Implicit message from President Erdogan to raise the minimum wage: we will not crush citizens into inflation

President Recep Tayyip Erdogan issued a statement at a meeting of the Vice President and the State President from its inception to the present.

Prime Minister Erdogan stated that he had provided a great deal of energy support to the public, saying, “First, the measures and mechanisms we have taken have curbed exchange rate instability. We are the citizens. We turned our attention to policies to protect ourselves from highs. Living costs caused by rising exchange rates and fluctuations in global commodity prices. Increased salaries for civilians and workers, and energy subsidies. We have many until the end of the year. We have taken steps. Electricity, natural support gas and fuel are expected to reach 300 billion lira by the end of the year, “he said.

The recent price volatility caused by rising inflation has strengthened the claim that a new increase in the minimum wage will take place in the middle of the year. In this regard, Prime Minister Erdogan said, “We know that the most important issue and complaint of citizens is living expenses. It is our duty to prevent living expenses and not to inflate citizens. After all, Turkey is a country that does not hesitate to secure the lives and property of its people. It is a place where people working for investment, employment, production and export receive all kinds of support from the country. We used the phrase.

“Turkey is a country that prioritizes people’s work, bread and money to pay rent and livelihoods,” Erdogan said in an increase in social support programs. economic We will continue our policy in the future. Increase the effectiveness of your social support program. We continue to move towards our goals with a system that leaves no citizens behind without owners and hunger. ”

President ErdoganThe headlines for his remarks are:

“We say the AK party staff are changing as a relay race. From neighborhood and ballot box representatives to the brothers of the Governing Body, everyone you work with, and you are in your city or Have served the community. Race.

Each of my brothers in the AK Party family has a share, a role and a right in all of Turkey’s achievements and victories over the last two decades. Our party sees it as a whole that reveals all the accumulations of our civilization, history and nation. Leaving colors, motifs and lines in this photo will cause major imperfections. My words are directed to all my brothers and sisters who were responsible under the roof of our AK party. The 21st year of the AK Party will be left in August. Probably the largest civil society movement in the world, this party is your home. One will probably not wait for an invitation to protect, expand and strengthen his home. The most precious wealth of our country, its irreplaceable wealth, is here today. This valuable accumulation was gained by the time countries and nations allocated at great cost and expense. Being neither a party nor a country, you cannot turn your back on such treasures and fall into such a plague.

Serving a country is more than just a title, class, or position. We made Anatolia our hometown with Dervish, Ahishi and Abdal. We have won the national struggle with the efforts of citizens of all races and origins, men and women. And we have the understanding that there is no defense on the line, there is defense on the surface, and the surface is the whole country. Together we saved Turkey from the retreat of leadership and put cysts. Today we need to work with the same determination and strive for the critical times we are experiencing. You are a brand whose power and influence cannot be measured by fame or material value in your environment. I want you to recognize this brand value. I would like you to make full use of Turkey’s power, fame, environment, and opportunities inherited from children and grandchildren.

In particular, I would like you to do your best when you finish your active work and retreat to the corner where you can proudly say that you “played your role under all circumstances.” I invite you again to tighten your rank. As we celebrate the 100th anniversary of the Republic, I say we should raise the flag of struggle to reach our goals for 2023, protect our achievements with great effort and effort, and complete the great construction of Turkey. ..

As long as we maintain unity, solidarity, brotherhood, and solidarity within ourselves, there are no difficulties or unattainable victories that cannot be overcome or achieved by the departure of Allah. Each member of the AK Party family, especially you, has the knowledge, energy, ability and insight to remove all opposition to us. We will celebrate the election victory together in June 2023. Thank you for your efforts in this direction. My Lord is the helper of the righteous. At the Forum Metaverse Meeting today, we talked with party members, scholars and young people about future technology. Transitional generations like us have very important obligations. When the AK Party came to power, it realized that centuries-old neglect, infrastructure, and superstructure neglect were on its knees.

We quickly planned and proposed work and services that, in a short period of time, would triple and quintuple what was done throughout the Republican era. We hope to open Tokat Airport again this week. In addition to this, there was an uninterrupted attempt to cause confusion, destabilize and compromise security, which began in 2013. Thank god We have overcome them all. The global shock, along with the epidemic, has provided us with historic opportunities. Due to the difficult events we experienced, we faced the need to radically change our economic programs. We have implemented a new economic program that meets our needs. The epidemic-shaken world balance is at a time when it is being exacerbated by fierce conflicts such as the Ukrainian-Russian War after economic tensions.

With the crisis in Ukraine, our stars have begun to rise in the service sector such as finance and tourism. By taking full advantage of these opportunities, we fulfill our promise to make our country one of the 10 largest economies in the world. Hopefully, together, we will cross our arms, defeat the President, and work with the People’s Union of Parliament to take Turkey to the right place in 2023. The effort from us is from Allah. I hope my Lord will make our unity, unity and brotherhood forever until our last breath.

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