If you don’t take action today, there’s something new on July 15th in the future.

Wall -MHP Chair Devlet Bahçeli issued a statement at a group meeting of his party.

The highlights of Bahçeli’s statement to the Turkish Medical Association (TTB) are:

Attach the handle to all the work done: Yesterday I was excited to celebrate Nowruz Day on March 21st. HDP’s so-called Nowruz celebration was another fierce provocation scene this year. The Pirate Nevers program has been organized in many of our states, and separatists and illegal leftist organizations have once again fought and sought to cover up Turkey’s Spring Festival. The purpose of the Canakkale Bridge in 1915 is to commemorate the victory of Canakkale, a rotten heart that claims to be unaware of Canakkale and Ataturk, not of Ataturk, and show no love for Turkey. Their job is to accusate all their works. We soon realized that those who were disturbed by the opening of the Canakkale Bridge in 1915 quickly abandoned themselves. Some people soon began to create discord. Some media outlets and people with mental illness with disabilities attacked by presenting tolls. They say this bridge is a new cost to the country. If the goal is not achieved, people will force them to pay. CHP also cast a lucrative blunder. You also cross the bridge. Is this the way your eyes are blinded and your mind is out of date? If you can’t say good things, shut up and let them think it’s a man. If you don’t want to cross the bridge, dive into the sea. Their true indigestion is the victory of Canakkale. They have tail pain and want to take revenge on Canakkale, but they never succeed as they did before.

TTB needs to be completely closed: They cannot prevent the rise of Turkey. They will not be able to put stones in front of us. All members of our country and the profession that serves the country have a place above our heads, and this is indisputable. No one can be prejudiced. Our standards, our standards, our understanding are very clear. Those who hate Turkey are our opposition. People who support betrayal, praise terrorist organizations, and talk about human rights are rootless. Blinding the traitor is a partnership of sin. A separatist organization called the Turkish Medical Association cannot represent Turkish doctors. A separatist organization called the Turkish Medical Association cannot represent a prestigious and patriotic Turkish doctor. In the 1970s, one of our colleagues was rushed to Hajettepe. It was a difficult and difficult year, and the coffins of the martyrs continued to each other. Several doctors who learned that our injured brothers were idealists said, “We can’t see this fascist,” we remember it like yesterday. .. Our doctor is the main source of healing. We have no words for Turkish doctors who deserve love and respect. But wherever there is a curse, President TTB and his co-owners are there. These are opponents of a handful of countries and states. These are the people who support the PKK and follow the HDP. Calling them doctors and silence about the name “Turkey”, the head of the medical association, is the most terrifying crisis for the Turks and medicine. Our legitimate criticism of the TTB is about three to five Turkish enemies who have collapsed into this organization. I openly call, TTB must be closed absolutely.

Healthy worker: Apart from these, doctors should not be fooled by our words and should not be offended. We are saddened that the sergeant was abused in the hospital Mula. We face violence against health care workers, but we also face attacks and harassment of soldiers to the end. We accept, without preconditions, a bill submitted to TGNA and referred to relevant committees that proposes amendments to the law to end health violence.

Russia-Ukraine Voltage: One of the priority topics is that peace and stability gain institutional aspects. Our presidency, telephone diplomacy, continues to enhance our country’s appeal and at the same time keep its desire for peace alive. The succession of Foreign Ministers’ visits was highly praised and accelerated the quest for peace. A statement by the President of Ukraine that he is ready for negotiations turned attention to Putin. The Foreign Minister’s statement shows that the positions of Russia and Ukraine have converged.

SÜLEYMAN SOYLU is as noble as the name of his family: Hostility towards Turkey was evident, and an undesired scene was experienced as a result of the provocation of an organization called the Fulkan Foundation, which was closed by Decree No. 701. There are now a flood of so-called Foundation members who act against the law of conferences and demonstrations, praising the PKK when appropriate, praising FETO when appropriate, and bringing good luck to coup attempts when appropriate. Fercan means distinguishing between good and evil, good and evil, and good and evil. But in these, good and evil, good and evil are intertwined. Searching with candles does not find any sign of honesty and belief. Prestigious Turkish police have timely intervened in the illegal activities of these religious traffickers, the provocatives of these agents, and in our opinion, the sovereign character of the state is accurately demonstrated. The failure has not been granted or approved. The so-called Foundation’s crazy presidential aggression, sneaky insults, and assassinations of sneaky fame against the Minister of Interior, even at our feet, are ineffective in our eyes. Mr. Süleyman Soil is as noble as his name and he is doing his duty legitimately. Turkish police have fulfilled their obligations and have shown the Turkish state’s sanctions to a minority of minorities who wanted to clutter the streets, and to a few hypocrites who appeared to be Islamic. I sincerely congratulate all the police and kiss the clean foreheads of all the police officers working in Adana. These so-called Foundation administrators who use women and children as armor are also called cowards and sinners. All citizens of our conscience know more or less the well, the corner under the command of this so-called Foundation, which has no remnants of Muhammad’s morality and is incompatible with the spirit of Islam. If we do not take measures today, it is inevitable that July 15th will occur again in the future. Today, if we do not act sensitively and responsibly, and if we do not take precautions against non-Muslim, non-principle Muslims, the terrorist leader Gulen will be cut off. It never warns that the betrayal caravan will not be interrupted. .. Islam is a religion of peace and brotherhood. Anyone who keeps this spiritual truth is our crown. Abuses, mischievous sloths, and those looking for opportunities to turn our religion into commerce and superstitious goals must be retained to explain, leaving their enthusiasm in their crops. Must be. Treasoning the Republic of Turkey from the inside and waiting for caution to destroy the castle from the inside is a treason, a treason against the nation, and the price is to pay a lot of money to those who handle it. It will not be. (News Center)