Immediately before | An important summit between Lviv’s Chabshuol and Kreva: Make Turkey a Guarantee

“Our help in the field of humanitarianism will continue.”

Minister Chabshuol said the whole world saw the struggle between Ukraine and the Ukrainian people against this war, “We fully support Ukraine’s territorial integrity, independence and sovereignty. Support for Ukraine is our support. It is a natural result of principled policies, alliances and strategies. Friendship. Especially humanitarian. “Our support in this area will continue. Ukraine has shown a principled attitude in this process from the beginning. As a country that interacts with both countries, we have worked diligently to stop the war, “he said.
Minister Chabshuol emphasized the evacuation of most of the Turkish people during this difficult time and said he received a great deal of support from the Ukrainian government.

Minister Chabshuol said Turkey is open to the Crimean Tatars and Ukrainians in difficult situations.

“Our hope is the end of the war.”

Regarding the evacuation of Turkish citizens staying in Mariupol, Minister Chabshuol said:

“Today, our biggest challenge is to indiscriminately evacuate civilians and innocent civilians living in the Mariupol region as the fighting continues in the Mariupol region. Our hope is to first in Mariupol. Establishing an emergency humanitarian ceasefire and then ending all wars. Establishing a permanent ceasefire with Ukraine. “We are pleased to bring Kleba and Labrov together again in Antalia, in line with our efforts. However, the meeting place at the leader level must be prepared as soon as possible. We will host such a meeting at the leader level as soon as possible. “We already want to host it. Stated.”

Attraction message from ministar ÇAVUŞOĞLU

Within the framework of visits to Russia and Ukraine, Minister Chabshuol said, “It would be difficult to say decisive things about the war within the framework of two visits, but expectations for a ceasefire are rising.” rice field.

Thanks to Turkey for the Antalya conference

Cleva said a week ago that Minister Chabshuol was able to bring Ukraine and Russia’s foreign ministers to the table and do work that foreign ministers of other countries could not.
Kreva referred to Turkey’s efforts to mediate between Ukraine and Russia and said he shared the results of a meeting held in Moscow by Minister Chabshuol.

Russia and Ukraine have no problem with the meeting

President Kleba pointed out that he had agreed to hold a presidential meeting between Russia and Ukraine, and understood well that the war should end and that all important issues should be personally discussed with Russian President Vladimir Putin. Said that.
Mr. Kleba noted that he also touched on the bilateral relations between Turkey and Ukraine during the meeting, “Thanks to Mr. Mevrut Chabshuol, who has made important decisions since the start of the Russian attack. There is no need to wage war. ” According to Russia against Ukraine. There is. “

Text requested by Russia

When asked about the 15-item text of the memorandum published in foreign media, Ukrainian Foreign Minister Dmytro Kuleba said the text published in the Financial Times was about what Russia wanted. Interpreted as an article accepted by Ukraine. “Security and its subject matter are the most important and important issues. Before the war began, Ukraine took the lead in organizing the conference with the participation of the permanent members of the UN Security Council and Turkey. And Germany. We want to see Turkey among the countries we want to be secure in. “
Turkey emphasized that it is a country with great authority to ensure the stability of the Black Sea region, and Kreva emphasized that Ukraine needs a multilateral agreement.

Russia accepts P5 + Turkey and Germany offers

With his contact in Moscow on the UN Security Council permanent members and Ukraine’s offer to Turkey and Germany, he does not disagree with this and they can accept such offer. Said he saw.

We would like to host a conference between Putin and Zelensky

“Mr. Zelensky said he would like to meet Putin in Turkey,” said Minister Chabshuol, explaining that two leaders could meet if there was a basis for an agreement on what they consider to be a reconciliation. I said yesterday in Moscow in contact with him. I am happy to host it. “

Mariupol’s offer from ÇAVUŞOĞLU!

It is difficult to estimate the meeting between Zelensky and Putin, and Russia will set the date, and Minister Chabshuol said of the opening of humanitarian aid and evacuation corridors in Mariupol:

“A proposal for a humanitarian ceasefire and the opening of a corridor for at least 24 hours in Mariupol was made by Kreva at a meeting in Antalya. I also strongly supported this proposal. Unfortunately, it is possible to achieve this to this day. Couldn’t. “We are in contact with both sides. The Russian side wants to expel people and Ukraine is preventing it. They are ready for this situation in Ukraine. We are here with the International Organization, the Red Cross Organization, the Turkish Red Moon, “and the UN humanitarian organization OCHA. We have evacuated about 15,000 citizens, now more than 100 in Mariupol. There are citizens. “

Ukraine is ready to cooperate in Mariupol

Minister Chabshuol said Kreva told him that Ukraine was ready to cooperate on evacuation in Mariupol.

Clever: “Today Mariupol is one of the scariest places in the world.”

Meanwhile, Kleber said he helped evacuate Mariupol, but the problem had nothing to do with the Ukrainian side. “I was briefed on how to fight brutal. Today, Mariupol’s has become one of the most terrifying places in the world, and everyone needs to work to stop the Russian attack.”