Immediately before: Barcelona’s surprise match offer from President Besiktas Ahmet Nuru Sebi to Galatasaray! Derby controversy and Talisca’s words …

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Besiktas President Ahmet Nur Chebi issued a statement on the agenda of the black and white team.

Ahmet Null Sebi’s remarks are as follows:

TFF is our best board. We have to wait for the outcome of the decision. I understand that the results of this decision will be displayed within a few months. I hope the rest of the referees will continue to manage the current federation and clubs so they don’t get into trouble. It is incorrect to say that the entire TFF decision was wrong. I disagree with this for now. It’s too early to see the results. You need to look at them first.

There was no investigation into the referee who stayed at TFF and went out. This decision is a decision made by TFF and MHK. My request to include a young referee may have created such a perception, but this is not true. As TFF and Besiktas, we did not exchange views on the latest decisions. As Besiktas, we are not an institution that interferes with anyone’s rights or the law. We do good to ourselves and do not attribute the idea of ​​hurting others.

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Discussion of DERBI delays

The request to postpone the match was not from both Galatasaray and TFF. The current rules for postponing a soccer match are clear. It does not change depending on the weather conditions. If the field of view is available and the ball bounces off the ground, a match will take place. If the weather conditions prevent it, it will not be regenerated, otherwise it will be regenerated. The situation is very clear.

Galatasaray is not the only contributor to the country’s score. It is clear that the points earned when Besiktas was undefeated also contributed to Turkish football. If all you want to make the ball playable is our court available. You can play here if you want. They can play at the Olympic Stadium. They can also play Barcelona games. I think they can find and play in the field in Istanbul if they so desire. Therefore, I think there should be no delay.

Derby can be played anywhere. Galatasaray does not have to make excuses for the ground. The door to Galatasaray is open. Therefore, we do not accept procrastination. If the weather conditions are as stated in the rules, the match will be played. If you prefer, you can also play Barcelona games at Vodafone Park. It causes speculation. It is in the best interests of all to continue according to the rules.

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“I bring Talisca on my back”

We are ready to do everything that makes our fans happy. Our budget is clear. We are discussing the budget situation with Ceyhun Kazancı. If it fits our budget and he accepts it, I will carry Talisca on my back. Otherwise, I disagree with those who say why it didn’t happen. I want him to come. Exceeding your budget will hurt both players and clubs. Do you want Talisca to come? Of course we do, but the financial situation is clear.

“There are people who continue, those who have hurt Besiktas.”

“I said earlier that foreign referees could participate in the Derby match, but I didn’t think the Turkish referee had failed,” Sebi said. “Foreign referees can only participate in the Derby match.” Said. I didn’t. Due to their management in the past Derby accusing the Turkish referee of failure, I only in these special matches fans upset the referees, fans. , They can only happen in these special matches. I still agree. If possible, the Turkish referees should be young people. Those who have completed or continued their mission. It is clear that Besiktas does not exist, as some are still hurting Besiktas. Some are continuing and some are leaving, and some are still hurting Besiktas, as Besiktas. I’m not involved in things like that, find it. “May too. The federation is under pressure from the club due to poor management of the match. They were also looking for a solution. This is the solution they found as the best board. You need to respect the solution and wait for the result. I hope the results will be good for all of us. There are 6,000 referees. 20 people will come back and always go to the same place. This is not correct. ”

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“It’s not a situation that would hurt the club.”

“It’s time for elections. All of this is done by the opposition, but at this point,” Sebi said in the news that basketball team players would not be paid and foreign players would be released. Non-payment that damages the Besiktash club is unquestionable in the rights of the players of our basketball team. Players or athletes. There is no situation that harms the club. These news are completely malicious. We call on the community. We will pay on the day. “” Not on the same day, but we will pay within. Legal rights. No casualties. “

“I hope there is no pandemic next season.”

The decision that fans wouldn’t participate in the away game was correct because the pandemic never ended, Sebi said. “It was natural not to get infected with the coronavirus. The pandemic is not over yet. I hope there will be no pandemic next season when this season comes. Opportunity for all fans to hug the team in every match I want Galatasaray fans to come here. I want Besiktas fans to go. We chat in the club union. We have the utmost respect for each other. I have a love. But when I go out I see fans. They are also friends. But the same fans want to fight the president. Friends of Galatasaray, Besiktas, Fenerbach. Neighboring family I don’t think it’s right for everyone to fight between presidents. I was very happy to hear that there was no president, especially on the list made about referees at the last meeting. It has increased. “

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