course, we owe it. This resistance to them, at the same time, they have been from us for years. I got it, including tomorrow. “

“What can we do about chemicals? What do you think about the Kremlin support group’s move in the region?” He said, “Russia must stop its nuclear and cyber programs. NATO protects all allies. I’m ready. I’m saying there’s no winner in the nuclear war. “

“You said that weapons of mass destruction have serious consequences. What will you offer your leaders tomorrow?” Stortemberg said, “I look forward to discussing equipment assistance with our allies. Details I don’t think I’ve explained everything. I’ll talk tomorrow, but it’s useless to analyze. ” detail. We support and increase support. We observe the nuclear issue. But they say they use it to make excuses for themselves. “Maybe. Russia has used chemicals in the past. They were also mediators in Syria. I’m worried in the past, so tomorrow we’ll talk about how to help Ukraine and protect ourselves.” Said.

Belarus was ready to send troops, according to NATO and US authorities. How can we make a difference from this Ukraine and NATO? Ukraine was told it was a peacekeeping mission. When I went there in 2013, a Peace Corps was formed in Iraq. “What solution do you think this would be for a war on behalf of Ukraine?” Stortemberg said. “First, Belarus was a collaborator in this war. It created space for intruders and allowed it.” The message of the NATO alliance is that no troops will be sent to Ukraine, “he said. I did.