“I wanted to stay in Fenerbahce”-TRTSpor


Ozan Tufan, a new transfer to Hull City, one of the British championship teams, made a special statement to Demi Loren News Agency (DHA) on many issues on the agenda before the new season.

Ozan Tufan said he is still in the process of getting used to the new team, “Preparations are going well. I have a team, an adaptation process with foreign friends. I am a foreigner. More precisely, it’s the beginning of the season, it’s fast and difficult. There’s a tougher training program in England. I’m happy. “I have a process to get used to it. In the next few days. Goodwill match. “

“When I didn’t have staff, I worked abroad as an individual.”

Ozan Tufan, who said he worked personally while leaving the Fenerbahce team, said he is now getting the results of his training. An experienced midfielder said, “Last year I was away from the team in Fenerbahce for 3.5-4 months. At that time, I went to Belgrade with the permission of the club. I had a double training program with a private coach for 11 hours. I made a program, a preparatory process. “In case I stayed in Fenerbahce or went elsewhere at the end of the year. It was very good. I can say I’m eating his bread in Hull City now. If I hadn’t done that kind of training, I would have been waiting for difficult things. “

Ozan Tufan, who said he had met with team owners Akun Irikari and Shota Alvaraze before signing the deal with Hull City, said, “I also talked to Shota. He really wants me. I also told him I was telling him my thoughts. He told me his expectations from me. We both agree. I know we are. I’m very happy. He played for Fulham before. He knows the experience there. I also had a Watford era. There was a match I played occasionally but didn’t play, 6 It’s been a month and I’ve enjoyed the experience and excitement of the place. He has experience too. I think good things will happen because other players are already in control. Come with me, “he said.


“I want to be more permanent in the Premier League”

Ozan Tufan said he was very happy to play in the Premier League for a short time last season and realize his dream.

“The Premier League is a difficult league. We were fighting the Watford team on the platform, which is the best league in the world. It was very difficult for us. It was very difficult for me. The pace was very very. Because it’s fast. I couldn’t keep up. It was difficult. The adaptation period was a month or two. Some games weren’t bad for me, but they weren’t accepted in the Premier League. Was very emotionally good for me, but the score was very tired in terms of performance. I am very happy to feel that feeling and realize my dream. I want to be more permanent. I am more satisfied. I would have done it. I feel the same in Hull City. Participating in the championship didn’t have much of an impact. It’s one of the six most watched leagues. It’s better than the European league. It’s a status named by a researcher. It’s the most important thing to have me, your brother Akun, your teacher Shota. One of the big factors. I’m very happy to be there. Turkey As a player, I’m proud to promote the Turkish-owned team to the Premier League. “

“I think I can do anything as long as I’m comfortable.”

Ozan Tufan said he could do anything mentally comfortable, “I’m 27 now. I have a three-year contract with Hull. Of course, putting my team in the Premier League this year. The goal is to do my best to achieve that success. In football. Everything is there. But I want to stay there forever. I myself in those classifications and platforms. I want to see. That’s right for me. I believe I can achieve this. I’m a person who can do anything if the mind and mind are calm. I think I can do anything. “

“I wanted to stay in Fenerbahce, but Fenerbahce didn’t want it.”

Talking about when he was excluded from Fenerbahce, Ozan Tufan said:

“I wasn’t contacted after being removed from the team. I wasn’t contacted by the manager. What I said would take 6-7 months. From that period to this period, we were in contact at all. I didn’t. When I said goodbye. It’s a sad situation. I want to stay in Fenerbahce, but Fenerbahce didn’t want it, so I had to draw my own path. I chose this path too. My brother chose to stay. I love him so much and our respect is endless. He also wanted to stay. He waits and problems arise. He is a team Whether to go back to? It’s very complicated. “I didn’t think if I stayed the same. They would forgive me and bring me back to the team. So I made this decision. I did. “

“I’m angry with President Ali Koç and management.”

“Of course, I’m outraged. Anyway, I love them all very much,” said 27-year-old midfielder, who said he was angry with President Ali Koç and his management during the period he left Fenerbahce. They booed me and whistled. The performance they expected of me. Because they couldn’t see it. Sometimes they saw it and put it on top. I put it down. Thank you fans for showing this interest. I was very sad because I was sometimes unhappy after the match. Let’s get it right. Our roads will cross in the future. Maybe, I don’t know. For me, their place is their place. It’s very different, but looking at the situation based on the president and the administration, I have very different opinions on this issue. Is in an unfair situation. I was left behind. As a member of the team for no reason or justification I didn’t know what it was. This is the part that upsets me. They I wish I could give you a reason. Those subjects are true. There are no British stocks. There are sentences that seem to have done this and that. But there is no grain of truth. People and Fenerbahcefan Please let me know this, it’s enough for me. I can say it’s okay. “

Ozan Tufan continued his words about being excluded from the team with Mesut Özil. “I always wanted to stay in Fenerbahce. It’s a place that’s not suitable for me. But there was no communication. Many clubs were named after me. They all have a grain of truth. But my preference is overseas. “

“Sentences like Ozan choosing a match really bothered me.”

Ozan Tufan added that he prefers overseas because he feels more comfortable in the spiritual sense. “I’m a little tired in Turkey. I’m very tired as a head. I’m very tired of writing in one game. Ozan, who played badly in one game, chooses a bad game. “Turkish actors are always looking for victims. One of those victims, I have been for years. He was always the top name for a while. He upset me. “

Ozan Tufan said he believes the national team will be in a better place, concluding his words:

“The national team changes generations every four to five years, and there have also changed. All our young brothers are willing to play in the club, but they need to know the level of the people. Yes. Teams are on different levels, different platforms. In the league we are playing now, our opponents are easy but excellent. The higher the level, the more difficult it becomes. As at the time. For all of them to experience these feelings and experiences. They are not really explainable feelings. Feelings they can live, play and see. Believe that we will come to a better place. If we unite, we can have better success. I think we’re going to get it. “