IMM’s response to the “Abdi Pecti Sports Complex” to the ministerial body


The Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality (IMM) has responded to the words of the Minister of Environment, Urbanization and Climate Change, Murat Krumm, regarding the Abdiipecti Sports Complex, which has been discontinued. In an IMM statement, “The long-standing practice of’do the rest, cover the rest’no longer exists in the city. All transactions that do not use IMM are left behind.”

The IMM has fined the contractor for the construction of the demolished and rebuilt Abdiipecti Sports Complex and the Ministry of Youth Sports, which belongs to the Ministry of Youth Sports, the owner of the construction, with a fine of approximately 150 million TL. Damaged the green space. With the approval of the president, the construction license was revoked and the construction was sealed.

Murat Krumm, Minister of Environment, Urbanization and Climate Change, said in a speech at the opening ceremony of the city of Umraniye yesterday:

“The Istanbul metropolitan area is about to stand up and stop construction. This is a hall built in place of the old one, which we call the” green space “and constitutes something else. But it has another problem. Here, 0054SK├░ is obliged on the land reserved for the new hall. They can’t do that and make excuses and quit their jobs. Also, our project has 14,000 square meters of green space, but they behave as if they were there. There is no green space at the moment, but the green space is making fun of our country. Indeed, we face sports where children and adolescents receive the best service. There are malicious people. There is a heartfelt will to oppose blocking the construction of the facility. We will not give up on them. No one can interfere with serving our country and youth. We dedicate this work to Turkish sports and athletes. To our youth, the beautiful children of Istanbul. We win with the permission of.

There is no institution and no one is better than the law

IMM responded to the ministry today in a written statement.

In a statement from 0054BB, it states:


“There is no system and no one is beyond the law. IMM uses the rights granted by Reconstruction Act No. 3194 and Rehabilitation Area Act No. 4779 to seal and illegally damage buildings that have damaged green spaces. Operated under a license that attempted to deploy and fined 150 million TL. He fully fulfilled his responsibilities. Rather than rule out the legitimacy of legal action, the issue was political. It is simply negligent to turn this into a controversy, especially in spite of the Zoned Law and the Rehabilitation Area Law responsible for the implementation of the ministry. The provisions of Zoned Law No. 3194 and Rehabilitation Area Law No. 4779 It is clear. The Ministry of Environment, Urbanization and Climate Change is in charge of enforcing these laws, and the minister is Murat Krumm himself.

I would like to remind you of this understanding, which is far from being appreciated and appreciated by those who meet the requirements of the rule of law. That is, if there is a rule of law, it binds everyone. Everyone, and all institutions, must obey and comply with it. No one is exempt from the penalties stipulated by law.

“Understanding metropolitan areas that do not know the president elected by people’s vote”

According to the law, the mayor of a metropolitan area approves a preliminary project in the renovation area. If you act with an understanding that does not recognize the president elected by the municipality or the people’s vote, the ministry of the responsible agency will not receive consent or approval as in this case. Such results appear when you act with the understanding that “I did it, I did it.”

There is a habit of starting construction without even considering approval

Despite IMM ownership in the area in question, starting construction without approval or opinion is unfortunately a new example of the now customary seizure of authority. The Minister also said that, within the legal framework since we took office, all kinds of investments are made for the general public, despite all the obstacles we have experienced. We are aware of how we have endeavored to open.

“The’I fit it on the cover’approach no longer has a place in this city.”

Creating an issue that can be immediately approved if it is in compliance with the law, only at the expense of the IMM, can only be explained in such an irresponsible manner. The long-standing practice of “I do it and cover the rest” is no longer in this city. All transactions that do not consider IMM are left behind. The IMM and its elected president have fully fulfilled and will continue to do so with the same determination that they have fully fulfilled all the powers and responsibilities given to him by law since the first day he took office. “

IMM is willing to assume all kinds of liability within the scope of the law to provide these and similar facilities to young people. “