Immediately before: Invoice decision from martyr’s family and EMRA over 65 years old

Martyr’s family, consumers over the age of 65, and consumers connected to the device can shut down the gas supply if the invoice for the subscription at their place of residence is not paid for at least three periods.

According to the information obtained, a series of new regulations will be implemented along with the natural gas market distribution and customer service regulations adopted by the Energy Market Regulatory Authority (EMRA). This regulation aims to strengthen consumer rights, provide payment facilities, improve the quality of customer service, and eliminate dissatisfaction through improved internal installation processes.

Therefore, customers who wish to pay the subscriber connection fee in installments can use the credit card in installments of the subscriber connection fee three or more times. Distribution companies can increase the number of installments.

Customers who wish to pay the subscriber guarantee fee in installments will be required to pay 6 or more installments in installments without interest.

Subscription invoices will be paid for at least three periods of the year to consumers over the age of 65, consumers at the address of an individual who lives permanently connected to the device in a way that lives. If not, the gas supply may be disrupted risks, martyrs’ families, combatants / veteran consumers with disabilities.

If you are requested to pay in installments for these consumers’ outstanding debts, the distribution company will pay in installments for 4 months.

To facilitate access to customer service centers for people with disabilities and those aged 65 and over, we prioritize distribution companies to make the necessary arrangements, access to call centers and meet their demands.

If you oppose a natural gas bill, you can take into account your electricity and water charges.

Distributors will establish a system on their website that allows customers to calculate estimated invoices and inquire about consumption for at least the last three years. The system is designed to allow consumers to update their mobile, fixed, and electronic contact information and billing notification settings.

To be accessible to consumers, the data used as the basis for billing must be published on internet sites over the last five years.

If consumers disagree with natural gas tariffs, they can be amended by taking into account the electricity and water tariffs during the period of the opposition.

The right to challenge the invoice until the invoice date has been extended in the customer’s favor and reorganized within one year from the date of notification. Therefore, consumers may use the right to challenge the invoice during this period.

If the claim is incomplete due to the distribution company’s own negligence, it cannot be calculated retroactively for more than one year.

Even if the invoice below a certain amount is not paid, the gas will not be shut off for 3 months.

If the customer is absent at the address, it is obligatory to inform the distribution company of the address of the transaction made regarding the meter and to notify the customer’s telephone registered in the system by short message.

The distributor will consider the consumer’s application and create a “Frequently Asked Questions” section on the website and a module that can calculate consumer invoices, security charges, and subscriber connection charges.

In addition, the gas supply will not be stopped unless the distribution company calculates the consumption based on the customer’s invoice more than three times the opening / closing price of the meter. However, if the invoice is not paid for 3 months, the service may be suspended by shutting off natural gas regardless of the amount.

If the connection applicant wishes to have a refund of the subscriber connection fee, the connection fee will be refunded by the distribution company within 5 business days unless the construction of the natural gas service line has started.

Edit meter read time

In addition, distribution companies can perform meter readings for home and heating consumers every two months from May 15th to October 15th, and the necessary information will be provided to consumers by the company making this application. Is regulated within the scope of the regulation.

On the other hand, if for some reason the meter reading time from the first read to the last read is shorter than the time specified by law, the invoice payment period will be at least 25 days and the meter reading time will be the first and last readings. After the period specified by law during the reading, the consumption will be paid in at least two equal installments.

If the Board deems it appropriate and with the consent of the consumer, the distributor may apply different readings, accruals and payment methods. Consumers will not be forced to use these methods and will be able to switch to a fixed monthly payment system for the customer making the request.

In addition, consumers applying for a natural gas connection can use remote communication tools to enter into distance contracts.

Interior installation insurance covers the manufacturing period and prevents customer dissatisfaction

In order to prevent troubles and dissatisfaction between the customer and the indoor installation company, we will post an internal installation sample contract and insurance contract including the minimum regulations set by the distribution company on the distribution company’s website.

The company doing the interior work must take responsibility for insurance before the interior work is approved by the distribution company. Insurance is required to cover the manufacturing period so that problems that may occur during the manufacture of the interior do not cause customer dissatisfaction.

If there is no change in the type, location, or capacity of the combustor when replacing the combustor device, the customer can change it without changing it by simply filling out the combustor device replacement form. To eliminate project, customer project drawing costs.

To inform consumers and reduce complaints, distributors need to set up a system on their website that allows consumers to follow the process of presenting, approving, and releasing gas. ..

Consumers prefer certified companies to work, and distribution companies publish performance ratings for these companies over the past six months to improve quality of service.