If you bring someone like Pereira, you don’t need to change teachers.

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1-There are rumors that Valérien Ismael or Andriy Shevchenko will replace Besiktas coach Önder Karaveli. Are such changes really needed in black and white, and are these coaches the correct names?

UĞURMELEKE: All three did the same

I had the same opinion when all three teams changed coaches. The season was fresh. There were two or three targets in front of them. Falke is idle, Billich is idle, and Billich is idle. I think it wasn’t the right time to bring in a temporary coach. But for some reason, a large team made a similar decision. I’m a supporter of three elders who give technicians the best salaries. Anyone who suggests names such as Pinheiro or Ismael to Besiktas will not be aware of the size of the black and white club. Besiktas is a club that has been fascinated by better coaches throughout history. By the way, Pinheiro’s Estoril is behind teams like the Portuguese League’s Gilvisente and Guimaraes.

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GÜNTEKINONAY: Neither is the correct name

Shevchenko failed badly in Genova and was fired. Ismael has no success or continuity other than Rusk. He also doesn’t have a great team experience. I don’t think these two names are correct. Ondel Caravelli, on the other hand, cannot maximize the power of the team.

MEHMET ARSLAN: Needs change

Ondel Caravelli is a productive and respected technician. His presence and his rhetoric, unfamiliar with our football, added level and quality to the league. However, there are changes in Besiktas as needed. I think Besiktas needs a more tactical, this level of coach, and a more competitive coach. In fact, there is no doubt that Ceyhun Kazancı will make the right choice when choosing a coach.

2-Galatasaray seems to have returned to its original appearance after the match in Barcelona. They had no effect again at the remote Gaziantep. Do you think Trent’s 11th start and the choice of replacement for Gaziantep were appropriate?


It’s normal for Trent to play four games together in 11 days. You play Thursday-Monday-Thursday-Sunday, you can’t take this process with 12-13 men. You need more. So he tried to return full back and forward, but so far everything is natural. However, the details that bring about the end of Terim are also provided by torrents. Berkan-Taylan works for teams like Barça and Marseille who need the ball. If you have balls, they lose their meaning. The league needs another midfield model.

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MEHMET ARSLAN: MEASURE was a match in Barcelona

Galatasaray lost all claims in the league and the cup. So they were very enthusiastic about the Barcelona match. The Europa League match revealed Galatasaray’s true abilities. It’s not easy for him to return to the league after a tough match and to a league with no complaints left. Galatasaray experienced this difficulty. If Trent’s technical masculinity is questioned, this competition is not a means. I think it was a great success in the major match of Barcelona.

GÜNTEKIN Approval: Need to increase resistance

Torrent needed to do more rotation in such a difficult away game, take physically and mentally tired teams to the field and increase resistance. In particular, it was clear that the midfield did not survive and lost the duel. Also, Maltan was definitely not a player at this level and took too long.

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3-Everyone considers Ismail Kartal to be “temporary”, but the football played by the team and the stats seem to say something else. What do you think, should Cartal be the head of Fenerbahce forever?

UĞURMELEKE: The problem wasn’t triple defense

At the beginning of a topic that Pereira frequently discussed during work, Fenerbahce’s staff were deep and of high quality, and Portuguese coaches could not get the efficiency they needed from this group. The problem wasn’t triple defense, but Pereira’s belief that the formation was a scripture, regardless of the circumstances during the match, even if it was delayed 3-0 in 1980. He went. It was enough to be replaced only by Ismail Kartal, who loves football and his work and is not hostile to quality athletes. If you can bring it better, of course you should. However, if you bring a teacher to Pereira’s class, no changes are necessary.

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MEHMET ARSLAN: Management approach needs to be changed

I’ve said the same thing since the beginning of the season. Fenerbahce is the best team in the league in terms of staff quality. The team has moved away from the championship due to the man-made crisis of triple defense during the Pereira era, operations that undermine coaches’ credibility, and management mistakes. If Ismail Kartal is with another coach, Fenerbahce will be the number one candidate for next year’s championship if management does not repeat this season’s mistakes. President Ali Kochu must first implement this change. He; he should be the president who manages the crisis, not the producer of the crisis.

GÜNTEKINONAY: Who says “no” to this table?

Soccer played by Fenerbahce has a very clear starting point. This will be reflected in the score. Ismail Cartal has changed many things that weren’t right. From protests, empty stands, and impersonal football, Fenerbahce built the winner by winning, the joy of winning, oppressing the enemy, not playing a prisoner by even 10 people, and filling the stand. Who can say “no” to this picture?

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4-It was very controversial that Arda Gurel and Emilhan Ilkan were not called by the Ümit national team. “We need more in U17,” said Tolunay Kafkas. How accurate is this Caucasus approach?

MEHMET ARSLAN: Decisions must be respected

If I had a little more space, I would write longer. U17 or Hope nationals are not competitive teams. These teams exist to add players to the superstructure. That is the purpose and it works accordingly. However, we do not require the coaches of these teams to train their players, but they do require the success of the teams. So Hodja Tolunay does what he expects. You must respect his decision. My opinion is clear: these two players deserve to play at a higher level in their age group.

UĞURMELEKE: We are down at U21

It’s really an art to correctly evaluate a soccer player who became a star in the national team when he was young. For example, they have taken Enessari to the Romanian national team since 2006. However, Germany is also careful not to take soccer players who are not wearing U21 jerseys to the national team. We also attach great importance to the hierarchy there. At this point, I respect Tolunay Kafkas. U21 has no chance and is at the bottom of the group. We play elite rounds in U17 and U19. I want to go to the tournament. Of course, it would be better for these kids to go to the European Championship.

DAYTEKIN Approval: Make a Difference with U17

Torney Caucasus’s account of Arda Gurel and Emilhan Ilkan is satisfying. It makes sense if it is more important for them to play for competing teams and be successful. The Ümit national team has no more important goals in the short term. On the U-17 national team, these players make a big difference in the quality of their age group.

If you bring someone like Pereira, you don't need to change teachers.

5-The national team will play a historic match. There’s a lot of controversy, such as Kuntz inviting names like Berkan and Taylan, and not calling Deniz Undav and Ersin in this match. How did you find the staff?

UĞURMELEKE: Sinan hasn’t played for 1.5 months.

To be honest, I was a little prejudiced when Kuntz first took office. His resume seemed inadequate. I believed I could bring in a better coach to lead the Turkish national team. I can’t say that Kuntz “proved something” yet, but he is very diligent and ambitious. He sees all the soccer players on the spot and tours the stadium. It is impossible for him not to respect this determination. Invitations for Yunus, Umut and Doğukan are available. I think Dennis Undab should have been invited as well. For example, the Belgian national team immediately called Dennis’ partner Van Zeil. In addition, Si, who lost his jersey in Ghent, hasn’t played for a month and a half.
In my opinion, it would be more appropriate to invite Elsin instead of him.

MEHMET ARSLAN: Hope to be disappointed

If you ask 10 people from the street, they will say that they don’t think they will pass Portugal out of Portugal. My idea is also in this direction. Unfortunately, I have no hope. Yes, it’s the best part of football. Uncertainty of results. If there was only one match, there was more hope. But there are two rivals, not one. And two teams like camel teeth. I think it’s embarrassing. Hopefully I’m wrong. And that would be my worst mistake.

GÜNTE KINONAY: ERSIN must be in ÜM0054 TM 0054 LL ו

The team is surprised. In addition to Berkan Kutlu and Taylan Antalyar, who were highly criticized in Galatasaray, Sinan Bolat was called as an example. For Elsin Destanol … It’s more rational for him to sit behind them as a performance and third goalkeeper instead of Uglucan Chakul and Altay Bayındır, instead of Uglucan Chakul and Altay Bayındır. It will be the target. Dennis Undab has a good season, is she ready for this level? It’s also a question mark.

6-Trabzonspor could not prevent Rize’s historic return in a match played under the snow. They go to Derby after a break in an international match. Do you think the leader’s rhythm is low?

UĞURMELEKE: It must be different

Playing in these weather conditions is like any other sport. You need different plans with 11 different in this weather and this ground. It is played from more air, more collisions, more drifting balls. Under these circumstances, for example, Anthony Nuwakaeme disappeared. Bursaspor remembers using defensive Omer Erdoğs in the center forward to win matches in this weather during the season they were champions. Maybe this was a competition that needed such an interesting idea.

MEHMET ARSLAN: Don’t waste

If you declare your championship 8-9 weeks before the end of the season, it’s normal to experience low rhythms. Also, I don’t think Trabzonspor has a low rhythm. Rize Spo is a very successful and effective team. Don’t misunderstand where it is on the scoreboard. Without the misfortune of the referees they had experienced, they would have found a much higher place. Everyone should have achieved the same result for a team on the verge of demotion, not Trabzonspor.

GÜNTEKIN Approval: Fall is normal

As a leader with a big difference in points, I think it is natural that he will decline especially in away matches. Anthony Nwakaemé played the worst football of the season away from Rize Spor. This had a negative impact on the team’s offensive power. Trabzonspor is also looking for Marek Hamsík in the midfield and Vitor Hugo in the defense.