Immediate statement from President Erdogan

Statement by President Erdogan and the Prime Minister of the Netherlands

The highlights of the remarks of President Erdogan and Dutch Prime Minister Rutte who visited Turkey are as follows.

“I explained to Prime Minister Rutte about Turkey’s efforts between Ukraine and Russia. We will meet at the NATO summit in Brussels on Thursday. Turkey has taken a clear stance from the beginning of the crisis. Made a common call. Senses and Dialogue We noted the need to relieve tensions and open up space for diplomacy.

Ukrainian humanitarian dramas continue to grow. Thousands of civilians have died. More than 3 million people have fled their country and fled to neighboring countries. I keep in touch with Mr. Zelensky and Mr. Putin. My Foreign Minister has contacted Moscow and Lviv. We are aware of the difficulty of the condition. We continue to take a sincere initiative that sees diplomacy as the only way.

“Increase the moments we get together”

We have a common will to further develop our relations and dialogue with NATO’s ally, the Netherlands. A meeting will be held in Turkey in May as a mechanism for foreign ministers’ consultations. Our trading volume has reached $ 11 billion. In this way, we exceeded the $ 10 billion target we set for 2016. Well, we set a goal of $ 15 billion in the first place and then $ 20 billion. According to current statistics, the momentum we have achieved will continue to grow.

We agree with the Prime Minister to increase opportunities for cooperation from energy to the environment, infrastructure to technology, agriculture and food to finance. Green growth and green transformation are also priorities for our common challenges. An important bridge in our relationship is the human dimension. We attach great importance to maintaining the cultural identity of the Dutch Turkish community, prospering and participating in all aspects of life.

I believe that if Turkey is in the green category of the Dutch travel list, it can reach or even exceed pre-epidemic numbers. Recent global development has reintroduced the added value of Turkey’s EU member states. We hope that the EU will open a chapter on accession negotiations and start negotiations on a customs union promptly. “

“We are our major partners”

Prime Minister Rutte, who spoke after President Erdogan, said:

“Thanks to the host for the reception in Ankara today and I am very pleased to be here. We have an important relationship with a history of over 400 years. We are an important partner. Trading volume is increasing. From 8 billion to 11 billion. Provisional target 15 billion, final target 20 There is plenty of room to work. There are 3000 Dutch companies operating in Turkey.

Our focus today was not just on bilateral economic relations. We focused on what was happening in the world. We are both NATO member countries and look forward to the NATO Summit.

Turkey is of great political and military importance to the alliance. This country is also an important partner for the EU. We also discussed the situation in Ukraine in detail. We both condemn the invasion of Russia. As President Erdogan said, this will have a major impact on the peace and stability of the region. Putin violates Ukraine’s sovereignty and territorial integrity, which is completely unacceptable. Violence is brutal and its victims include many innocent civilians.

“We accept more refugees than any other country in the world.”

Milepor bombardment. It has no purpose other than to terrorize the citizens there. We are talking about the three countries that border the Black Sea. Turkey plays an important role in this conflict. I am very pleased that President Erdogan has taken on this role. Thank you and your ministers. Turkey also meets the requirements of Montreux. Thank you for that too. Turkey is responsible and goes beyond that. During the Syrian crisis, Turkey accepted a large number of refugees. This was partly based on an agreement with Europe.

You accept more refugees than any other country in the world. I am looking forward to the NATO summit. Tonight’s talks have already deepened strong economic ties. Thank you for your initiative to end Russia’s invasion of Ukraine through negotiations. “

“We want Turkey to participate in sanctions, but we are also happy with our current leadership role.”

Rutte, who later returned to the floor, said:

“Turkey is doing everything it can. It plays a very important role. It is a country that has contact with both Putin and Zelensky. It publicly condemns Russia’s invasion. It is in both countries. It has a reputable role. It is a rare country that has open lines in both countries. Therefore, I would like to say that we are supporting Turkey on this road. Foreign Minister Putin is taking the initiative in both countries. We will continue to support these efforts.

Bombardment, cluster munitions, and instructions to innocent victims continue. That is why sanctions continue to put pressure on Russia. At the same time, we continue to exert this pressure by supplying Ukraine with weapons and self-defense. At the same time, we will continue to provide humanitarian assistance. No-fly zones or NATO dispatched forces are not possible because they put us in direct open conflict.

Turkey applies UN sanctions. Turkey has a special location here due to its geographical location. Of course, because of his engagement in Syria. I would like Turkey to implement all sanctions and I am pleased that Turkey is currently playing a leading role. “

“NATO countries should be solidarity”

Erdogan, who took the last word after Rutte, used the following statement:

“If we are NATO members, we need to show solidarity when we are together. We need to be solidarity as NATO members, especially in measures for the defense industry. The world does not manufacture that product. Currently Russia-this was seen in the Ukrainian War. No one knows where or what will be seen in the future. It was seen in Libya and Azerbaijan. .. Our hope is to establish a world of peace. NATO is also a formation that plays its greatest role at this point.

This is currently being discussed and discussed (in response to a question about the mine being dragged from Odessa into the Black Sea). The Department of Defense has taken all precautions in this regard. Whatever you need, these are done, don’t worry … “