“If disagreements continue …”-TRTSpor


Anadolu Agency has issued a statement on the agenda of the sports desk program.

Elmas said, “I don’t remember the exact date, but on behalf of the club association, three presidents went to MHK President Seldatatri and applied to nine referees not to direct the match. Most of them are among those who have been dismissed. There are four more. At a club association meeting, he said, “Who is this on the list?” This work was ordered by MHK and TFF without the approval of the Club Association. The club union mechanism ended that day. Some are lobbying for future TFF elections. I’m curious that the nine referees aren’t listed. Which team made the mistake in which match? You need to look into this. Why did the rest remain and why did the people who left went? Did anyone want to leave these referees? “Which match was fired because you couldn’t manage it well?”

“We want a functioning and fair system.”

Did some clubs have a disproportionate desire to appoint a referee? Change as many referees, TFF presidents, and MHK presidents as you like while these are happening. Only momentary public reaction is reduced. I’m a team screaming for the benefits of this broken system. They don’t want this broken system to be fixed. We want a functional and fair system. We will succeed in such a system. Galatasaray underwent serious surgery during the season. Referees who made serious mistakes during the surgery were also removed from the list.

Referee comment


I made a list the other day. We asked which referee was overseeing which team’s match and which team was penalized after the match. Referees who make mistakes against certain clubs will be punished and it will become clear that those clubs will continue to reduce the number of referees. The battle between innovators and traditionalists will continue to intensify. In the New World Order, we must continue institutionally. You can’t keep up with the old way of thinking. These things do not continue the logic that “the state helps and does not ruin the club.” We have had surgery, so we will file a criminal complaint by saying it. Everyone will be innocent! The team in the relegation zone can say so too. “

Elmas, “Trabzonspor has made a very serious effort. You should not steal the workforce. They are very successful. Let’s not confuse these issues with each other. Our problem is It’s a lobby and system issue. “

“Some clubs are very happy with the referee’s decision.”

UEFA FFP rules should apply to all countries. But in Turkey, I closed my eyes to this. When control is relaxed, governments that want to reduce debt will be lynched. I don’t want to ruin the club. The punishment now needs to be brutal. Süper Lig AŞ cannot be established in the current club association structure. There is a very unfriendly environment. If you continue, you will be kicked out of the club association. TFF asked the club association about the postponement. Without playing the Barcelona match,’snow is coming, many teams can be victims. “The fields deteriorate and get injured,” he said. Some clubs say, “If he wants, I won’t do it.” TFF was given a negative answer with a majority of votes. Some clubs are very happy with the referee’s decision, while others are not. I can’t even agree with this decision on the MHK system, which I don’t think will work. “

Publishing bid

The current publisher has received a $ 500 million bid. He received a discount every year. That’s down to $ 200 million. He gets a discount when he can’t pay. You sign for $ 500 million and spend accordingly. You give up that number, but my creditors don’t. The publisher has participated in the bid again. They submitted an offer that did not comply with the bidding terms. It’s down this year. You will make a mistake in your calculation, but I will pay it as a club! As Galatasaray, I would like to make this unacceptable. “

Elmas, we didn’t enter the system of young soccer players to sell. We have decided on a football strategy. There are also experienced players in the meantime. I thought I would make money when young people wanted to evaluate and go. I would like to repeat my success in Europe like this year. We have a very high potential player. From the beginning of the season to today, there are positive differences in the condition of some players. “

Details are coming …