I’m in touch with Zelensky and Putin

President of AKP Recep Tayyip ErdoganPrime Minister of the Netherlands Mark Rutte A joint press conference was held after tete-a-tete and the Mutual Delegation Meeting.

Regarding the war between Russia and Ukraine, Prime Minister Erdogan said:To end this trend as soon as possible, we are doing heavy diplomatic traffic. I am in contact with Zelensky and Putin. We strive for peace.We believe diplomacy is the only solution” Said.

Meanwhile, Rutte said,Turkey is an important partner for the EU“I said, Rutte, a Dutch journalist, said,”Turkey does not impose sanctions on Russia“He replied.

Heading of Prime Minister Erdogan’s remarks:

  • As Turkey, we have taken a clear stance since the beginning of the crisis in Ukraine. We sought common sense. Unfortunately, the humanitarian drama there continues to grow. To put an end to this trend, we maintain heavy diplomatic traffic.
  • I continue to talk with Zelensky and Putin. We recognize the difficulties of the situation, but we continue to think that diplomacy is the only way.

Explanation from Erdogan at the Bogat Mine in the Black Sea

  • Our Foreign Minister met his counterpart in Lviv. We emphasized that we will do our best on the path to ceasefire and peace. We know that diplomacy is the only way.
  • The European Union hopes to begin accession negotiations and promptly begin negotiations for the renewal of the Customs Union without succumbing to malicious interest calculations.
  • (Mine drifting from the port of Odessa) This is currently under discussion. In this regard, the Department of Defense has taken all precautions. Whatever you need, these are also done. please do not worry.

Rutte said in a statement:

  • Turkey (NATO) is of great political and military importance to the alliance.
  • Turkey is an important partner for the EU.
  • We condemn the invasion of Russia. Putin violated Ukraine’s territorial integrity by invading his neighbor.

“Thanks to Turkey for implementing the Montro Treaty.”

Rutte continued:

  • We are a major economic partner. Transaction volume has increased from 8 billion to 11 billion. We have set an intermediate goal of $ 15 billion and a final goal of $ 20 billion. Our focus today was not just on our bilateral relations. We also focused on what is happening in the world. We are also cooperating at the multilateral level. Both countries are NATO member countries. Turkey is of great political and economic importance to the alliance.
  • We both condemn the invasion of Russia. As President Erdogan said, it will have a major impact on the peace and stability of the region. Bombardment in Mariupol has no purpose other than terrorizing civilians.
  • Turkey plays an important role in this conflict (negotiations between Russia and Ukraine). Thanks to Mr. Erdogan for taking on this role. We would like to say that we are supporting Turkey (in mediation), one of the rare countries that has open lines in two countries (Russia-Ukraine).
  • Thanks to Turkey for implementing the Montreux Convention. Turkey is doing more than enough for a solution.
  • You are already accepting more refugees in other countries around the world, and for that I would like to thank you. Our conversation tonight has further developed our relationship.

Rutte’s response to “Turkey cannot impose sanctions on Russia”

Dutch journalist,Turkey does not impose direct sanctions on Russia.How would you rate this??? Answer to the question:

  • Turkey applies UN sanctions. Of course, Turkey is in a special position because of its relationship with Syria. We want Turkey to take all sanctions, but of course we are pleased that Turkey plays its diplomatic role.