Immediately before: Galatasaray’s election decision from Drusung Ozbek! “I’m not a candidate”

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Sports service -Galatasaray has a lively time. Dursun Özbek, one of the expected names to be a candidate for an election in the yellow and red community, learned that he wasn’t thinking about taking part in the election while making a surprising decision.

Unexpectedly, Dursung Ozbek said he closed the door to the presidential candidate, saying, “I don’t think I’ll be a candidate at this time.”

ABDURRAH0054MALBAYRAK: CENGIZ wanted to send Terim, but I congratulated it

Abdullahim Albayrac, the second chairman of Galatasaray during President Mustafa Jengis, made an impressive statement about Fatih Terim. Albairac told Bayaz TV: “Fati’s teacher is the one who dedicated his life to Galatasaray. You can send him. My president Mustafa Jengiz wanted to send it many times, but I blocked it. This is an experience. There is no experienced person next to the president. The way Brak Elmas was sent was also wrong. Galatasaray is Fatitelim’s homeland, his hometown. He can come anytime. You can, “he said.

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Abdullahim Albayrac replied, “I still owe much to Galatasaray” as to whether he will join the new formation.

Trent reward 24 million TL

None of the yellow-red people currently nominated and considering aspiring to the task will work with Domènec Torrent, who was appointed after Fatih Terim.

In short, after Brak Elmas resigned without being released, Spanish engineers who couldn’t live up to their expectations would be cut off.

The option clause was not included in the torrent contract, so Spanish teachers will be paid € 1.5 million, or about 24 million TL, separately. However, payments to the tech team are not limited to torrents only. After Fatih Terim left, Burak Elmas and his management brought many names other than Trent.

Rewards for Sensitives and their assistants

Pasquale Sensibile has joined the technical team of the yellow and red teams as Sporting Director, Trent’s four Spanish assistants and Scout Chief. The Galatasaray Club has signed a 1.5 year contract with these names. In short, the new president and the administration will have to pay compensation to Sensibile and Trent’s assistants. The four assistants on the Torrent team will receive a monthly salary of € 60,000, Pasquale Sensibile € 35,000 and a Spanish scout € 5,000.

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In the case of separation, one year’s receivables for all names have to be paid, so the compensation cost for these names is around 750,000 euros.

3 months football payments will be suspended

Soccer player receipts in Galatasaray are attracting attention as another point to force their hands as soon as the new administration arrives. Elmas management spends a lot of time in yellow and red clubs paying players salaries, but players have a couple of months of accounts receivable. As a result, the Galatasaray soccer team’s payment delays, which cost € 48 million annually, will be resolved by the new management team. To settle the past debt of the Galatasaray football team, you will have to make a large payment of about 200 million TL at the end of the season.

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BONSERVIS installation is also on the line

The Yellow Reds also promoted the testimonials of players added to the team at the beginning of the season by spreading them over a long period of time. Victor Nelsson purchased for 7 million euros, Sicardau, Berkan Kutlu (4 million euros), Maltan (3.5 million euros), Sacha Boey (1.15 million euros), Barış Alper Yılmaz (9 million euros) who joined the team with a testimony of 6.5 million euros 21 million TL) The management of the club, Galatasaray, will have to pay the testimony fee in installments. This amount turned out to be a total of 5 million euros.