“Immoral” offer from Russia to Ukrainian citizens! They did not offer other options.

Russia’s military operations in Ukraine continued on the 13th day, but the ceasefire decision made to evacuate civilians had been broken twice before. Russia has decided to make a temporary ceasefire in the humanitarian corridor for the third time, but this route has received a great deal of attention. According to the announced route, civilians can cross to Russia or Belarus. This Russian decision, which means “come to us or die,” was a big hit, but the Ukrainian side called it “totally immoral” …

Only two routes have been announced

Russia’s attempt to invade Ukraine continues on the 13th day, so yesterday a temporary ceasefire was declared for the evacuation of civilians. Russia, which has declared a ceasefire in the last two days, still fired at civilians trying to escape. In the ceasefire announced yesterday, the evacuation routes announced in the cities of Kyiv, Mariupol, Kharkov and Sumi went only to Russia and its ally, Belarus.

Surveillance by drone

Russia has also announced that it will monitor evacuation routes with drones and open an aerial corridor from Kyiv to Moscow for civilians.


“Completely illegal”

A spokesman for Ukrainian President Vlidimir Zelensky described Russia’s position as “totally immoral.” British European Minister James Cleverly said Russia’s remarks were “incredibly cynical.”


Mining route

The International Committee of the Red Cross has announced that people trying to escape from Mariupol, Ukraine using the humanitarian corridor have been stranded because the road they took has been mined. Russia has announced that a ceasefire has been declared at the request of French President Emmanuel Macron. However, France denied Macron’s claim that he demanded a ceasefire.


Over 1.7 million

After the Russian attack targeted settlements, the number of civilians leaving their homes is increasing rapidly. According to the United Nations, there are currently more than 1.7 million immigrants to neighboring countries, reaching 5 million. This is the largest wave of immigrants in Europe after World War II. Most immigrants are women and children. In Ukraine, where men between the ages of 18 and 60 are hired and forbidden to leave the country, women will have the most difficult experience on March 8.

Great danger for women

According to the United Nations, 500,000 cross-border people will give birth to children and 80,000 women will give birth in the next three months. On the other hand, the greatest dangers of waiting for women and girls to reach the border during the war are harassment, rape, and the international sex mafia. In Ukraine, where 54% of the population is made up of women, 60% of women have high school and college education, and their contribution to the workforce (47.4%) is about the same as men. But now, the war for those women has just begun.

From prostitute gangsters to women who promise free traps

A 27-year-old Ukrainian woman was fooled by a prostitution gang, promising free transportation, according to a report from the British Daily Mail. A Ukrainian woman said she was fooled by her friend who wanted to go to Poland and she took her to Warsaw for free. The young woman said her friend in a difficult situation accepted the transportation offer and said, “When I arrived in Warsaw, I asked my friend for money. She said she was borrowing money from him and paid. I said I had to. It by working. ”I used the phrase.

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