Immediately before | Ukraine on the 14th day

On the 14th day of the war between Russia and Ukraine, news of the conflict continues from this region. Poland’s plan to provide air power to Ukraine was rejected by Washington. Former Georgian Defense Minister Irakly Okruashvili came to Ukraine with other Georgian volunteers, although 27 people died a day in the siege of Kharkiv. This is what happened during the Ukrainian War.

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The eyes of the world have been watching news from Ukraine for weeks. The country’s conflict continued at full speed, but a very controversial decision came from the United States.

Negotiations that Poland would provide Ukraine with a MiG-29 jet to provide aviation assistance to Ukraine and in return sell the F-16 to Warsaw were not decisive.

Poland’s Foreign Minister Zbigniew Rau said his government was ready to immediately deploy all MiG-29 jets to the Ramstein Air Force Base for free and make them freely available to the US government.

Poland issued a green light to indirectly send planes to Ukraine via the United States, but the Pentagon declined the offer, stating that the plan was not “sustainable.”

“We will continue to discuss this issue and the difficult logistical challenges it poses with Poland and other NATO allies, but I don’t think Warsaw’s proposal is sustainable,” said Pentagon spokesman John Kirby. Said.

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Foreign Minister Victoria Nuland said Warsaw’s decision had not been previously discussed with Washington.

Nuland said the United States is planning to deploy a Patriot air defense system in Poland, and Turkey is taking “strong steps” by not allowing warships to pass under the Montreux Convention.

This is what happened in the Russian-Ukrainian war zone.

07.20 The Russian National Guard states that the situation at the Zaporizhia nuclear power plant is “fully controlled”.

06.36 Ukraine’s Deputy Interior Minister, Yehuchen Yen, has announced that foreigners coming to Ukraine to fight the occupation of Russia will be given citizenship.

06:00 Kyrylovska Tymoshenko, deputy chief of the Ukrainian general staff, said about 5,000 people had evacuated from Smy and 1,000 vehicles had left the city.

United Nations: Death of at least 474 civilians

05.57 The United Nations has announced that at least 474 civilians have been killed in Ukraine since the invasion of Russia began.

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“Most of the recorded civilian casualties resulted from the use of heavy guns and triple-barrel rocket systems, and the use of explosive weapons with a wide range of effects, including missiles and airstrikes,” the statement said.

05.49 Ukrainian official Sergey Bolvinov has announced that 27 people have died in Kharkov in one day. Borbinov said a total of 170 civilians, including five children, have been killed in the besieged city since the beginning of the Russian occupation.

Former minister participates in the war

04.10 Former Georgian Defense Minister Irakli Okruashvili came to Ukraine with other Georgian volunteers, according to a statement from the Ukrainian Ministry of Defense.

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“Oklashvili is in Ukraine with Georgian volunteers to support the fight against the Russian occupying forces,” the ministry said in a statement.

04.00 Russia sent heavy weapons by armored train from the Crimean Peninsula to the conflicting cities in southern Ukraine.

03.10 Russia launched a rocket attack on the military barracks of the Ukrainian city of Zitmir with military aircraft, but launched an air raid on the military base in Kharkiv and completely destroyed the military base.

02.40 Hungary has announced that it does not support the possibility of natural gas and oil sanctions against Russia.


02.05 Fitch downgraded Russia’s credit rating from “B” to “C”.

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Immediately before | Ukraine-The latest trends in the Russian war ... From veto rights from the United States to plans to change the fate of the war

02:00 Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky responded to the United Nations (UN), which did not use the term “war” against Russia’s attack on your country, and in his speech Zelensky talked about US oil Joe Biden. He said he thanked the President of the United States. Sanctions against Russia. “The United States has taken steps to significantly weaken the occupiers. I am personally grateful to US President Joe Biden for this decision,” he said.

01.55 NATO announced that Defense Minister will hold an extraordinary meeting on the latest developments in the war between Russia and Ukraine on March 16 through a video conference.

Restrictions on withdrawal of currency from Russia

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00.20 The Central Bank of Russia has announced that customers who find a foreign currency account can withdraw up to $ 10,000. In addition, banks are prohibited from selling foreign currency to citizens until further notice. According to a decision announced by the Central Bank of Russia, withdrawals will be paid in dollars regardless of which foreign currency customers the account has.

00.00 Coca-Cola said it would suspend its business in Russia.

23.58 In a statement on his social media account after the U.S. decision to ban the import of oil, natural gas and coal, Ukrainian President Volodimir Zelensky thanked U.S. President Joe Biden for: Said to. US market. We thank the United States and Joe Biden for their personal leadership. Encourage other countries and leaders to follow. “