“I’m very proud of Mete”-TRTSpor

In a statement to AA correspondent on Father’s Day, Metin Gazoz talked about his achievements and his feelings during Mete’s childhood when he started archery.

Born in Sakariya in 1972, Metin Gazoz started archery in 1984. Gazoz, who has been involved in archery for nearly 40 years, has been promoted to his national team. Father Gazoz, a coach and manager, quit active sportsmanship in 2012.

Metin Gazoz, whose biggest dream is to represent Turkey as an athlete at the Olympics, was proud that his son was the best in the world, although he couldn’t achieve it himself.

Metin Gazoz said Mete was born in an archer family. “His mother also made a great contribution while raising Mete. He said,” I supported my father more than Mete. ” “I’ve been playing and coaching the national team for 14 to 15 years since I got married. Last time I raced four distances with Mete in 2012, when he told me,” Your son will come too. You stop shooting now. “They said. I was lovingly archery. “The boy is growing. Are you going to stand in front of him?” And agreed. After the 2012 European Champions Cup Grand Prix, I stopped shooting arrows and moved to the business management department. After finishing his work, Mete participated in the 2016 Rio Olympics and won a gold medal. He was crowned in Tokyo in 2020. ” He said.

Metin Gazoz stated that the great dedication of his family was effective in the success of Mete. “As a father, I want my child to be the best educated and happy to come to a good place in society. As his mother and father, our first goal is always to make Mete happy and smiling. It was to be. He always smiles and has a positive outlook on life. ” I used a phrase.

Gazoz describes his memories with his son as follows:

“I always wanted my child to be cheerful and proud. I wanted my child to be a country and a good son of the country. In the meantime, I had my ideals. There was. Going was my biggest dream. Towards the Olympics. The whole community knows this. In the year of the Olympic elections, I start throwing and stop coaching. Beijing 2008 The Olympic selection took place in 2007. I was unsuccessful. I was fourth on the team. I told my wife, “I still have an Olympic dream.” rice field. While we were talking, Mete said, “Daddy, I found a way for you to go to the Olympics.” He said. He was 7-8 years old at the time. When asked how I would go, he said, “Go to the Rio Olympics. My jersey will say’M. Gazoz’. You look at me. We both will see the Olympics. “Mete won the gold medal after seeing the Olympics twice, but still couldn’t go,” he said.

“I will see the Olympics someday”

Metin Gazoz, who couldn’t go to Rio 2016 and Tokyo 2020, where Metin participated, emphasized the need to support his son in front of the television for a variety of reasons, and continued:

“We had the right to go in 2016. I was planning to join the group as well, but our team psychologist told his report that our father-son bond was strong and my departure. Has written that it can have a negative impact. Until then, I was always discussing and working on the importance of psychology in archery. After years of saying that, I dreamed of myself. I dreamed. “We are fathers. We are watching our children on TV.” I said. We decided that a team psychologist should go. I couldn’t go again. Tokyo wasn’t destined, but I believe. You will see the Olympics someday. I hope Mete will win the championship again. “

“As a father, I am very proud of Mete.”

Metin Gazoz said his son’s achievements gave him indescribable emotions.

Gazoz said archers across the country will be proud of him again at every tournament. “As a father, I’m very proud of Mete. I think the only thing a family expects from a child is pride with the child. From crawling to getting up and walking, the child is successful. Feelings are great. Gifts that my father can give. Mete always gives us this feeling at the competitions he attends. “ Expressed his opinion.

Gazoz said his son could hardly meet in a year, but used the following statement:

“Mete training is very heavy. My son has 355 out of 365 days. Either camping, traveling or competition. There are 80-90 days of competition per year. The season is in April. It started. There is only Eid. It’s the gap in Al Adher, but we also camp there. Alone. I can meet him for 3 days. You can go to the hotel and have 2 cups of tea in the lobby. Usually. Talk on the phone. Distance doesn’t matter. It doesn’t matter after a strong distance relationship. Until the end of August, Mete is always in competition, trying to wave the flag and play the national anthem on behalf of the country. We are living a difficult life. We are away from us. Although we are sons, we endure. His success and the smile on his face in the finals make us happier. I will. “

While watching the final match of the 2020 Tokyo Olympics where my son won the gold medal on TV, my father Gazoz, at that moment, “The ground has moved. It’s a lie to say I won’t cry. I shed tears. I can’t express it in words.” He told me.

“Mete Gazoz is my son, but now he is the son of our country.” Metin Gazoz says, “I no longer introduce myself as Mete Gazoz. When there is a topic, when I have to introduce myself,’I am the father of Mete Gazoz’. Our people show great respect. There is great support. Our people and our country loved Mete. Mete, the son of Meral and Mete Gazoz, became proud of our country, Mete Gazoz. ” He concludes his speech.