“I’m looking forward to the season”-TRTSpor


Emre Mor, who joined the team from Fatih Karagümük with Fenerbahce, made a statement on the club’s television.

Moh said he was very proud to be here, “I was in a very big community. I’m in Fenerbahce. Last season I was already leveling up for the next season and I was planning to be on a better team. I think I was successful. I want to do it. I can succeed here and contribute to Fenerbahce. I am very happy to be here. “I am happy. I want to have a good season with my teammates. Great expectations from me. I know myself very well and am ready for it. I can’t wait to meet my fans in the Champions League and league games. looking forward to it. I’m waiting for that moment. Performance is high, and when you reach this performance at an early age, you may forget that you are doing what you love. I had a hard time since last season because of my mood and thoughts, but I went out. In those difficulties, I started the work I loved again. Hello i started i feel Again, I recognize that I do this work with love and passion. But this is true for all soccer players. It applies to everyone. Your comfort is a factor that has a positive impact on your performance. To be honest, I’m glad I was able to achieve this last year, but of course it’s a time consuming time. You can overcome this over time. For now, I think I’m ready to compete. I’m in a big community. Again, I’m ready to compete. I’m looking forward to the season. ” Said.

“Jorge Jesus is someone who takes his work seriously.”

Emre Mor, who said he was on the team for a few days, said “From the outside, Jorge Jesus’ temperament seems a bit harsh, but he also has a loving and compassionate side. He is a person who takes his work seriously. What he is doing Someone who knows what kind it is. “When I attend a meeting, we can say we’ve already learned a lot. He’s a good person. He’s an experienced coach. He’s I hope it works and benefits all of us. ” He said.

“I think we have the quality to win both the league and the Turkish Cup.”
A successful soccer player who also talks about goals “Of course, our goal is to be the champion of the league. We definitely have to win. As far as I can see, we have excellent players and experienced coaches. So I mean that. So positive feelings and thoughts. Speaking of the Champions League, the goal is to play a match. The match goes. You have to keep thinking about the next stage and move from match to match. Of course, you can. Right now, I don’t say anything like “winning the Champions League”, so I think it’s necessary to advance the match for each match. We can say that we have a good team, so we win both the league and the Turkish Cup. “ I used an expression.


“Volcan Hoja said he would go to Fenerbahce at the end of the season.”

Mentioning Volkan Demirel, who was a teacher when he was at Fatih Karagümük, the 24-year-old soccer player said: “At the first meeting with Volcan Hoka, he said I would go to Fenerbahce at the end of the season. This is our plan and what we have discussed. He is in this direction. He helped me incredibly. He said very good things about me. We have a very good relationship with Volcan Hoka. We have a good relationship. Know him. I’m really happy. He’s a very nice person. ” He said.