If you don’t want to cross the Canakkale Bridge, dive into the sea.

“If you don’t cross the bridge, you can dive into the sea and go,” MHP Chair Barseri said at a party group meeting in response to criticisms of the tolls on the Canakkale Bridge. In a statement, Bercheri, who also targeted the TTB, argued that the TTB should be closed.


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Nationalist Movement Party (MHP) Chair Devlet Bacheli evaluated the agenda at a group meeting of his party. In response to criticisms of the 1915 Canakkale Bridge, which opened on March 18, Bacheli said, “This bridge is a new expense for the country. If it does not meet its goals, it will make the country pay. You will cross the bridge as well. If you say you won’t cross the bridge, you’ll jump into the sea and swim. You can come. “

“The TTB president and his co-government are there. These are opponents of a few countries and states,” said Mr. Bercheri, repeating calls for closure in a statement from the Turkish Medical Association (TTB).

“The state’s sovereignty has been well demonstrated. We congratulate the police and kiss the clean forehead of police officers working in Adana,” said Bacheli, who also accepted the harsh police response to the actions of the Adana Muslim Fulcan Foundation. Stated.

The location of “DEMSTRUCT RTAŞ” is behind the fence

In his speech, Baserri targeted a statement by Republican People’s Party (CHP) Deputy Izmir Tuncay Ozkan about former Democratic Party for the People (HDP) Co-Chair Serahattin Demirtash. “Calling the terrorist Demirtash a’peace man’and saying he will attend Congress in the next few days is a confusing and depressed delusion. Calling a terrorist a person is a betrayal of peace is a betrayal of peace. The location of the terrorists is behind the bar, not the parliament. “

The highlights of Bahçeli’s remarks are:

“Despite the fact that semles fall into the sky, water and soil, the weather conditions of snow are known. Snowfall has a negative impact on normal life flow, but it will be fruitful in the coming months. It will be. This spring will be another beauty. Nevles For centuries it has symbolized the unity, health, peace and tranquility of Turkey’s geography. It is the name of the day gone by. It is rich. A symbol of fertility, friendship and brotherhood. Neverls is the name of the resurrection, justice, a step towards a new day.

We give heartfelt greetings to our dear citizens following our conference on national and international TV screens, social media and radio. As you know, we are exposed to snowy weather conditions as a country, but cemre is pouring into the air, water and soil. Snow has a negative effect, but the good news is that the next few months will be productive and fruitful. The year of snow is a year. The dam is full and our land is preparing for the Great Awakening. Yesterday I was excited to celebrate Nowruz Day on March 21st. HDP’s so-called Nowruz celebration was another fierce provocation scene this year. The Pirate Nevers program has been organized in many of our states, and separatists and illegal leftist organizations have once again fought and sought to cover up Turkey’s Spring Festival.

Response to transition charges for Canakkale Bridge

The purpose of the Canakkale Bridge in 1915 is to commemorate the victory of Canakkale, and the rotten heart claiming not to be Ataturk does not know Canakkale and shows neither Ataturk nor his love for Turkey. Their job is to accusate all their works.

We soon realized that those who were disturbed by the opening of the Canakkale Bridge in 1915 quickly abandoned themselves. Some people soon began to create discord. Some media outlets and people with mental illness with disabilities attacked by presenting tolls. They say this bridge is a new cost to the country. If the goal is not achieved, people will force them to pay. CHP also cast a lucrative blunder. You also cross the bridge. Is this the way your eyes are blinded and your mind is out of date? If you can’t say good things, shut up and let them think it’s a man. If you don’t want to cross the bridge, dive into the sea. Their true indigestion is the victory of Canakkale. They have tail pain and want to take revenge on Canakkale, but they never succeed as they did before.

“Where Melant is, there is the Turkish Medical Association.”

They cannot prevent the rise of Turkey. They will not be able to put stones in front of us. All members of our country and the profession that serves the country have a place above our heads, and this is indisputable. No one can be prejudiced. Our standards, our standards, our understanding are very clear. Those who hate Turkey are our opposition. People who support betrayal, praise terrorist organizations, and talk about human rights are rootless. Blinding the traitor is a partnership of sin. A separatist organization called the Turkish Medical Association cannot represent Turkish doctors.

A separatist organization called the Turkish Medical Association cannot represent a prestigious and patriotic Turkish doctor. In the 1970s, one of our colleagues was rushed to Hajettepe. It was a difficult and difficult year, and the coffins of the martyrs continued to each other. Several doctors who learned that our injured brother was an idealist said, “I can’t see this fascist,” as it was yesterday.

Our doctor is the main source of healing. We have no words for Turkish doctors who deserve love and respect. But wherever there is a curse, President TTB and his co-owners are there. These are opponents of a handful of countries and states. These are the people who support the PKK and follow the HDP. Calling them doctors and silence when the name “Turkish” is found by the head of the medical association is the most terrifying crisis for Turks and medicine. Our legitimate criticism of the TTB is about three to five Turkish enemies who have collapsed into this organization. I’m talking openly. The TTB should be closed completely.

Apart from these, doctors should not be fooled by our words and should not be offended. We are saddened that the sergeant was abused in the hospital Mula. We face violence against health care workers, but we also face attacks and harassment of soldiers to the end. We accept, without preconditions, a bill submitted to TGNA and referred to relevant committees that proposes amendments to the law to end health violence.

Russia-Ukraine War

One of the priority topics is that peace and stability gain institutional aspects. Our presidency, telephone diplomacy, continues to enhance our country’s appeal and at the same time keep its desire for peace alive. The succession of Foreign Ministers’ visits was highly praised and accelerated the quest for peace. A statement by the President of Ukraine that he is ready for negotiations turned attention to Putin. The Foreign Minister’s statement shows that the positions of Russia and Ukraine have converged.

It is our expectation and hope that Putin will reach his senses. Turkey is very dangerous if the Ukrainian mine cable is broken and can reach the strait. Preparation and vigilance are essential. The struggle for mutual information is intensifying. From much experience, it is known that the winner of war is not the loser of peace. It’s time to close the gun.


The Fercan Foundation flooded the glass. The so-called Foundation’s crazy presidential aggression, sneaky insults, and assassinations of sneaky fame against the Minister of Interior, even at our feet, are ineffective in our eyes. Prestigious Turkish police intervened in time for the illegal activities of these religious merchants, accurately demonstrating national sovereignty. Mr. Süleyman Soil was as noble as his name and did his duty properly. Turkish police have fulfilled their duty, I congratulate our police and kiss the clean forehead of our police officers working in Adana. “

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