“If you beat Kasimpasha, you will participate in the race”-TRT Spor

Preparations continue for Yeni Malatyaspor, who will face Kasımpaşa in this week’s SporToto Super League. Players who continue to work under the control of Orduzu Nurettin Soykan Facilities coach Cihat Arslan want to maintain their hope of staying in the league by scoring 3 points from Kasimpasasa’s match playing on their field.

In response to a pre-training press member’s question, coach Cihat Arslan said he must do his best to stay in the league.

Altay said he played without Rahman Bugla, the player who ran the most in the rest of the Altay games. “He captured 13.5 kilometers against Adana Demirspor. He was our biggest drawback in the midfield against Altay due to internal and external domination.” Said.

Arslan said, reminding him to play Kasımpasa, the team that ran the most in the Super League this week. “During my coaching, Kasimpasah ran 125 km and broke the Turkish record. We will play against the Turkish team with the most sprints and runners. We need to give it a try.” I made a statement.

Looking at the Altai match, Arslan also said he thinks they were treated unfairly. “But this alone can’t explain football. Just connecting to the referee makes a mistake. As a coach, I also look at what the team can and cannot do. Some players are far below. Financial. Problems always occur, but of course I respect it. But the field is the same. We are a running team. In Altai games, the physical characteristics are 117-107 km. 10 km The score of the match has been decided. In the worst case, there is an injured player. The soccer player protests, but there is no protest in the training. It is already protested by not playing for 30 seconds. But the training is. Reflect you in the match and shape your future. We “do not compromise in training. Fight the people who come out. But after the cheating in the Altai match, the team guards I fell down. ” He said.

“We are late for the move”

Arslan also said he would go out to win the Kasımpasa match that he faces over the weekend. “We fight seriously. The artist says,” I’ve never experienced a spring like an autumn rose. I didn’t know how to love it for years, or I was late to love it. ” This is our problem. The team could have jumped if they had won the Altay match. “I have to fight. If I beat Kasimpasha, I’m still in the race. The source of the team’s morals is the idea that” I lost to Altai, everything is over. ” Nothing ends in soccer. Two years ago, delegation was abolished. As long as life lasts, our struggle will continue. ” He said.

Arslan also answered the questions of the press. “Where is the future of Turkish football going?” “We need self-sacrificing people who can experience the business and reveal their spirit to improve it. It may be more annoying for those who do not know the leaven of this business. No. Our institution must be more transparent Explain to the public why the referee was dismissed, and the other party also has the right of reply, which will be transparent. If you don’t calm yourself down and explain, everyone will think of a question mark. Federations, refereeing committees must be managed transparently and make fair decisions. Justice does not hurt anyone. Hmm. States and nations survive with justice. Institutions, too. “ I made a statement.