If it rains, it will rain, it’s already wet

The date was for 2010, but lyrical expressions were also found …
“This is a road story! It’s like a poem that’s been written and abandoned for 26 years and can’t be rhymed to complete … It’s always said” this time it’s over “, but it’s left unfinished every time. Road story time … “
Written by Erdal Hoş and sung by Celal Eyinç, these lines summarize Trabzonspor’s experience to date. The next 11 years were actually the “déjà vu” of the last 26 years …
Well, it wouldn’t rhyme at all, The story is always Will it be thrown away?
Was it the expected future or was it the future? Be expected?

And one day …
The weather will be dark again and the sea will be unstable again.Of the city Rain that never gets tired of getting the land wet again It was raining heavily.

Someone came to the town alone. Every time I pass through a person who wants “next time”, a person who gets wet regardless of the rain asks “Is this happening this time?” They worriedly approached him and muttered in his ears …
“If it rains, it will rain, we are already wet …”

The next day, the sun was out. He summarized his arrival under the deep blue sky in one sentence … “Rough sea, not calm sea I chose. “ The ship carrying the chairman, management, community, teachers, technical teams and soccer players took off from the harbor saying “Vira Bismillah”.
The sound of the waves … the fog on the plateau … The secret of the forest … Kemenche’s words …
The story of the elderly … The passion of the youth brought Trabzonspor to the championship.
This story didn’t last long. You have reached Vuslat.
But the real journey begins now.
To the “west” and then to the “west”!

Geography is not fate
An ancient city that has hosted civilization. Trabzon … The land of the prince, who was born the world’s sultan, Kanuni Sultan Suleiman, and was conquered by Fatty Sultan Mehmet, with Yaves Sultan Selim as governor. The land of a servant who was visited three times by the founder of our republic, Gazimstafa Kemal Ataturk, and was called a “hero”. An open-air laboratory where the most cultural and artistic people in Turkey are trained … The hometown of national athlete Süleyman Rıza Swan, who wrote the first football book in Anatolia. In 1967, the team was founded in the city and success stories were created in clubs such as 0054dmanyurdu, 0054dmanocağı, Martıspor, Karadenizgücü, וdmangücü, Necmiati and Yolspor, where football dates back to the 1900s. Trabzon’s Bedri Eyü poğlu In his poem “in the lamp Enlightenment like a lamp Release.. He flipped the phrase “geography is destiny”. It blew like Ali Kemal, blew like a “storm”, became a semil, and shattered and passed like a “dozer”. Sometimes it was Shenor, he was born like the “sun”, sometimes he became Kadir, but he “cherished”! In Jiabay In a one-story building Start an organization, Before the revolution It became a legend. It was a plane tree, its roots in Trabzon, and its branches spread all over the world after a while. He had numerous successes with trophy collector Ahmet Suat Özyazıcı and philosopher Özkan Sümer, but the “trophyless champion” Shenorgunesh was added to this many years later. Named after the legendary President Shamil Ekinchi The museum was full of trophies. Turkey Super League Championship 7 times, Turkey Cup Championship 9 times, Super Cup 2 times, Presidential Cup 7 times, Prime Minister Cup 5 times, Second League Red Group Championship, Cyprus Peace Cup Championship, Earthquake Cup, Land Force Cup , A trophy won by four founding clubs.

Shipping to the championship
So is the 8th Championship coming?
It lasted for years and years.When approaching Taken away from her when she was lying, It broke when he had hope. Serde Like someone playing crazy holon I didn’t stop! “My loved one Do you have such sadness! “ 15 doctors in his song They were looking at the price. Then 10 November 2020 Similar breakdown Living person Calm in the evening Rippling from the sea Sea side Came out; one person As a man … A After a while, “Iron That day was from the harbor … “said the president, his administration. His coach, his players and his community “Villa Bismira” When Opened to the rough sea. The ship went to the championship, They knew it would overthrow the status quo again. For them, the championship is no longer afraid. It was incredible! He placed the team in 17th and 4th place.At that time He recognized cities, clubs and communities and heard a dark voice. He taught patience to the geography he grew up in and was known as the “soccer mind.” He was preparing a plan for the championship season.Minister Ahmet Ağaoğlu and Vice President of the Technical Team Ertuğrul Doğan He completed the transfer he wanted before the camp started, He was ready for the most ambitious team of the season.Europe When his adventure ended in Rome, it was completely back in the league. As the name implies, the season entered like an extraordinary storm. He defeated Yeni Malatya Spor at home in another way. With the victory of Giresun, the lamp in the lamp was revived. He illuminated the surroundings with his own light …

He didn’t retreat again
He ruined the league setting like a transistor radio. It broke all the stereotypes that flow day and night to reach the ocean, like the stream of Macca … People who couldn’t stay in sync with Holon in the past People in the north, now on the green grass He was “upright”! The orchestra’s chief, Abdullah Abju, just talked about the game and the field and wasn’t motivated by the “keep center, don’t leave blank” formation. Fenerbahce will come to the city before In recent years, returning to time and emergencies They quit their jobs and they did their best. Trabzonspor, who defeated Trabzon leader Fenerbahce, did not give up to anyone until the end of the season, like “the owner of the place”! Of course this was normal, but it made someone very unusual. They didn’t care because the reunion was near.

Room empty frame and feeling championship
Abdullah Abju decorated his lab last March. The logos of the four founding clubs قdmanocağı, וdmangücü, Martıspor, Karadeni zgücü were hung on one wall of his room, and pictures of Ahmet Suat Özyazıcı, Özkan Sümer and himself were hung on the wall hat. On the wall just behind his desk There were also eight frames, one was empty. Seven of them had pictures of seven champion teams. He showed a blank frame while meeting his teammates. “next year This will pass ” Said. After a 1-0 cup match against Kayserispor, he said in a statement, “I’m sorry I didn’t win the championship in March.” That didn’t happen because he believed enough to fill the frame he hung in March last year in March of this year. This must have been a desire to experience the highest level of Tawafuku … So when did he believe in this season! Of course, in Dolmabahce … that’s not the case. Clench your fists and say “God is wonderful”! When the minutes showed 90 + 7, the legendary Marek Hamsík of Naples, who appeared on stage like an “ice man”, handed the ball to Abdulkadir, who overtook his opponent, and the result was clear. Trabzonspor with Cornelius’ Victory Goal Salute to Istanbul with seven hills from 10,000 feet Flag hung on the Bosphorus while waving He was looking forward to the day when he could hear his voice.

“Don’t say fate, there is fate on fate.” Amena … The biggest warning will come in the Antalya game. Trabzonspor will experience the first defeat. Even if Nuri Shahin wants Avcı to be his team To. This is Tawafuku! Freddie penalized the match, Ugurkan couldn’t be saved. The losing goal was Dorkhan’s own goal. Uglucan Chakul saved Freddie’s penalty in a championship match, and Dorkhan scored a championship goal. The sun has set, but the architect corrects the week was. The Burgundy Blue people had a great response to Hatay, sending the message “Don’t leave your seat” to fans of sold-out matches and those who want to be defeated. “Until the Last Supper” He was sending an invitation!

Another half-time engineering has been signed. Visca’s reunion was held. With his arrival, the variety of players has increased. There was no right wing of Sporia, but the original Bisca with attack and defense. The case was comfortable now … life was at the center. He was the star of the Galatasaray match in Istanbul. He led the team to victory with a ball left on the net at the last minute. He scored three goals in Kasımpasa. And this season In important competition Return to stage Will come out. Konya’s match, 41,000 fans … What a wisdom the eyes of the desired merchant in this match! Trabzonspor is the leader with 60 points and Konya is second with 48 points. Domination, combination, organization, momentum. All of them gathered in Trabzonspor. Play one of the best games of the season People in the north opened the curtain in Visca and closed it in Visca. Championship songs began to be sung at the stadium, and the following week, the Trabzonspor storm continued unabated away from Alaniya.

Unstoppable force
Trabzonspor loses his best defender Edgar, experiences wing forward Gervinyo and is one of the most important players in the injuries of Cornelius, Hamsík, Nuwakaemé, Bacasetas, Abdülkadir Omur, Janini and Perez during the season. Can you imagine losing? From that system. To that system I played one of the tie matches on February 25th … Hamsík was injured and the guest was Kayserispor. In the first half, Kayseri completely closed the midfield, and Trabzonspor could not attack from the side or the center. full There was a wall! Kayseri scored two goals in the pass game. At half time, no one was speaking in the locker room. The hunter was calling Djaniny, who hadn’t let go at the beginning of the season. “Organization you” He had it in the game.Starring Denzel Washington “can not stop” You couldn’t stop Djaniny in the right, left, center, and penalty areas like the train in the movie. He was breaking the wall. Trabzonspor won 3-2 After the match, the championship He also ordered a mug. It’s the words of British football legend Gary Lineker. “Soccer is a simple game. 22 people chase the ball for 90 minutes, and in the end the Germans always win …” Adapting this phrase to our country, it looks like this: .. “In the end, the three Istanbul teams always win …” Trabzonspor It broke the game.Both history and football Changed his destiny.

From a lonely man to millions
Trabzonspor’s championship wasn’t just about the “trophy” entering the museum. The Trabzonspor Championship was important in that it changed the game, once again showing that the capital can be defeated when efforts and struggles are organized and combined. The Trabzonspor Championship was important in inspiring those who felt inadequate and learned helplessness against “established power”! Trabzonspor has won championships in 81 Turkish states in Istanbul, Mardin, Izmir, Adana, Kayseri, Hatay, Berlin, Paris and New York. It was important for his supporters to celebrate together and set an example around the world. The Trabzonspor championship was important in inspiring dreaming children in the southeast, Central Anatolia, the Aegean Sea, the Mediterranean, and all Anatolia. Trabzonspor Championship People who lost their lives because of It was important for their rest of the family. It’s especially important to say “we’re following” for the fans who are the driving force behind this season’s team, and the Ataturk Olympic Stadium is filled with 85,000 people, demonstrating the size of their community. .. I’m coming to town today as a lonely man And a coach surrounded by millions of people It was important for Abdullah Abju. Complete the story “for now” with the lines at the end of the road story at the entrance …
“… It’s time to run through the rest of the road. When it started, it’s time to sync like Akça abatoron and be enthusiastic like kolbastı. It’s time to be careful like Dusun Captain. And from all these years That way, the championship won’t cut us off … It’s time to go west as much as possible. The expedition is from us, the victory is from Allah … Villa Bismira! “