Immediately before: Besiktas Match Statement from President Galatasaray Braquelmas! “They made their first offer …”

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President Galatasaray’s Burak Elmas answered the questions of the Izmir Airport press on his return from Barcelona.

Elmas evaluated the match in Barcelona and said, “It was a very tough match. Congratulations to the players and technical staff. They had a very good fight. The opponents are a very strong team. This draw has expanded too much. Don’t .. This draw is worth it if you go around Istanbul. “You need to continue this discipline and deserve to reach the quarterfinals. It’s a great result to be able to fight this battle in front of the fans. Fans shouldn’t leave the team alone. Europe is a lane that Galatasaray attaches great importance to. Our founding purpose. Galatasaray showed this again. These scores are for Turkish football. It also contributes. Past cups if the Turkish team has the right to participate in Europe, the most important reason for this is Galatasaray’s success in Europe and the points it has collected. ” Said.

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“We didn’t meet Besiktas.”

President Galatasaray stated that there was a request to postpone the match against Besiktas, saying, “There are several factors in bad weather. First of all, it’s a question of whether our plane can land in Istanbul. Second, when it snows, you have to face serious field problems both in training and in your own field. We have lost the lawn for this reason in the past. Both Besiktas and Barcelona games Therefore, it is very important for Galatasaray to fight Barcelona in a smooth field. This offer was not from us. First, the TFF asked the club association. The president also asked. We presented it to the club. As Galatasaray, we made a clear statement. We have the idea of ​​postponing it so as not to ruin the field, prevent injuries and affect the beautiful game. He said he was looking forward to it. But, as I said, this is not a postponement of the match, but a matter of the country earning points. This is what we consider important. I don’t think we need to speculate too much about this issue. We received the necessary requests. We did not meet with Besiktas. We are discussing with TFF. They have already made the first offer. I don’t know what the Besiktas Club thinks about it. They will want to play in a better field and in better conditions. We are looking at the big picture. We are a small fight. I think it’s important to take a much bigger view of Turkish football in Europe, not in struggle or struggle. It doesn’t matter if the match is postponed. It’s a matter of national score. The point in Europe is Galatasaray is now the only representative, declining. We hope that Galatasaray will represent Europe in the best possible way here and earn points that will benefit other teams. “

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“I don’t know why this decision was made in a hurry.”

In touching on the referee’s decision, which has recently been the subject of debate, Elmas continued his words:

“There was a problem with the referee from the beginning. There was a problem with the transparency and criteria of the system, not the name. Some people wouldn’t continue the referee if they couldn’t explain the reason for the name without making this system work transparently. The same turmoil continues. This is already happening. If these issues weren’t resolved at the beginning of the season, he said it would be a season of turmoil. It’s really a season of turmoil. Why was the rest Will the referee stay? Why did he decide to leave the referee? What criteria were used to make the decision about the observer? I don’t know. I don’t know. The decision was made in the last 10 weeks. Serious. Speculation. Why did you decide so quickly? “I don’t know if it was done. I started late because the referee’s appointment was delayed in the U19 match. I know MHK is confused.”

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“Show of the power of some clubs …”

“Today, there are issues such as changes in referees assigned to matches in other clubs. This issue is transparent, not around the individual, without considering the team, within the TFF or from outside. We want it to be resolved without showing strength. This is the final decision. “We want change, but this is not change. We continue to be defenders of justice and Demanding changes in the system we want on behalf of all clubs .. Some clubs in Turkish football have recently needed to show that they are strong and putting pressure on it together. I see. “” All clubs and Turkish football need a strong system. Turkish football is the result of some clubs or some clubs coming here from time to time. We know that we can’t move our habits forward. “