“If we are driven away, it’s my fault”-TRT Spor

Mehmet Sepil, who holds a majority stake in Goztepe, officially said goodbye to Süper Lig three weeks ago, and resigned from all duties, including the chairmanship, issued a statement. Meeting with media members at Gulsel Axel Stadium, Sepil answered a strange question.

Mehmet Sepil announced that he had quit his job in March, stating: “In fact, the pursuit of new fiction to manage Goztepe together goes back in time. Especially after the pandemic, I decided on a year. To be successful in Goztepe, we need to change management. I believed. It was necessary to change the roof and shape of the club. Again, Turkey. “I” I can’t take foreign investors to Turkey. I’m constantly losing money and being maliciously managed. No one wanted to invest in turkey, but Goztepe has a lot of appeal to foreign investors. We are a club of a joint securities company, not an association. We are not a club whose president is constantly changing. It’s a place where foreigners come. ”Clubs like us. We have very good fans. This is very important for foreign investors. There should be a lot of excitement on the stand. The match takes place in an empty stadium where you can listen to the players. No one in the world wants to be a club like this. “ He said.

“The most serious investor was Danes.”

Mehmet Sepil states that they manage Goztepe with a simple structure, saying: “We have met a lot of money from all over the world, different countries, Europe and America. These meetings are more professional and time consuming. The most advanced is Danish businessman Rasmus Anchor. It was Sen. They came to Turkey several times. They did a detailed investigation. No results. This is because we were delegated. The main problem is the Super League. It was a decline in profits in. I stay in this system. Foreigners did not participate 100%. I was saying. I was able to stay in the president for a year or two There are more partnerships. Turkey is theirs. There was talk of a system that manages other branches I manage, but that didn’t happen. Publishing that started at $ 500 million five years ago. Revenues fell to $ 150 million last year, funds lost interest in Turkey and Gestepe, and closely tracked what the bid results would be. Money given at TL, I’m on duty But the bid was confirmed. It failed. They are currently in talks with the current broadcaster and we are waiting for it to finish. “ He said.

“We would have been confused if I hadn’t left early.”

Mehmet Sepil said he decided to leave in November:

“It wasn’t easy for me. I made a statement in March. Colleagues also criticized me. They said it wasn’t right for me to make this decision when there was competition. At the end of this season, the ball will be kicked off in about three weeks. If he leaves at the end of the league, he will manage Goztepe three weeks later. A new restructuring was impossible. We are of change. The first league club has had the biggest blow to the super league team in the last couple of years. Foreign investors have withdrawn from this business. Two years later They re-bid. Life will be very difficult if the number of global markets doesn’t increase. If I didn’t decide to quit early, the club would have been more confused. Losing air, fire We tried everything to light this fire. We promised a very high premium by not falling. It didn’t work. Before the game of Goztepe I was one I was with the players and the technical team all week. Motivate the team together. I tried eating. No, I couldn’t get any results. I’m not here to plead guilty . ”

“Abramovich bubbles have appeared”

Explaining the process, Sepil said, “There was also interest from overseas, but I was mainly interested in Turkey. Abramovich bubbles appeared. It was first published in an English newspaper. They read the intent. Abramovich spent a long time in Turkey, but his goal was not to rob Goztepe. He was the mediator of the war between Russia and Ukraine. I have never met Abramovich. He has just waved his hand at a match in Chelsea, England. After that, balloons appeared in Turkey. They said, “Sepil is on good terms on Friday.” I was in America, 150 messages came. Everyone is asking about Abramovich. We made a statement immediately. Still, they didn’t believe it for two days. After that, I was interested in the dominance of Turkish companies. One day, when there is a candidate to be accepted, I will introduce it to the fans and sign the contract. I’m not dealing with anyone right now. Everyone wants a club. You need to figure out which is serious, which is in financial condition and which can do this job. If they intend to take over Goztepe, they will persuade me first. Then I have supporters, you will convince them too. Hand over Goztepe without debt. I have money to pay at the end of the season. There is a payment for remittance. I don’t want to borrow from a club. This is what I told potential investors: I don’t have a FIFA file, I stipulated payment. He says he will hand over Goztepe as a debt-free club. ” I used a phrase.

“I don’t regret the money I spent”

Sepil says he doesn’t care about the money that comes to him, “I can get back the interesting part of the money I spent. I don’t think I can afford the money I put in for eight years. I have never regretted spending this money. I regret having made this club. I’ve never done it. I’ve been indignant, but I don’t regret it. Someone came out and said, “I talked to Sepil.” Has already signed a nondisclosure agreement. There are no processes completed at this time, but there are processes that need to be completed immediately. There is a final Adana Demirspors match. The league ends on Saturday. We are very busy. “I need to do it fast. Looking at the situation in Turkish football, I have to believe that he will take my top priority, Goztepe, seriously. Handle the financial work and make 2. Criteria that can be-I need a three-year plan. I’m thinking of transferring football. I want to run another branch. “ He said.

“My only wish was infrastructure.”

Sepil said he didn’t want to think about the possibility of a non-revolution. “My standards are high. There is a takeover. I call the board for a meeting. I’m not pessimistic about it. I’m certainly not going to stay in football.” I made his comment.

Continuing his words, Sepil said, “I was president for eight years. Of course, I sometimes say’I wanted to do it.’The best. The important thing was the Gulsel Axel Stadium, because I didn’t want a stadium in the city. Although I had lost a very important training ground, I realized that suburban stadiums are not wise because the stadiums outside the city are so important to the team spirit. Many presidents and foreigners , “Your stadium is the most beautiful. Unfortunately, the infrastructure was not possible. While the municipality was building the infrastructure, while the public agency was building it, it was not possible in Izmir. It started in Torvali. It’s a project. I couldn’t. The most important thing I can say is that you can’t build infrastructure on the land of the Torval Punker. Your new friends will be completely open. Negotiate with the municipality and buy the land. Another wish is not to have a gym. I did my best to install. It was sad to be in the first league, not the super league. “ I used his words.

“They called me meaning”

“The person who gives money from his pocket as much as I do in Turkey is by far Ali Koç.” Mehmet Sepil says, “They mean me, it was fun. Why do I need to express myself? Unfortunately, this is the situation in Izmir. In order for the football team to survive in Izmir, it is debt-free. There must be a team. Someone outside must give money. To the club in Izmir. Of course, the owner of Goztepe. “I’m a fan. We are passengers and innkeepers. That was the case during my term, and so would new friends. Is it the opposite one day? They may not like my actions. Our management style may not be preferred. “We are not alone. We send many players like this.” Said.

“I’m not going to be the president of TFF.”

Explaining that football should be made from scratch in Turkey, Sepil used the following statement:

“Turkish Football Federation, Club Association Foundation needs to be rebuilt. Sports law is very positive. My top priority is Goztepe. I am not going to be the president of TFF.”

“If we are driven away, it’s my fault.”

Sepil stated he was responsible for the demotion of the team and concluded his words:

“If the team collapses, it means we did something wrong. I’m responsible. The most important parameter that discourages us is caused by the player’s choice, the pandemic. Combined, bad referee management, whether it’s a fan or not The person who responded to Belkan in the first match has many parameters like Robin Hood. We’re fighting. For the last two years, I’m Did not spend Göztepe’s time for work. But there is always an unhappy society before. I change the seasons with campaigns. I don’t think it’s right to come to the stand unnoticed. What would my job be if I couldn’t combine what I had with my life expectations? I’m waiting for a leftback of 500 Are 1,000 euros. Five years ago the pool was robbed of $ 12 million. But this season I’ve been robbed of $ 3 million. I’ve been ridiculed. You can choose the wrong player. But if you look in the mirror, everyone should see you. I cried when both Okan Burg and Ilhan Palt left. The guys left to protect me. I made a casting mistake. Especially the casting I bought this year. Bookmark I made a mistake. It’s easy to say. Is the price of this burdening the player from day one? Okan Burg left us. He made Akhisarspor the cup champion. 0054lhan Paulut’s success Obvious. Did you send these? Soccer is over. ”