I want to stay in Getafe-TRTSpor

He answered his question at the Coliseum Alfonso Perez Stadium, where Getafe plays.

Okay said it would be difficult for him at the beginning of the season. “This year was one of the most different seasons in my career. I wasn’t used to it. I was planning to stay in West Bromwich, but I wasn’t transferred due to trends or other reasons. Celta At the beginning of the season, everyone was looking at me as if I were leaving the team and signing another club, so I worked as if I was away from the team at the beginning of the season. It didn’t happen, so I stayed on the team, but I wasn’t at the level to catch the first 11 because I wasn’t completely on the team at the time. But I realized that I wouldn’t have any more chances. I thought it was time to change the team. “ I used an expression.

Okay Yokuslu talks about his goals for the coming season, saying:

“I came here on a loan, but when I stay in the league, I seem to stay in Getafe. I’m happy here now and want to succeed here. My family is happy too. My main goal Put the jersey here and show your performance. I’m confident. In football, what you want may be the same. I’m aware of this. I’m to some extent now. By knowing this and not rebelling or working every day, I know that day will come and I can offer that performance. I’m already in the next season Motivated towards. There is a purchase option. If my club uses it and stays demoted. “

National football player, “Are you planning to return to Turkey?” “I want to stay in Europe as much as I can, but it’s football. I didn’t like to talk loudly. I’ll be anywhere I like football.” What if the conditions are right? I think, but I don’t think so now. “ I gave the answer.

Now, Yokuslu said there was no official offer from Turkey to him.

“I thought Getafe was the best option.”

Now, he said he liked Getafe in the middle of the season and was happy with this choice, and used the following expression:

“There were other teams, but I thought Getafe was the right choice. It was a bit of a struggle at the beginning of the season, but after that it came up with a good example of strength. They were established. I had a team. I knew this. The coach and management attitude was good. Frankly, I didn’t play for the first time, but I’m happy with the training. I was happy with the communication with the coach. I knew he trusted me. The atmosphere of the team is very good. I got a chance in the last match so I took it. I tried to use it. It was good. I have almost no time left until the end of the season. I played as much as I could. I want to start the season in a better way and stay here. “

“They are asking about the celebration of the Trabzonspor Championship.”

Okay Yokuslu said he followed the Super League as much as possible and celebrated the Trabzonspor championship, saying the image of the celebration was also spoken in Spain. “They even ask about the celebration of the Trabzonspor championship in our locker room. All world celebrations are now being discussed. There is a famous celebration image made of phone lights. It’s all It was done on social media. “ I made that evaluation.

A national soccer player expressed his delight in seeing the image of the celebration and said: “This celebration has been expected for a very long time. I know the people of Trabzon, so I know them … they work great with coaches, teams, supporters, and management. They deserve it until the end of the year. There may be more. They felt a nice atmosphere. I was very happy. As one of them, as the person who played there, I did them. Because I can more or less understand what that means to me. “” I used an expression.

Conversation with Kuntz

Okay Yokuslu did not participate in the last two camps of the A national team, but emphasized that he was working hard to re-wear the crescent and star jerseys, saying:

“I got a call from my coach at the first camp I wasn’t invited to. Thank you. He said he would make a decision and continue with the players who got the rhythm to play more. I’m the coach. Respect his decision to tell me. Maybe. But this doesn’t mean I’ll never come back. I know this. “If you’re good at football, you’re good at it. I’m fine. Sometimes there may be undesired situations. I don’t think it has anything to do with playing as a soccer player. We play performance sports. Sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn’t. So I said I respect the coach. The national team jersey is very sacred to all of us. “” I always want to be there. I have a goal. The national team also has that. I’m alone. I always want to be there on every occasion. If the field is good, you’re likely to leave. I’m working towards that. “

Okay said, noting that not being able to participate in the World Cup is a sad situation for all football players. “The match in Portugal was very up and down. Not being able to participate in the World Cup is not good for all football players. We are close to that point. We have a very good start for the group. After that, there were some misfortunes, but it was over. I had the opportunity to participate. Of course, I’m sad. “Every soccer player wants to participate in the World Cup. This is It’s the biggest tournament in existence. “ Expressed his opinion.

Soccer players across the country said their first target before was the 2024 European Championship. “We have shown that we can do it. We have a team that has the power to do it. Why when we feel that way? We will do our best.” I made that evaluation.

Touching on Spain’s view of Turkish football, Okay said, “There are teams they know. Some are more interested, others have more superficial knowledge. But they generally know. Most in mind here. All that remains are our fans. They usually talk about the atmosphere and our passionate fans. “ He concludes his speech.